New York State Grade 4 Mathematics Test (Rea)
New York State Grade 4 Mathematics Test (Rea)

New York State Grade 4 Mathematics Test (Rea)

by Research & Education Association, John Allen, Associates Bbe

Paperback(Ready, Set, Go!)

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Parents and Teachers…Get your Fourth Grader Ready for the NY State Mathematics Exam!

Is your fourth grader ready to tackle the New York State Grade 4 Mathematics exam? If not, don’t worry. REA’s newest addition to our Ready, Set, Go! test prep series takes the confusion out of math and gives fourth graders all the information they need to succeed on this important exam.

Fully aligned with the learning standards of the New York State Department of Education, our easy-to-read test prep features a student-friendly, targeted review of the mathematics skills tested on the exam, including:
* Number Sense & Operations
* Estimation
* Measurement
* Algebra
* Geometry
* Statistics and Probability

What makes REA’s test preps different? For starters, students will actually like using them. Here’s why:
* Math concepts are explained in language suitable for the third grade level
* Our test prep allows students to learn at their own pace and master the subject
* Student-friendly lessons break down the material into the basics
* Color icons throughout the book highlight important questions and study tips
* The book includes two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations of answers that allow students to test their knowledge and focus on areas in need of improvement
* Test-taking tips and strategies give students added confidence and ease anxiety before the exam

Whether used in a classroom, for home or self study, or with a tutor, this test prep gets students ready for the New York State math exam, set to take on new challenges, and helps them go forward in their studies!

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ISBN-13: 9780738607139
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 09/10/2009
Edition description: Ready, Set, Go!
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 9 - 10 Years

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Welcome to an Educational Adventure 

The New York State Testing Program is the Empire State’s answer to the federal No Child Left Behind Act, which requires that states use standards-based testing to ensure that students are picking up the skills and knowledge necessary for academic success. 

We at REA believe that a friendly, hands-on introduction and preparation for the test are keys to creating a successful testing experience. REA’s NY State Testing Program books offer these key features: 

* Clearly identified book activities 
* Contextual illustrations
* Easy-to-follow lessons
* Step-by-step examples
* Tips for solving problems tailored for the proper grade level 
* Exercises to sharpen skills
* Lots of practice
Below is helpful information for students, parents, and teachers concerning the NY State Test and test taking in general. Organized practice is itself a prime skill for young students to master, because it will help set the tone for success long into the future as their educational adventure continues. It is REA’s sincere hope that this book—by providing relevant, standards-based practice—can become an integral part of that adventure. 

What is the New York State Test? 
The New York State Test is a standards-based assessment used in New York’s public schools. Performance on the New York State Test equates not with the grades students receive for teacher-assigned work but rather with proficiency measures pegged to how well students are acquiring the
knowledge and skills outlined in the New York State Learning Standards. Those proficiency measures fall into three broad categories, or bands: “partially proficient,” “proficient,” and “advanced proficient.” 

When is the NY State Mathematics Test given? 
The test is administered in early spring. Grade 4 students take the NY State Mathematics Test on three consecutive days. Each day requires 50 minutes, plus an additional 10 minutes of preparation time. 

What is the format of the NY State Mathematics Test? 
On Day 1, students answer 30 multiple-choice questions. For each multiple-choice question, students are asked to choose the correct answer out of four. On Day 2, students answer 7 short-response questions and 2 extended response questions. On Day 3, students answer 7 short-response questions
and 2 extended-response questions. For these open-ended questions, students answer with written responses in their own words. 

Understanding the NY State Mathematics Test and This Book 


This book was specially written and designed to make test practice easy and fruitful for students. Our practice tests are very much like the actual NY State Mathematics Test, and our review is filled with illustrations, drills, exercises, and practice questions to help students become familiar with the testing
environment and to retain information about key topics. 

The NY State Mathematics Test and other state assessment tests are designed to give the school information about how well children are achieving in the areas required by the New York State Learning Standards. These standards describe what students should know at the end of certain grades. This book helps children review and prepare effectively and positively for the NY State Mathematics Test. 

Teachers introduce students to the test-taking environment and the demands of the NY State Mathematics Test. Teachers can use our authoritative book in the classroom for planned, guided instruction and practice testing. Effective preparation means better test scores! 

Information about the New York State Testing Program 
For more information about the New York State Testing Program, contact the New York State Department of Education:
General Information
Telephone: 518-474-3852
Mailing address:
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

Test Accommodations and Special Situations 
Every effort is made to provide a level playing field for students with disabilities who are taking the NY State Mathematics Test. In general, students with educational disabilities should be provided with the testing accommodations specified in their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
or Section 504 Accommodation Plans (504 Plans) when taking the test. However, testing accommodations that change the measurement of a skill being tested are not permitted on the NY State Mathematics Test. Testing accommodations in students’ IEPs or 504 Plans that are reading related— for example, reading the test to the student—are permitted for the NY State Mathematics Test. However, test questions must never be changed or simplified, nor may the school provide additional examples. 

Because the NY State Mathematics Test assesses students’ ability to calculate, the use of a calculator or mathematical tables are not allowed for Grade 4. Students whose IEPs or 504 Plans specify the use of an abacus will be allowed to use such an item with this test. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 

Welcome to an Educational Adventure 
What is the New York State Test?  
When is the NY State Mathematics Test given? 
What is the format of the NY State Mathematics Test? 
Understanding the NY State Mathematics Test and This Book 
Information about the NY State Testing Program 
Test Accommodations and Special Situations  
Tips for Test Taking 
Format and Scoring of the NY State Mathematics Test 
Core Curriculum Content Strands in Mathematics 

Chapter 1: Number Sense 
Whole Numbers 
Comparing Numbers by Place Value  
Practice 1: Whole Numbers and Place Value 
Which Is Greater?    
Equivalent Fractions 
Practice 2: Fractions 
Decimals and Money 
Practice 3: Decimals and Money 
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems
Chapter 2: Operations 
Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers 
Practice 4: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers 
Operations with Fractions and Decimals 
Practice 5: Operations with Fractions and Decimals 
Multiplying and Dividing Numbers 
Practice 6: Multiplying and Dividing Numbers  
Multiplication Rules  
Practice 7: Multiplication Rules  
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems 

Chapter 3: Estimation 
Estimating Addition  
Practice 8: Estimating Addition  
Estimating Subtraction 
Practice 9: Estimating Subtraction 
Estimating Multiplication 
Practice 10: Estimating Multiplication 
Estimating Division 
Practice 11: Estimating Division 
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems 

Chapter 4: Geometry  
Practice 12: Lines 
Practice 13: Angles  
Two-Dimensional Shapes  
Other Two-Dimensional Shapes  
Practice 14: Two-Dimensional Shapes  
Three-Dimensional Shapes  
Practice 15: Three-Dimensional Shapes 
Congruent Shapes 
Practice 16: Congruent Shapes 
Practice 17: Perimeter and Area  
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems  

Chapter 5: Measurement  
Length (U.S. Customary Units) 
Length (Metric System) 
Practice 18: Length 
Weight (U.S. Customary Units) 
Weight (Metric System)  
Practice 19: Weight 
Capacity (U.S. Customary Units) 
Capacity (Metric System) 
Practice 20: Capacity 
Measuring Time by Hours and Minutes  
Practice 21: Measuring Time by Hours and Minutes 
Measuring Time by Days and Weeks 
Practice 22: Measuring Time by Days and Weeks  
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems  

Chapter 6: Algebra  
Practice 23: Patterns 
Practice 24: Functions 
Input/Output Tables and T-Charts  
Practice 25: Input/Output Tables and T-Charts  
Other Kinds of Patterns  
Practice 26: Other Kinds of Patterns  
Open Sentences 
Practice 27: Open Sentences 
Equations and Inequalities 
Practice 28: Equations and Inequalities 
Number Sentences  
Practice 29: Number Sentences 
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems 
Chapter 7: Statistics and Probability  
Using Data 
Bar Graphs and Tables 
Practice 30: Using Data and Graphs 
Line Graphs 
Practice 31: Line Graphs 
Making Predictions from Data  
Practice 32: Making Predictions from Data 
End-of-Chapter Practice Problems 

Practice Test 1 
Practice Test 2  

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