NCLEX 105 Practice Questions: Cardiovascular System

NCLEX 105 Practice Questions: Cardiovascular System

by Catherine Black


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The best way to prepare for an exam is to actively practice as much as possible within the context and boundaries of the exam you want to excel in. Well, these 105 practice questions will make sure you'll ace every cardiovascular system question presented on NCLEX exam day!

Each question of the 105 available will be a multiple choice question with 4 available options, which is the most common question structure on the NCLEX exam. There is also an answer key at the back of the book with a clear explanation to support the correct answer of each question. So you'll not only know if you're right or wrong, but you'll fully understand why the model answer is correct.

This book was made with the clear intention to drill you with practice questions so you can begin to transfer your textbook knowledge into real world situations you'll find on the job.

Get your copy today, go through the questions and ace your exam!

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