New Moon Rising

New Moon Rising

by Eugenia Price


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Second Novel in the St. Simons Trilogy.

A rich and riveting tale of love, hardship, and the journey for happiness in the war-torn South.

In New Moon Rising , Eugenia Price gives us a story of faith and courage that follows the struggle of James Gould's son Horace to find his own place in life. Reaching manhood in the tumultuous years before the Civil War, Horace returns to St. Simons and finds himself disheartened by the intolerance on his beloved island. However, he wins the heart of lovely neighbor Deborah Abbott, who adores her "Mr. Gould" and becomes his wife, despite the difference in their years. She is not concerned with his rumored past, but she is saddened by his lack of faith. Filled with romance, hardship, and adventure, this sequel to Lighthouse vividly portrays the antebellum South while revealing an independent man's search for happiness.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781596528444
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 05/29/2012
Series: St. Simons Trilogy Series , #2
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 238,257
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Eugenia Price (1916-1996) was a New York Times bestselling author of 39 books, with over 40 million copies sold. She is best known for her historical romantic antebellum novels.

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New Moon Rising

By Eugenia Price


Copyright © 2012 Eugenia Price
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781596528444

From the sky, there was only a feeling of light. The strength of the clear, magnifying lens of the wheelhouse lantern, showing an arc of twenty points through the compass, was barely enough for navigation on such a night. The clouds hung cloak-like, motionless, heavy with unfallen rain. Familiar landmarks along the twisting inland waterway were almost blotted out. The low, bulky steamer moved, but seemingly toward nothing.

Three of the four passengers aboard the South Carolina had looked forward to a moonlit trip down the coastal waters of Georgia from Darien to St. Simons Island, and south to St. Mary's at the border of the Florida territory. Cheerfully, almost, the three talkative passengers—two men and a woman—had accepted the more-than-two-hour wait for the tide to free the packet from a sandbar on which she grounded after leaving the dock at Darien. When they had come aboard at 3 p.m., the sun had hung bright and high in a flattened dome of hot, August blue. Everyone knew it would be dark long before they reached St. Simons Island, some twenty water miles away, but in such clear summer weather, the full moon would turn the flat stretches of salt marsh, cut for miles around by serpentine coastal rivers and creeks, into an enchanted landscape. 

The fourth passenger seemed to look forward to nothing, and even during the long wait on the sand bar, the others had given up trying to draw the young man into their conversation.


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From the Publisher

"Not since Gone with the Wind has a book told the South's story in the way that New Moon Rising does. Miss Price has a feeling for the land, for its beauty and its secrets." —Book News

"This is more than a Civil War novel, more than a romance, more than an adventure story . . . This is a book to be read, without qualification." Cincinnati Inquirer

“Ms. Price [has a] knack for recreating a bygone era with such compelling and authentic historic detail.” —The New York Times

“Eugenia Price is a name spoken with affection by millions of readers.” —Publishers Weekly

“Newcomers to Ms. Price's work should soon join her legions of faithful readers.” —Chattanooga Times

“[Price is]” a consummate storyteller of meticulously researched and emotionally moving novels of the South.” —Rave Reviews

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So full of history and real life!
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Miss me?
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