New Concept and New Way of Treatment of Cancer Metastais

New Concept and New Way of Treatment of Cancer Metastais

by Xu Ze, Xu Jie, Bin Wu


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“Immunotherapy has the potential to literally end cancer as we know it”, noted Vice President Joe Biden, who came to the Johns Hopkins in late April in 2016.

We are excited about cancer immunotherapy is the excellent way to help the cancer patients to live longer and to have better quality of life because Dr. Xu Ze in China has been working on oncology immunotherapy more than decades.

How did Dr. Xu Ze figure out all of these new concepts and new ideas of cancer treatment, especially immunotherapy?

All of these came from his clinical practice and observation and from his animal experiments which showed that the host immune function decreased such as thymus (the place of T cells getting mature) atrophy while the cancer occurred etc. He did plenty of animal and clinical research of searching new ways and new medications for the oncology patients.

We discussed to publish this book which is full of new concepts and new ways of cancer immunotherapy and shows that Xu Ze’s research group dedicates to cancer immunotherapy. The main contents of this book were written by Dr. Xu Ze in China many years ago after he did more than decades of research and oncology clinical practices. This book is full of the innovating ways and concepts how to stop the cancer metastases, especially the oncology immunotherapy and describes the metastases mechanism in details. In Chapter 11 and 21 the cancer cell immunotherapy was discussed in great detail.

As we know, the cancer is also called malignancy tumor which are made up of cells that grow out of control. Cells in these tumours can inade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body which damages our normal function. This is known as metastasis or secondary cancer. If we stop the metastases, we can control cancer. This book described the cancer characteristics in details such as : development of tumor molecular biology; many factors which influence the occurrence and metastases of cancer in the body; Dr. Xu Ze’s immunotherapy methods and medications; each metastases step in details; the treatment of cancer thrombus; the review and prospect of oncology surgery; the new understanding of anticancer immunotherapy, etc.

In brief, this book summarized Dr. Xu Ze oncology experience and all of his contribution to the oncology immunotherapy.

In addition, because we finished this book during such shortly several months and this book is full of new concepts and broad knowledge, it may have some mistakes which please be forgiven by all of our reader and we also wish you can give us your feedback.

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