Non Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future

Non Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future

by Rohit Bhargava

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All New 10th Edition of the WSJ bestseller!
Featuring 10 Bold new Trend Predictions
Winner of 9 International Book Awards

Introducing the highly awaited tenth edition of The Wall Street Journal bestseller and trend report featuring ten bold new megatrend predictions that will shape our world in the coming decade.

What if you could predict the trends that will change your business?

For the past ten years, Rohit Bhargava’s signature annual Non-Obvious Trend Report has helped over a million readers discover more than 100 trends changing our culture.

Now for the first time, Rohit and his team of Non-Obvious trend curators reveal ten revolutionary new Megatrends that are transforming how we work, play and live.

— How might the evolution of gender fluid toys change our culture?
— What can the popularity of handmade umbrellas and board games teach us about the future of business?
— Why do robot therapists and holographic celebrities actually demonstrate the importance of humanity?

The answers to these questions may not be all that obvious, and that’s exactly the point. This completely revised 10th Anniversary edition of Non-Obvious also offers an unprecedented look behind the scenes at the author’s signature Haystack Method for identifying trends, and how you can learn to curate and predict trends for yourself.

You don’t need to be a futurist or innovator to learn to think like one. The key to growing your business or propelling your career into the next decade lies in better understanding the present. The future belongs to non-obvious thinkers and this book is your guide to becoming one.

Winner: Eric Hoffer Business Book of the Year
Winner: Axiom Award Silver Medal (Business Theory)
Winner: INDIE Gold Medal (Business Business Book)
Finalist: Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award
Winner: IPPY Silver Medal (Best Business Book)
Finalist: International Book Award (Best Business Book)
Official Selection: Gary’s Book Club at CES
Winner: Non-Fiction Book Award (Gold Medal)
Winner: Pinnacle Best Business Book Award

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ISBN-13: 9781646870066
Publisher: Ideapress Publishing
Publication date: 01/12/2020
Series: Non-Obvious Trends Series , #10
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 4,610
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Rohit Bhargava is an innovation and marketing expert and the founder of the Non-Obvious Company. He spent 15 years as a marketing strategist for Ogilvy and Leo Burnett, is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of six business books and also teaches marketing and innovation at Georgetown University.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Art of Non-Obvious Thinking

Introduction 3

01 The 5 Mindsets Of Non-Obvious Thinkers 13

02 The Haystack Method For Curating Non-Obvious Ideas 27

03 How To Apply Non-Obvious Thinking For Fun And Profit 51

Part II The Non-Obvious Megatrends

04 Amplified Identity 71

05 Ungendering 81

06 Instant Knowledge 93

07 Revivalism 103

08 Human Mode 113

09 Attention Wealth 125

10 Purposeful Profit 139

11 Data Abundance 149

12 Protective Tech 161

13 Flux Commerce 173

Part III Previous Trend Reports

Overview: How To Read These Past Trend Reports 187

Conclusion 229

Acknowledgements 231

Further Reading 233

Notes 239

Index 250

About the Author 258

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

Wall Street Journal Bestseller
Winner: Axiom Award Silver Medal (Business Theory)
Winner: Eric Hoffer Business Book of the Year
Finalist: Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award

"Non-Obvious is a sharp, articulate and immediately useful book about one of my favorite topics: the future."
DANIEL H PINK, Author of Drive

"One of those rare books that delivers ... a great read!"
CHARLES DUHIGG, Author of Power of Habit

"If you believe in a lifetime of learning, read this book!"
JONATHAN BECHER, Former Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

"Insightful, thought provoking and illuminating!"
SHIV SINGH, Author of Savvy

"Trends that will shape your business and decision making."
SALLY HOGSHEAD, Author of How To Fascinate

"It gets better every year!"
RYAN HOLIDAY, Author of Stillness Is The Key

"A powerful argument for how curation can change your organization."
SREE SREENIVASAN, Former Chief Digital Officer of New York City

"A goldmine of ideas and trends!"
GUY KAWASAKI, Author of The Art of the Start

"Well written ... a joy to read!"
ANN HANDLEY, Author of Everybody Writes and Founder of MarketingProfs

Customer Reviews

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Non Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Shashi-B 3 months ago
Here are some things that are trending, it is usually a way most trend-watchers start their narrative. Rohit goes the opposite way. He answers the readers' thoughts and doubts on the question - What about me? All trends are seemingly common, it takes a Rohit Bhargava to connect the future and the past. Dig into the hidden copywriter who came out of nowhere and made a No.2 brand into no.1. I have used Rohit's books to inspire and make my marketing teams more effective in looking for hidden trends that were obviously non-obvious. This book- which I am a little bummed since it seems like this is the last of the series- reads both like an interesting novel and also a how-to guide. Recipe for all of us to apply as needed in our daily lives.
Jeremy Epstein 3 months ago
One of the most painful moments of every year for me is when I crack open the latest edition of Rohit Bhargava's annual non-obvious compilation. It's painful because I find myself continually slapping myself on the forehead, thinking "oh wow, when he puts it that way, this trend is right in front of me. I was just blind to it." Rohit's ability to take seemingly disparate things that are in front of them and put them under thoughtful, intentional, and sensical rubrics is unparalleled. This year's Megatrends does it again. Two that were particularly valuable for me were "the evolution of attention wealth" and "Ungendering," but every single one of them is solid. Well, except one ;-) What's great about Rohit's book is that I find myself thinking about them when I'm not reading them, but rather when I see something in the world that initially baffles me but then I realize, "ah, that's what Rohit was talking about" and I can process it. I love books that help you both today and in the near future. This is one of them.
DrNatalie007 3 months ago
Every year Rohit delivers so many of the most innovative, thought-provoking ideas and content. This year is amazing once again. If you want to keep on the latest trends for yourself, your company, the world... for business or for great dinner conversation - this is a book that spans that and more. And it's a great gift - because the topics are so wide-reaching there is something for everyone! Congrats! You did it again!
DeniseWakeman 3 months ago
Having followed Rohit Bhargava for at least a decade and read previous Non-Obvious books, I wouldn't miss this one. Not only do you learn about the next big trends, you learn how to spot and analyze them yourself. These are necessary skills to hone for your success. Learning the Haystack Method is a gift from this book, as well as a peek at how Bhargava analyzes his research. Reading through the big trends, I said "yeah, I get that" a lot, but had never put it together as a trend in my own thinking until after the fact. What's also helpful are the 3 ways to use the trend at the end of each chapter. I've done a lot of highlighting so I can return to points to review and implement in my own and my clients' businesses. A smart and worthwhile investment of your time to read this book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
There are a few books that come along every so often that can change how you see the world. This book has opened my eyes wider than I ever thought possible. With a world that is changing so fast, in order to keep up both personally and professionally you need to have an edge. This book has done that for me and my business. I love the stories and structure of the book. It's very well written and makes somewhat complex issues easier to see and understand. Highly recommend.
Gautam Gulati 3 months ago
Predicting the future is not just for pundits and gurus. With Rohit's simple, yet non-obvious techniques, everyday people like you and me can now do what was only reserved for the few chosen ones. Megatrends is a must-read for anyone looking to see what others miss. I've been reading his series for years, and his trends are spot on!
AdamHansen 3 months ago
In our work in innovation at Ideas To Go, we talk about two big hurdles that Rohit clears handily throughout his NonObvious Trends body of work, certainly including this great culmination now: 1 - The holy grail of an insight is that it *is* obvious, only in hindsight. When one is careful enough to give voice to the unformulated experience that many of us have had (but haven't been able to articulate well), and point a better way forward, that's tremendously useful and exciting. 2 - Uniqueness and relevance together account for over 80% of all innovation success. Rohit approaches all his work thoughtfully, and delivers on both of these with NonObvious Megatrends once again. The trick with incorporating trend insights into your work is to sift through all the noise to find the clear signal that you can do something with. As a business owner and management practitioner himself, Rohit understands the importance of pragmatism and the need to apply insights, not merely groove on their inherent beauty ('s pretty cool to have both, as we do here with Rohit's NonObvious work, given these pesky humans who crave emotional impact along with their functional benefits!). Going so far out of his way to blast open the black box that many trend purveyors work hard to build and maintain, Rohit shows you how to work your own trend process, in - get this - a way that you could actually do it! His commitment to accountability and transparency includes an ongoing self-assessment on his performance from previous years. I have yet to take exception to the trend-by-trend grades he gives himself, and his honesty about where he has fallen anywhere south of an A or B brings additional clarity and depth of understanding about the trends he has developed. Rohit is clearly more concerned about being effective than vaunting his ego. Although this book seems to be the close of this chapter of NonObvious Trend work, I trust that Rohit will continue to find ways to keep us thinking and engaged with a future that we can embrace and improve in our own efforts. I've always taken Rohit's call as an empowering invitation to create important new forms of uniqueness and relevance that make our customers' life better. Our best work is still in front of us! NonObvious Megatrends is an important framework to help us be more effective in making real more and more of the ideal. Get it and more importantly, go create with the opportunities that come through thoughtful engagement with its ideas!
GregSwan 3 months ago
Rohit Bhargava’s obsession for collecting insights and curating them into digestible and actionable trends is reaching legendary status. The Non-Obvious book series is an annual favorite, but there’s something powerful about 2020 trends and predictions that feel bigger and more important than ever. From “Instant Knowledge” to “Flux Commerce,” Mega Trends catalyzes the things worth thinking about in the coming year. And what a year it will be!
Anonymous 3 months ago
An exceptional guide to critical thinking. In an age of information overload and propaganda masquerading as public relations, Non-Obvious Megatrends offers insights and strategies that can help readers separate hype from truly useful information. Never has there been a time when critical thinking is more important than today. Any seeker of truth will find many gold nuggets in this book. It is filled with such substantive information that I will undoubtedly read it again and again.
Anonymous 3 months ago
As a business owner, I'm always looking for more ways to have a bigger impact in the world. I love the way the author observes trends and patterns that the average person misses. To be successful in business, you have to be a few steps ahead of the competition and this book really helps you see situations and people in a brand new way. Just like the author, Rohit Bhargava says... in a world where everyone is one click away from being a self declared expert, learning to think differently is more important than ever. Non-Obvious Megatrends will help you learn to think differently and that will help you in business and in life! I highly recommend this book if you love stories, new ideas and increasing your knowledge of the world.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This is one of the best business books I've read in years. Rohit has spent a decade building this series, and the final edition doesn't disappoint. The book is structured in an easy-to-consume format, with countless real-world stories to back up his claims. The trends he identifies are, expectedly, non-obvious, which is what I love about the book. I found myself thinking, "This is definitely an important shift I noticed subconsciously, but I hadn't packaged it into actionable knowledge." Rohit does this work for us. I run my own business. Understanding the broad trends happening around the world gives me an edge. I recommend this book for any entrepreneur, founder, exec, CEO, or anyone who appreciates well-researched, actionable insights. Well done!