Nemesis: One Man and the Battle for Rio

Nemesis: One Man and the Battle for Rio

by Misha Glenny

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The astonishing story of an ordinary man forced to make a decision that would turn his world upside down
How did Antônio Francisco Bonfim Lopes, a hardworking young father, become the king of Rocinha, the largest slum in Rio; the head of a drug cartel; and perhaps Brazil’s most wanted criminal, known to all as “Nem”? Nemesis is the riveting account of his ruthless ascent in Rio’s terrifying underworld, his sway over its anarchic outlaw culture, and his accidental fall. Nem tried to bring welfare and justice to a playground of gang culture and destitution, but he quickly found himself embroiled in a world of gold hunters and evangelical pastors, bent police officers and rich-kid addicts, quixotic politicians and drug lords with math degrees.

Spanning rainforests and high-security prisons, filthy slums and glittering shopping malls, Nemesis chronicles Brazil’s journey into the global spotlight—and the battle for the beautiful but damned city of Rio as it struggles to break free from a tangled web of corruption, violence, drugs and poverty. Nem is held at the center of it all, locked in a fight for his country’s future.

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ISBN-13: 9780385351041
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/09/2016
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
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About the Author

MISHA GLENNY is the author of DarkMarket, McMafia, The Rebirth of History, The Fall of Yugoslavia (which won the Overseas Press Club Award in 1993 for Best Book on Foreign Affairs) and The Balkans: Nationalism, War, and the Great Powers, 1804–1999. He was a BBC Central Europe correspondent—he covered the fall of Communism and the wars in the former Yugoslavia—and has been regularly consulted by the U.S. and European governments on major policy issues. He lives in London.

Table of Contents

Maps xii

Preface xvii

Prologue: The Arrest I: 9-10 November 2011 3

I Protagonist

1 Eduarda December: 1999-June 2000 13

2 Favela: 1960-1976 23

3 Cocaine: 1979-1989 36

4 Bodies: 1980-1987 45

5 Moral Collapse: 1989-1999 57

6 Up the Mill: June 2000 65

II Hubris

7 Massacre: 1993 71

8 Orlando Jogador: 1994 77

9 Lulu's Law: 1999-2004 87

10 Fracture: 2001-2004 98

11 The Passion of Rocinha: April 2004 108

12 The Ballad of the Thin Man: April 2004 116

13 The King Is Dead: 2004 124

14 Bem-te-vi: 2004-2005 128

III Nemesis

15 The Great Change: 1994-2004 137

16 A Helping Hand: 2006-2007 143

17 Taking Care of Business: 2004-2007 152

18 We're Not Alone: 2007 159

19 Boom Time: 2007 165

20 Nem's Bride: 2004-2006 170

21 Nemesis: 1997-2009 176

22 The Battle for Rio: 2006-2008 180

23 Kocinha's Golden Age: 2007-2009 186

24 Politics: 2008-2010 194

25 The Hotel Intercontinental: August 2010 199

IV Catharsis

26 First Contact: September 2010 211

27 The Taking of Alemão: November 2010 216

28 Confessions: January-April 2011 223

29 Luana and Andressa: 9 May 2011 229

30 The Arrest II: 3-9 November 2011 237

Epilogue 252

Appendix 267

Glossary 271

Acknowledgements 273

Notes 277

Index 281

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