Neil's Journal: Moving Back to Chapel Hill

Neil's Journal: Moving Back to Chapel Hill

by Neil James Slater


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I first became interested in literature, writing and drama while finishing my undergraduate degree in Chicago after serving six years in the US Navy. I did some acting and writing and received a Bachelor's degree in Communications; but, I decided to continue to pursue my interest in science in graduate school. From 1993-1997 I was in a PhD program at UNC-Chapel Hill in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. When I began to have academic difficulties, I turned back to writing. I wrote a poetical/autobiographical book I called "Book I" and made copies to give away to people.

After leaving graduate school in 1997, I ended up on the streets and addicted to crack cocaine. The years from December 1999 to January 2010 were spent in prison in Michigan. I spent two years on parole afterwards and was back in school at Saginaw Valley State University working on a second bachelors degree in Mathematics. I did complete parole successfully but I was very dissatisfied with my life and began to use Crack Cocaine again.

Through a combination of Narcotics Anonymous brainwashing and medicinal marijuana I became so paranoid I quit using crack cocaine. The paranoia remained so I sold everything and moved out of my house. The day I moved out in March 2012 I started keeping a journal everyday. I had a motorcycle and traveled around writing everyday about what was happening and what I was thinking. Eventually, I ended up back in North Carolina and then in Chapel Hill. By then a lot of the paranoia had subsided and I was ready and determined to get my life back. This is the journal volume I decided to begin with. It covers the time period from 27 December 2012 to 17 September 2012. It chronicles my attempt to work and to try to live a normal life or find a way to just live. There are five volumes before this and one more volume after this.

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