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Ideal for actual toddlers when parents are using the bestselling Busy Toddler's Guide to Actual Parenting: From Their First "no" to Their First Day of School (and Everything in Between) parenting book by Susie Allison, the six books in the Terrific Toddlers Series are Time to Go!, New Baby!, Potty!, Bye-Bye!, Boo-Boo!, and All Mine! The books are written by experts in the field and are critically acclaimed. In New Baby! toddlers expecting a new addition to the family don’t know exactly what will happen, and it can be confusing and emotionally challenging. Through the introduction of the new sibling, to the incorporation of it into daily life, toddlers will be reassured that while things will be different, mom and dad still love them just the same and have enough love for the new baby, too. Includes information for parents and caregivers about reassuring a toddler that they will not be forgotten when they have a new sibling.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781433832505
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 11/17/2020
Series: Terrific Toddlers
Pages: 16
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 6.19(h) x (d)
Age Range: 2 - 3 Years

About the Author

Carol Zeavin holds master’s degrees in education and special education from Bank Street College, and worked for eighteen years in homes and classrooms with toddlers. She was Head Teacher at both Rockefeller University’s Child and Family Center and at the Barnard Toddler Development Center, and worked for Y.A.I. and Theracare. She is a professional violinist living in New York, NY.

Rhona Silverbush studied psychology and theater at Brandeis University and law at Boston College Law School. She represented refugees and has written and co-written several books, including a guide to acting Shakespeare. She currently coaches actors, writes, tutors, and consults for families of children and teens with learning differences and special needs. She lives in New York, NY.
Visit terrifictoddlersbookseries.com, and visit Carol and Rhona on Twitter @CarolRhona and Instagram @TerrificToddlersBooks.
Jon Davis is an award-winning illustrator of more than 80 books. He lives in England. Visit him on jonsmind.com, Twitter @JonDavisIllust, and Instagram @JonDavisIllustration.

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