NBENWE JUST BROWN: Three Laconic Plays

NBENWE JUST BROWN: Three Laconic Plays



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This is an easily absorbed and highly entertaining read, consisting of three short plays by Playwright R.A.N Severin. While, the Writer gleefully prods and pokes into human psychology, one reoccurring theme emerges throughout. It persistently insists, talking openly and frankly about race related issues, despite potential unpleasant ramifications, is the first avenue towards a state of race equilibrium, as a necessary precursor for genuine and dignified human interaction. The thought-provoking content of the plays, suggests, this race equilibrium will only truly manifest, when the convenience of racial ignorance and denial, which doesn't serve the greater good, and therefore not humanity as a whole, is challenged via raw,unfiltered, sticky and emotional conversations. In "NBENWE JUST BROWN", Marlas faces an unexpected challenge, when she is confronted by a darker skinned, young woman, who questions her integrity; In " MIRROR TALK", Lucinda is eager to copy black culture, while simultaneously branding non-whites "Foreigners", and in "RAMSES DEFUNCT", Henrietta is compelled to examine her views on "White Privilege". While various layers of colour blindness, colour envy, colour obsession and colour jealousy are being stripped back and scrutinised, the characters ultimately reveal a deep urge to belong, along with the basic human desire to love and be loved. R.A.N Severin's straightforward, no-nonsense writing style concerning colour/life issues, resonates with an evolving trend, expectant of wilful honesty to communicate and engage. The focus of attention reveals a wish to explore aspects of race related human interaction, with the ultimate objective to arrive at a newfound, elevated state of humanity. "NBENWE JUST BROWN -Three laconic Plays" follows R.A.N Severin's previous debut play "Cone Cell Blues".

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ISBN-13: 9798663937818
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 07/05/2020
Pages: 74
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.18(d)

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