Nostradamus His Works and Prophecies

Nostradamus His Works and Prophecies


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Has Nostradamus predicted the coming Apocalypse along with a thousand other great events? His believers claim that in the 1500s he predicted historic milestones that have or will alter the course of human history, such as the rise of Napoleon and Hitler. Published here are the hard to find original English translations from 1672 to help you answer that question. Finally, you can look through the actual work of Nostradamus to see if you can solve his riddles. He scribed over a thousand quatrains that cover events from the 1500s to the year 3797. Since these were translated by Theodore Garencieres, before the rise of the first two antichrists, they are untainted with the bias of current events. See if you can unravel the hidden meaning of his quatrains and discover his vision of the future. Plagued by the Inquisition, Nostradamus was notorious for obfuscating his meaning with anagrams, symbolism, and mythological allusions. Study of his work can be a fascinating hobby or intellectual exercise that can be quite enjoyable. What great event will be discovered next in this cryptic text?

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