New Testament Origins: The Passover Slaughter of 4 BCE

New Testament Origins: The Passover Slaughter of 4 BCE

by Charles O'Neal Wilson


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This book explores a Story of the Passover of 4 BCE. It is asserted that this violent Passover, where 3000 died, was the basis for many of the Miracle Stories of the New Testament. The Story is a study of the Temple Service Groups surrounding the Temple Service in Jerusalem. These Groups contend against the Herodians and Rome for the Rulership of Judaea and the Kingship and High Priesthood.

This Story was disassembled, rewritten and reassembled for a Roman End. Recent archeological evidence has provided a firm grounding for the existence of a key Temple Service Group living in Upper Galilee. It is the Story of this Group that has been rewritten for the Glory of the Roman Empire. The background of this Temple Service Group has been discarded and forgotten.

Someone, however, is telling us something. There are those who still remember and they are leaving their messages in as clear a manner as they could.

There is something left. There are memories of the Old Days, of a time when the Rulership and High Priesthood came from a chosen people, from Groups assembled by King David himself. This is a Story of another History, something from another direction, something Real, if only someone would look...

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