Night Comes Down: 60 British Mod, R&B, Freakbeat, and Swinging London Nuggets

Night Comes Down: 60 British Mod, R&B, Freakbeat, and Swinging London Nuggets


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Release Date: 06/02/2017
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929553507
catalogNumber: 5041744
Rank: 29615


Disc 1

  1. Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
  2. I Need Your Loving
  3. Baby, Don’t Do It
  4. Taboo Man
  5. Pills
  6. Work Song
  7. Seventh Son
  8. Comin’ Home Baby
  9. It’s A Lie
  10. And I Do Just What I Want
  11. And My Baby’s Gone
  12. Like That
  13. Gonna Make a Woman of You
  14. She’s a Girl
  15. It’s Alright
  16. Ready, Steady
  17. Can You Hear Me
  18. A Tu Vera
  19. I Ain’t Got You
  20. The Snake
  21. Jugger Tea
  22. Don't That Beat Them All
  23. No Other Baby
  24. Gotta Get Through to You
  25. Big Fat Spider
  26. You're Gonna Get Your Way
  27. What Am I Doing Here With You
  28. Rolling On
  29. The Other Side Of Love
  30. Time Is on My Side

Disc 2

  1. Night Comes Down
  2. Short Change
  3. Big Bare Beat
  4. Phone Me
  5. My Love
  6. The Society for the Protection of Love
  7. What’s Her Name
  8. Count Me Out
  9. Can’t Stop Talkin’ About My Baby
  10. Soul Serenade
  11. Knock on Wood
  12. Just One More Chance
  13. Don’t Stop Girl
  14. When I Think of You
  15. Yeh Yeh
  16. That Driving Beat
  17. Blow Up
  18. Party Line
  19. Arthur Green
  20. Cypress
  21. Sink or Swim
  22. She Was Really Saying Something
  23. Take Me for a Little While
  24. Baby and Me
  25. Going Going Gone
  26. There Is
  27. Afrodisiac
  28. Falling in Love With You
  29. East Side 628
  30. A Man Needs Love

Disc 3

  1. Girl on a Motorcycle
  2. The Eagle Flies on Friday
  3. London Bridge Is Coming Down
  4. Elevator
  5. Peacock Dress
  6. Looking Towards the Sky
  7. Violin Shop
  8. Remember the Times
  9. Hold On
  10. Give What You Take
  11. Second Fiddle
  12. I’ve Got Money
  13. Come and Play With Me in the Garden
  14. Fire in the City
  15. Sunshine Superman
  16. Tomorrow Never Knows
  17. Flowers Are Flowering
  18. Mr. Universe
  19. I Don't Mind
  20. How Do You Feel
  21. Infatuation
  22. Call Me Lightning
  23. Mae West
  24. Pumpkin Mini
  25. Einer Kleiner Miser Musik
  26. Thank You Baby for Coming
  27. The Meaning of Love

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Reed   Compield

Technical Credits

Alexis Korner   Composer
Anne Murray   Composer
P.F. Sloan   Composer
Jon Mark   Composer
Arthur Alexander   Composer
James Brown   Composer
Steve Cropper   Composer
Eddie Floyd   Composer
Ian Gillan   Composer
Green   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Otis Redding   Composer
Pete Townshend   Composer
Nat Adderley   Composer
Bob Dorough   Composer
Ken Moule   Composer
Don Gardner   Composer
Jackie Lomax   Composer
Joe Meek   Composer
Mick Farren   Composer
Ray Fenwick   Composer
Roger Glover   Composer
Phillip Goodhand-Tait   Composer
Denny Laine   Composer
Neil Landon   Composer
Trade Martin   Composer
Willie Mitchell   Composer
Laurel Aitken   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Steve Barri   Composer
Kenny Beveridge   Composer
Ken Burgess   Composer
Peter Callander   Composer
Calvin Carter   Composer
Tony Catchpole   Composer
Phil Chesterton   Composer
Jeff Christie   Composer
Barry Dean   Composer
Kirk Duncan   Composer
John Eaton   Composer
Tony Edwards   Composer
Andy Ellison   Composer
Terry Fogg   Composer
Rodgers Grant   Composer
Tom Harris   Composer
John Hewlett   Composer
Eddie Holland   Composer
Martin Jenner   Composer
Clarence Lewis   Composer
Rod Lynton   Composer
Ellas McDaniel   Composer
Ian McLintock   Composer
Roger Mealey   Composer
Pat Patrick   Composer
Mike Patto   Composer
John Perry   Composer
Tony Rivers   Composer
Don Robey   Composer
Duncan Sanderson   Composer
Ben Tucker   Composer
Norman Whitfield   Composer
Lennie Wright   Composer
Robert Miller   Composer
Eden Kane   Composer
Luther Dixon   Composer
George Fischoff   Composer
John St. John Gillard   Composer
Spencer Davis   Composer
Oscar Wilde   Composer
Bobby Robinson   Composer
Dickie Bishop   Composer
Reed   Composer
Bob Watson   Composer
Harry Roberts   Composer
Curtis Ousley   Composer
Rafael de León   Composer
James McDougal   Composer
Juan Solano   Composer
Jimmy Campbell   Composer
Mike Cotton   Composer
Dick Allix   Composer
Tony Powers   Composer
Tommy Scott   Composer
Pete Taylor   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Con O'Neill   Composer
Donovan Leitch   Composer
Roger Easterby   Composer
Antonio Amurri   Composer
Norman Meade   Composer
John Reed   Liner Notes
Stuart Hobday   Composer
Anthony Mortlock   Composer
Nick Warburton   Sleeve Notes
Chris Hutchins   Composer
Ken Howard   Composer
Frank Weston   Composer
Dean Douglas   Composer
Alan James Eastwood   Composer
Rob Freeman   Composer
Peter Law   Composer
Mike D'Abo   Composer
Eric Leese   Composer
Rudi Lindt   Composer
Mike Pinder   Composer
Kevin Lear   Composer
Stephen Hopkins   Composer
Johnny Wallace   Composer
Carl Holmes   Composer
Samuel Mahood   Composer
William Stevenson   Composer
Champ   Composer
Reynard Miner   Composer
Norman Swan   Composer
David Pain   Composer
Pat Costello   Composer
Herbert Lance   Composer
Gordon Haskell Hionides   Composer
Saxon   Composer
Geoff Mullin   Composer
Tokenam Aw   Composer
Gil Caple   Composer
Howard Conder   Composer
Hendricks   Composer
H. Tical   Composer
Cliff Ward   Composer
Dean Maverick   Composer
Cyril Sutton   Composer
Minor Birds   Composer
Laris McLennon   Composer
Petra Hold   Composer
John Edward Baker   Composer

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