Nikon D5500 For Dummies

Nikon D5500 For Dummies

by Julie Adair King


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Jump into photography and the Nikon D5500 with this easy-to-read guide

Armed with the new Nikon D5500 digital camera, but don't know where to start? No problem! Nikon D5500 For Dummies is the definitive guide to helping newbies and aspiring photographers get up and running with this great DSLR camera. You'll dive right in to using your camera in automatic mode, then build on this basic knowledge by learning about manual settings, exposure, and more advanced techniques that will have you taking great photographs in a flash. This easy-to-use guide combines the tips and tricks of a basic photography course with camera-specific guidance that will help you with the Nikon D5500's basic settings, manual mode, WiFi connectivity, touchscreen interface, and so much more!

The Nikon D5500 is the perfect camera for a connected generation — it offers the features of a DSLR with the connectivity of a smart phone and, but its high-quality photos go well beyond what you can snap from your phone. With this fun guide, you'll take your photography to the next level!

  • Get started with a roadmap of the Nikon D5500 controls and options for taking photos in automatic mode, with preset shooting modes, or in manual mode.
  • Take a crash course on exposure and how to control it, along with lens and flash options of your camera
  • Find out how to adjust color and focus, use manual settings, and take photos in scene mode and priority mode
  • Pull all your newfound photography chops together to take better portraits, action shots, night photos, and outdoor shots

Nikon D5500 For Dummies is the guide you need to get up and running quickly and easily with your great new DSLR camera.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119102113
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/04/2015
Series: For Dummies Books
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 614,822
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Julie Adair King's history as a digital photography author dates back to 1997 with the publication of the first edition of Digital Photography For Dummies. Since then she has authored over 50 books on digital photography, cameras, and photo editing and design software.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Fast Track to Super Snaps 5

Chapter 1: First Steps, First Shots 7

Chapter 2: Reviewing Five Essential Picture-Taking Options 45

Part II: Taking Creative Control 85

Chapter 3: Taking Charge of Exposure 87

Chapter 4: Controlling Focus and Depth of Field 129

Chapter 5: Mastering Color Controls 159

Chapter 6: Putting It All Together 177

Chapter 7: Shooting, Viewing, and Trimming Movies 195

Part III: After the Shot 219

Chapter 8: Playback Mode: Viewing Your Photos 221

Chapter 9: Working with Picture and Movie Files 245

Part IV: The Part of Tens 279

Chapter 10: Ten More Ways to Customize Your Camera 281

Chapter 11: Ten Fun (And Practical) Features to Explore on a Rainy Day 295

Index 323

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