Nature and the Nerd

Nature and the Nerd

by Sandy Cole, Richard Daniels

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For more than the first twenty-five years of its time span, this book focuses on the interaction between Dick and nature. It took more than two and a half decades, plus the development of the Internet, for Dick to find Sandy. For the past fifteen they have been partners in life.

The subtitle refers to a symbiotic relationship. A symbiotic relationship is one that is mutually beneficial. But for billions of years, nature got along just fine without the human species. Isn’t it presumptuous to assume to give nature a hand? Well, for quite a while man has been messing up what nature presented to us. There are now countless opportunities to undo some of the blights that have been introduced by our fellow inhabitants of this planet.

This book describes the evolution of some neglected woods in Sandwich, New Hampshire from negligible wildlife into a rejuvenated forest where wildlife thrives. As the forest evolves, so does the Nerd - from a research and development engineer to a person who feels an ongoing kinship with the land.

To help the forest in its evolution, there were a number of logging operations to remove problematic trees which were a result of earlier mismanagement. The remaining trees benefited from less competition and grew faster than they would have otherwise. Because more sunlight reached the forest floor, there was more undergrowth which provided browsing for wildlife.

Twenty years have passed since the last logging operation. The casual observer finds no evidence that large machines once roamed here cutting down trees and dragging them to processing sites. Those logging roads have been improved during my outdoor workouts and are now rustic paths appreciated both by wildlife and humans. Two ponds have been created and three houses built on the property; each house being more energy efficient than its predecessor.

If you are caught in the rat race - there is another world out there. Come to the woods! Let nature draw you in! If you must, bring your electronic devices, but take a moment to draw a deep breath, stop and experience the life around you. And be warned, you might forget to turn on your cherished device(s).

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About the Author

I was bitten by the travel bug at 13 when my Scottish parents took us to the “Old Country” for the summer, to meet relatives and travel all around Scotland and to London as well. When I fulfilled the two years of elementary school teaching needed, I applied to the Dept. of Defense Overseas School System and spent the next six years teaching in Germany and England- traveling to Denmark, Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Romania, and Egypt on school vacations. I married while over there and taught in Massachusetts for a few years, having a daughter and a son, before moving to New Hampshire where I took a job at a community college, teaching psychology, counseling students, and running a grant-funded single parent program. When I retired, the travel bug bit me once again, and, meeting Dick, who also loved to travel, we set off for wider horizons. He and I have gone to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Jamaica, Peru, The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Greece, Italy, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Nepal and China. My early fascination with bathrooms, as noted in my introduction to the book, followed me wherever we went and my camera was always with me when I headed for a restroom. Loving to write, I decided to share my experiences and photos with others, both travelers and bathroom lovers. We presently share our time between New Hampshire, enjoying family, and North Carolina, enjoying beaches, escaping to more exotic climes when we can.

As a youth, Dick dedicated his life to being a great student. He had natural aptitude for math and science; and loved to read, especially science fiction. Summers were spent at the family cottage at Cobbetts pond in Windham, New Hampshire. Swimming, boating, and water skiing brought out another side of him. Books were reserved for rainy days. Moonless nights found him out on a raft enjoying the beauty of the stars. Dick continued his studious ways to graduate Summa cum Laude from Brown University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Hired by Bell Telephone Laboratories (now Lucent Technologies), he combined working with studying to receive a M. S. Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. from Northeastern University. He also wrote two scientific books. This lets you understand who Dick was before acquiring 155 acres in the White Mountains of Sandwich New Hampshire. He was a nerd, with a childhood that fortunately had awakened in him a wonderment of nature. He is now a born-again naturalist.

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