Night Time Moods: Guided Imagery for Children

Night Time Moods: Guided Imagery for Children

by Cara Bryant, Carol Weaver


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ISBN-13: 9781410734624
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/30/2003
Pages: 108
Sales rank: 913,999
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.22(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

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Night Time Moods Guided Imagery for Children

By Cara Bryant Carol Weaver AuthorHouse Copyright © 2003 Cara Bryant & Carol Weaver
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4107-3462-4

Chapter One Doggy Dance

Dogs are nice to have around. Imagine that you can reach out and touch the fur on a dog's back. It is very soft and shiny like the hair on your head. You like the way it feels. When a dog has just had a bath, the dog's fur smells good like shampoo. See yourself pulling the dog close to you with a gentle hug and you bury your face in the fur on its neck. Breathe in and notice how good the dog smells to you; it reminds you of something that you love.

What if you could be a dog? Okay, lets just imagine that you are now a cuddly, little puppy. Your very own fur is soft and smooth. You feel a lot of playful, puppy energy so you hop and jump around in fresh, green grass in the yard of your owner, who is a sweet little girl. Seeing some yellow, dandelion flowers, you dash across the lawn to pounce on them! Ha! You got em! Happily you twist around and around, wagging your tail and letting your tongue hang out of your mouth.

Whoops! There she is ... the little girl comes out of the house and you zip across the yard to play with her. Pouncing on her foot, you begin licking her little toes. She laughs because your tongue tickles her feet. She jumps up and down, claps her hands together and falls to the ground laughing. You just can't help yourself. This is too delightful, so you begin licking her in the face with wet, puppy, kisses. She squeals and laughs and gives you a big hug.

It is so fun to play together as you roll around on the soft grass. You feel so happy that you woof, woof in her ear. Every thing you see and do is so wonderful. Life as a puppy is so exciting. Trying to jump over a log, you don't quite make it and then flop over to the other side, but you quickly bounce back up and half run-half hop over to a creek of splashing, bubbling water. Testing the water with your paw, you find that it is very, chilly, cold. It must be melted snow, it is so-o-o-o cold that your paw just shivers and splashes the water up high. Some of the drops land on your nose. Your little girl giggles at the funny look you get on your face when the cold water touches your warm nose. You quickly turn and jump up on her, almost knocking her into the cold water. Instead, she falls on the grass and you begin licking her face again with your rough tongue. She laughs and cries out, "Stop, stop!"

By this time you are breathing hard and your tongue hangs out of your mouth as you try to get your breath. Hugging you tight, she carries you to a little doll bed in her bedroom where she tucks you into bed after giving you a long drink of warm milk. In the doll bed are some of her stuffed animals. You cuddle up to them as your girl scratches your ears. Yawning, you say, "I am so-o-o-o-o sleepy!" Your muscles are very relaxed and your mind is tired. You now drift away into sweet, doggy dreams, knowing that your little girl will keep a close watch over you while you sleep.

Chapter Two Squirrel Dance

Listen very carefully ... Shhh ... There is going to be a dance ... deep in the forest ... and you have been invited. This is so exciting ... it's going to be fun! You notice little goose bumps on your arms as you think about the things that may happen when you get there.

Imagine now that you are walking ... confident and unafraid ... into a beautiful, green forest. Fluffy green ferns, bright flowers of all colors, and silky looking grasses grow along your path and magnificent trees tower high above forming a sheltering canopy. Rays of light filter through the leaves above and tiny dust particles floating toward earth seem to shimmer as they spiral down, down, ... down.

A squeaking noise causes you to look upward and you see squirrels scampering around ... climbing the tree trunks. A tiny brown squirrel sees you coming ... stops, stares and emits a shrill whistle that seems to call all the other squirrels to where he is. As their little eyes are focused on you, you feel a change in your body that you have never felt before. It ripples through the muscles and tendons ... what is this change that is taking place?

Raising your shoulders up toward your ears, you shake your head. There is a tingling in your cheeks, and as you stroke your skin near your nose, you find that you have grown long whiskers. They brush the leaves on the branches and it makes your nose tickle. Laughing, you bring your hands up to rub your nose and you see that your hands have become paws ... tiny little, squirrel paws! Oh no! Suddenly you realize that you have become a squirrel, too. Relax, rest, and notice how soft and furry your body is ... stroke your long, fluffy tail. Hold your tail up straight ... and then let it down again. Isn't this fun?

Your tiny feet have little claws and they sort of begin to twitch ... you are feeling a need to follow the squirrel's whistle, too! All the squirrels are now standing in a circle and you notice they have made an open spot, just for you. They have been waiting for you to come ... so they can share the squirrel dance with you.

A sound ... notice the lighthearted music magically playing and wafting its way through the forest. All the squirrels begin to dance ... moving the circle to the left. One step, one step, shuffle, tap, and wink your eye. Then switch and go right, shaking long, fluffy tails ... bobbing the tips up and down. Look, see their silly, little, squirrel-smiles with pointy white teeth. Squirrel smiles! Try it ... you can do it ... smile now with your pointy, white teeth. That's good, you're doing very well. Try it, join in and go with the circle. One step, one step ... that's good. Now shuffle, tap, and wink your eye. Isn't this fun? All the squirrels are joyful and having so much fun now that you have joined in.

At this special moment you are one of the brown squirrel clan and you are moving your furry body all about and this is probably the best time of your life! As they all raise their small arms high into the air, you join in and raise your arms, too. They wiggle all over and so do you. Feels so good ... shake, rattle and roll!

The music suddenly stops. The squirrels all scamper quickly to their homes. It feels as if nothing has ever happened, but now you know a secret about squirrels. The original brown squirrel that whistled earlier in the day still stands beside you. "Come with me to my home," he whispers invitingly. As he climbs a nearby tree, you follow, noticing how easy it is to climb a tree when you have tiny squirrel feet with little claws that hold tightly to the bark. Your heart soars with delight when you look at the forest from a higher view. A mysterious hole is in the side of the tree and the squirrel says, "Come on in with me."

Following him through the entrance, you see that inside the hole is very cozy and comfortable. Oooooh ... toward the back wall is a pile of soft feathers and fur that make a wonderful bed. Feeling suddenly very sleepy, you lie down. "Have an acorn to fill your belly, friend," the squirrel says, handing you a nut. Ummm!, that tastes de-ee-licious! The creamy taste of the acorn goes down your throat and you feel so wonderful. Curling up on the soft bed with your paws tucked beneath your chin, you close your eyes and wrap your warm fluffy tail around your body like a blanket to keep yourself warm.

Enter into the dreamland knowing that your angels are close ... keeping you safe. Now drift again ... drift off into a sweet sleep, knowing that you will have good dreams. In the morning you will wake up refreshed ... back in your normal body, in your own comfy bed. But tonight, you are a squirrel and you will carry the memory of the fun and love of the squirrel dance with you for all the days of your long and happy life.

Chapter Three Treasure Hunt

You have a lot of friends to play with and you are happy to be alive. With an especially smart brain in your head, it is easy for you to solve mysteries. Imagine that you have been invited to a party. You heard that they were going to have a treasure hunt and you can hardly wait to get there, because you know that it will be easy for you to solve any problem. You kind of have a feeling that you will find the treasure first.

When you get to the party, all the children are gathered in a circle to listen to the instructions. A treasure map has been placed in your hand. Feel how smooth the paper feels and how bright all the colors are. You enjoy the pictures that illustrate where to go and what you will find. This is going to be so exciting. You can hardly wait!

Following the map, you go where it shows you. There, right over there is the field of horses that is shown on the map. When you get to the field, all of the horses come over to you. You pet one on its face. It looks at you with the sweetest eyes and neighs softly. Looking at the map, it tells you to find the note, underneath the rope, tied to the neck of one of the horses. Searching, you quickly find the note. It says, "Go to the end of the horse field and follow the trail that you find there."

When you get to the end of the horse field you look very carefully for a trail, but there is nothing to see. Where is it? Looking again, you see nothing. What are you to do? Sitting down in the grass, you say to yourself, "Think, slow down, and let your smart brain figure this out." After a quiet minute you say, "I know what to do!" Going back to the other end of the horse field, you get the horse with the rope tied around its neck. Leading the horse through the gate, you hop on its back and say, "Okay, now take me to the trail."

The horse immediately goes around the outside of the fence to the other end of the horse field. It drops its nose to the ground and takes a bite of green grass. Then it begins walking toward the river. Going between two bushes, the horse is now trotting down a very well-marked trail. You feel very pleased that you thought of this idea. Soon the horse stops at the beautiful, flowing river. You get off the horse's back and say, "Thank you, Mr. Horse. I will let you go back to your field and eat your supper. I must get across this river somehow."

You sit down at the edge of the beautiful, flowing river and begin studying the map again. There is a blue line on the map that shows the river. What are you going to do now? There is a picture of a turtle by the river. What does that mean? The turtle has an X marked on it's back. Again you become very quiet and relaxed. You say to yourself, "Think, slow down and let your smart brain figure this out."

Looking up the river you see nothing. Looking down the river, you see a green hump by the rocks. "Could that be ...?", you wonder aloud. Standing up, you can see the green hump a little better. "Is it a ...?", you ask. Walking closer, you see that it is a turtle. "Well Hello, Mr. Turtle, how are you today?" The turtle looks up at you with a grin and says, "I am very good, and you? It sure took a long time for you to get here. I saw you sitting by the river and I wondered why you didn't come over."

"I need to get across the river and I am wondering if you will help me, Mr. Turtle. I am on a treasure hunt and this map says to go down the river until I come to a jungle. Do you have any idea how I can get across this river so I can go to the jungle? I don't have a boat-what am I going to do?" The turtle laughs and says, "How would you like to take a ride on my back?" Looking at the map again, you see the picture of a turtle with an X on its back and you say, "Oh, thank you very much, I will be very grateful to you if you give me a ride on your back.

Climbing on Mr. Turtle's back, you say, "Oh, boy! This is going to be fun!" The turtle is very fast in the water and as you ride you shout to the sky, "Giddy-up, oh-yay kai-yay!" Quickly you reach the jungle and the turtle glides up to the bank of the river. Stepping off you say, "Mr. Turtle, you have been very good to me. I thank you very much." The turtle winks his eye at you and says, "Hurry, go fast to the treasure so you can win this game."

Turning toward the jungle, you make your way down a path and suddenly you meet a silly monkey hanging upside down by its tail. The monkey greets you and you say "Hello." Quickly reaching its skinny arm and hand down, the monkey grabs you and pulls you up into the tree. Offering you a banana, and cackling a noisy sound, the monkey says, "Eat your banana and go fast, you need some energy to win the game." "Thank you Mr. Monkey, I do need to eat something." Going on down the path, you come to the end of the jungle. Looking closely at your map, you say, "Something just isn't right, the X should be right here. Let me see, what is it that is making me feel this way?" Searching the ground you notice some lines and you laugh to yourself. "Oh, goodness, the X is right here and I am standing on it."

Pulling your little green shovel out of your backpack, you begin digging. Dig, dig, dig. Deeper, deeper, de-e-e-e-per! Whew! It takes a long time and you are getting so very tired. You just keep digging and digging when finally your shovel hits something. Clink! The shovel knows that it is something hard. It sounds as if you found it! Digging some more, you uncover a chest; a treasure chest, Yeaaaaah!

Opening up the chest, you have visions of pearls, diamonds, and lots of gold chains inside. When you lift the lid, all you see is one little gold coin. Picking up a note that is attached to the coin, you read the message written in an ancient script. It says, "This is a very rare and special coin. It is not only a gold coin, but it is a one-of-a-kind coin in the whole world. Make a wish as you hold this coin with both hands beneath your chin and your wish will come true. Every time you make a wish it will come true, if you use this coin as instructed.

Think of a wish to be back in your very own bed so you can rest. It has been a long day and you are getting so sleepy you can hardly stand to keep your eyes open. See yourself quickly back in your bed, with a happy smile on your face because you have had a wonderful adventure. You will still be happy in the morning, so close your eyes and let your mind drift off to a sweet dream of horses, turtles, and monkeys.

Chapter Four Fairy Flight

Imagine now that beautiful fairies are dancing in the moonlight. They have delicate, tiny bodies and colorful, see-through wings that flutter really fast as they fly. Darting back and forth ... zip this way to a flower ... and then really fast back that way to a different flower ... fast ... fast ... FAST!

This is a game of flower racing, speeding from flower to flower, chasing each other and giggling in a high-pitched melody as they tease each other in a friendly way.

Notice a tingling feeling now in the middle of your back between your shoulder blades. Something is happening to your body. You know that you are changing and growing smaller.

Wondering what is happening to your body, you say to your angels, "Angels, what is going on here?"

An inner knowing tells you that you are becoming very tiny and you are changing into a fairy so you can play with all the other fairies.

"Oh, I get it. Thanks Angels!" you say. The tingling between your shoulder blades has now become a strong buzzing feeling that makes your arms rise up and extend straight out beside you.

Notice as you look from side to side that by your arms are fluttering wings, and then all of a sudden they change to transparent fairy wings that shimmer with all colors of tiny flecks of light. Wow! This feels so good. You can lift up and down just by thinking about it.

Looking down at your feet, notice the tiny feet and little toes ... your toes begin to tap and your knees bend a little. Then you give a great big jump into the air as your wings carry you away to where the fairies are flower racing.

You can fly fast ... faster ... even faster than the fairies. Ooooooooooh! This is so much fun to feel the wind flow past your cheeks and flutter your Eyelashes ... it blows your hair back from your face. Feel your wings buzzing as you fly fast through the sky. When you look up into the night, you see twinkling stars and when you look down, you see deep, dark colors of the green plants growing beside a pool of water.


Excerpted from Night Time Moods by Cara Bryant Carol Weaver Copyright © 2003 by Cara Bryant & Carol Weaver. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Contents Doggy Dance....................1
Squirrel Dance....................6
Treasure Hunt....................11
Fairy Flight....................17
Animal Friends....................23
Dolphins' Delight....................28
Cloud Hopping with Angels....................37
Inside Your Bubble....................42
Beautiful Butterflies....................45
Crew of Crows....................48
Dinosaurs Dozing....................52
Fairy Flowers....................57
Living Bubbles....................61
Happy Horses....................64
Growing a Garden....................67
Eagle's Nest....................72
Dragonfly Skimming....................78
About the Authors....................85

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