Nuggets of the Golden Age of Gospel 1945-1958

Nuggets of the Golden Age of Gospel 1945-1958


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This wonderful four-disc, 105-track box of postwar Afro-American gospel releases from the 1940s and 1950s was compiled by record collector and gospel historian Opal Louis Nations, and it perfectly captures what was surely a golden age for black gospel. Gospel as we now know it emerged in the South in the early '30s, an outgrowth of the right to assemble and the advent of gospel songwriters like Thomas A. Dorsey (who had sung previously in the secular arena as Georgia Tom), who brought the blues to church, tossed in some ragtime piano rhythms, and almost single-handedly created the genre to the point that his compositions were simply known as "Dorseys." Then, in the early '40s, performers like Sister Rosetta Tharpe added a kind of theatricality (not to mention electric guitar) to the mix, and this generous box chronicles the confluence of all this. There is so much to marvel at here, including the opening track, "Walk Around," by the Five Soul Stirrers, Tharpe's jazzy, bluesy "Didn't It Rain" (complete with her concise electric guitar runs), the Five Blind Boys of Alabama's beautiful and haunting "Mother's Song," Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers' intimate "Pilgrim of Sorrow" (the take included here has some off microphone conversation that only adds to the song's feel of immediacy), Lou Rawls & the Pilgrim Travelers' doo wop-inflected (before doo wop was even a named genre) "Come Home," and Sister Marie Knight's uptown jazz version of "Trouble in Mind," a song that had long been performed as a secular blues, albeit with a high degree of spiritual overtones. Gospel, of course, traveled back to the secular side of the tracks when soul arose in the 1960s, but the roots of that explosion are here in this delightful collection.

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Release Date: 11/10/2009
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065712624
catalogNumber: 77126
Rank: 99074


Disc 1

  1. Walk Around @@Rebert H. Harris & The Five Soul Stirrers
  2. I'm Tramping
  3. I've Got a Home in That Rock
  4. He Knows How Much You Can Bear @@The Golden Harmonizers
  5. He Knows My Heart @@Golden Melodeers
  6. The World Can't Do Me No Harm
  7. How Far Am I from Canaan @@Thomas Johnson & The Harmonizing Four
  8. Each Day
  9. Lead Me to That Rock @@Joe Van Loan & The Canaanites
  10. Angels, Angels, Angels @@Mdm Edna Gallmon Cooke & The Mt. Vernon Men's Choir
  11. Mother's Song
  12. Jesus Is the Name @@Willie Smith
  13. Same Train
  14. The Lord's Prayer
  15. Wings of Faith
  16. One Day
  17. I'd Rather Serve Jesus
  18. At the Cross
  19. The Lord's Gospel Train @@Mary Deloach
  20. Bedside of a Neighbor
  21. There Is Rest for the Weary
  22. They Buried Sin, Pt. 1 @@Rev. Elder "Gatemouth" Moore & The Bessemer Big Four
  23. On the Highway
  24. Sending Up This Prayer, Pt. 2 @@Morgan Babb & The Radio Four
  25. Jesus Be My Keeper @@Cecil Shaw & The Union Spiritual Harmonizers
  26. Walking in Jesus Name
  27. Where Could I Go @@Sister Lucile Barbee
  28. Bye and Bye, Pt. 1 @@Chuck Carbo & The Delta Southernaires

Disc 2

  1. Let Us Run @@Bessie Griffin & The Caravans
  2. Come Over Here
  3. Out on the Ocean Sailing @@Ann Cole & The Colmanaires
  4. Four & Twenty Elders @@Phil Phillips & The Gateway Quartet
  5. No Matter How You Pray @@Mahalia Jackson & The Belleville Choir
  6. Amazing Grace @@Jones Brothers Quartet
  7. Ship of Zion @@Mayflower Singers
  8. Jesus Bears the Cross @@Keys Of Heaven
  9. My God Is Real
  10. All on the Altar @@Tony Harris & The Traveling Four
  11. Another Soldier Gone
  12. Trouble in Mind @@Sister Marie Knight
  13. Toll the Bells @@Afro Quintette
  14. I Need Thee @@Detroit Harmonettes
  15. There'll Be No More Sorrow
  16. One Day When I Was Walking (I'm in His Care) @@Ever Ready Gospel Singers
  17. Send My Child Home to Me @@Gene Allison & Israelite Travelers
  18. Angel
  19. Lord Have Mercy
  20. Two Wings Flying Home, Pts. 1- 2 @@Bro Bill Louis
  21. There Is a Fountain @@Little Johnny Taylor & The Stars Of Bethel
  22. Cry Sometime
  23. Holding On, Pt. 2 @@Mdm Ernestine Washington & The Milleraires
  24. Where Is My Wandering Child? d?
  25. This Train @@Rev Ballenger
  26. Old Time Religion @@Rev James Cleveland & The Caravans
  27. Nothing Will Move Me (From the Love of God) @@Rebert H. Harris & Christland Singers

Disc 3

  1. So Glad I'm Here @@Rev. H.B. Crum & The Golden Keys
  2. Our Prayer @@Dixieland Singers
  3. Jesus, I'll Never Forget @@Little Joe Cook & The Evening Star Quartet
  4. God's Creation @@James Phelps & The Gospel Song Birds
  5. Prayer for Tomorrow
  6. Yes It's Me Lord, That Came to Thee
  7. Who So Ever Will
  8. Pilgrim of Sorrow
  9. I Can See Everybody's Mother
  10. He's Alright with Me @@Argo Gospel Singers
  11. I Was So Happy @@Johnnie Taylor & The Highway Q.C.'s
  12. Jesus Is Listening @@Candi Staton & The Jewel Gospel Trio
  13. Lord, Will I Meet Them Again @@Mitchell Aires Quintet
  14. I Want to Go to Heaven @@Original Gospel Stars
  15. Burying Ground @@Julius "June" Cheeks & The Sensational Nightingales
  16. Sinner's Crossroads
  17. I Need Thee @@Joe Hinton & The Spirit Of Memphis
  18. Uncloudy Day @@Mavis & The Staple Singers
  19. Jesus Remembers @@Claude Jeter & The Swan Silvertones
  20. That's Enough @@Judy Clay & The Drinkard Singers
  21. Wonder How Long @@Morgan Babb & The Philco Singers
  22. Every Now and Then @@Bessie Griffin & The Gospel Consolators
  23. Let's Have Church
  24. Come Home @@Lou Rawls & The Pilgrim Travelers

Disc 4

  1. I Can See So Much
  2. Sit Down and Rest Awhile @@O.V. Wright & The Sunset Travelers
  3. Didn't It Rain @@Evelyn Freeman & The Exciting Voices Chorus
  4. I'm Not Tired Yet @@Inez Andrews & The Caravans
  5. Careless Soul @@Hardie Clifton & The Brooklyn All Star Singers
  6. Glad to Be in the Number
  7. Walk with Me @@Lou Rawls & The Chosen Gospel Singers
  8. I've Been Changed @@Jackie Verdell & The Davis Singers
  9. Let's Go out to the Programs, Pt. 2 @@Ira Tucker & The Dixie Hummingbirds
  10. I've Been Lifted @@Ollie Nightingale & The Dixie Nightengales
  11. Love Lifted Me @@Dorothy Love Coates & The Gospel Harmonettes
  12. Open Our Eyes @@Leon Lumpkins & The Gospel Clefs
  13. My Father's House @@Rosie Wallace & The Imperial Gospel Singers
  14. Roll, Jordan, Roll @@Gospel Tones
  15. Didn't It Rain
  16. Rock My Soul @@Roberta Martin & The Roberta Martin Singes
  17. It's a Pity @@Paul Arnold & The Gospelaires
  18. Come by Here @@'Little Sugar' & The Hightower Brothers
  19. Hard to Get Along @@Della Reece & The Meditations
  20. Mother Bowed
  21. Jesus Is Real @@Willie Joe Ligon & The Mighty Mighty Clouds Of Joy
  22. The Love of God @@Johnnie Taylor & The Soul Stirrers
  23. When I Lay This Body Down @@Marion Williams & The Stars Of Faith
  24. Jesus Let Me Sleep @@Howard "Slim" Hunt & The Supreme Angels
  25. I Never Knew @@Victory Five
  26. Didn't It Rain

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Margaret Allison   Piano
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Clarence Fountain   Vocals
Ernestine Washington   Vocal Ad-Libs
Wynona Carr   Piano,Vocals
Lou Rawls   Vocals
Lonnie Liston Smith   Guitar
Della Reese   Vocals
James W. Alexander   Vocals
Morgan Babb   Guitar,Vocals
Bessie Griffin   Vocals
Clara Ward   Piano,Vocals
Roebuck "Pops" Staples   Guitar
Joe Washington   Piano
Hayes Alvis   Bass
Everett Barksdale   Guitar
Oscar Lee Bradley   Drums
Lorenzo Brown   Vocals
Howard Carroll   Guitar
Gwendolyn Cooper   Organ
Leroy Crume   Guitar
Duncan   Drums
Frank Fields   Bass
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Rev. Maceo Woods   Organ
William Stewart   Guitar
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Arthur Crume   Guitar
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Technical Credits

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