No Thanks Mom: The Top Ten Objects Your Kids Do NOT Want (and what to do with them)

No Thanks Mom: The Top Ten Objects Your Kids Do NOT Want (and what to do with them)

by Elizabeth Stewart


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A concise guide for parents of millennials, NO THANKS MOM offers sage advice on what to do with those objects ‘saved’ but NOT welcomed by the next generation.

Collections and treasured objects do not always span the generation gap, sustaining both high market value and the taste and style of the 21st century. Learn to downsize what formerly was valued without upsizing your kid’s home. A valuable chapter, The Top Ten Objects Kids Do Not Want discusses the current taste for once- treasured objects such as formal dinner china.

Often a flashpoint between parents and heirs, objects are a reflection of lives and homes. Tales of ‘stuff’ not “in style” include market remedies for antiques, fine art, and collectibles: how and where to sell, what to donate, what to save, and what NOT to bequest to heirs. Offered by an appraiser with three decades of experience, a collector of collector’s stories, the guide sets forth roadmaps and plans for what to do with objects once your kids have said “No Thanks.” Topics include The Five Piles Theory of Downsizing, and Rules and Habits for Creative Divesting.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998102535
Publisher: Joan Seifried
Publication date: 08/25/2017
Series: Savvy Appraiser , #2
Pages: 98
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Top Ten Objects Your Kids Do NOT Want (and what to do with them)

#10 – Books

#9 – Paper ephemera

#8 – Steamer trunks, sewing machines, fi lm projectors,old electronics, and tube radio sets and so on

#7 – Porcelain fi gurine collections and Bradford Exchange “cabinet” plates

#6 – Silver-plated objects

#5 – Heavy dark antique furniture

#4 – Persian rugs

#3 – Linens

#2 – Sterling silver fl atware and crystal wine services

#1 – Fine porcelain dinnerware

Chapter II: Elizabeth’s Five Pile theory of Dovesting

Pile 1 – The High Rollers

Pile 2 – The Fine Donations

Pile 3 – The Family Jewels

Pile 4 – Your Keepers

Pile #5 – The Piddly Smalls

Chapter III: Real Life Stories of Families and their Stuff


Family Photos

Steamer Trunks

Porcelain Collector’s Plates and Little Figurines

Silver Plate

Dark, Heavy Furniture

Persian Rugs


Crystal Sets and Formal Flatware

Formal China

Chapter IV: The Ten Valuable Habits of Successful Downsizers

Conclusion: Your Kids and Grandkids are “Taste-Shifters”

The Personality of the American Home

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