National Geographic Kids Extreme Records

National Geographic Kids Extreme Records

by Michelle Harris, Julie Beer


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The biggest, wackiest, wildest, and weirdest of all the world record facts are jam-packed into this informative and superexciting fact book.

From the awesome to the weird to the downright gross, get ready to meet the world's record setters! You'll find fantastic firsts, awesome extremes, and weird wonders in achievements made by animals, humans, and Mother Nature. Paired with eye-popping design and unforgettable photographs, this book blows the record-book competition away and takes first place as the zaniest, most eye-catching, unbelievable, and best of the best record books you can find!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781426330216
Publisher: National Geographic
Publication date: 06/26/2018
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 231,139
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

MICHELLE HARRIS is an editor, researcher, and writer with 20 years of publishing experience. Harris has covered a wide range of topics, from science and the natural world to politics and current events. She has written several books for National Geographic Kids, including Weird But True and 5,000 Awesome Facts [About Everything!]. JULIE BEER has been a writer, editor, and researcher in publishing and radio for more than 20 years. She is a seasoned National Geographic Kids book contributor with a Weird But True specialty.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Chapter 1 Biggest 8

The Tallest Thing on Earth 10

Bigger Than Big 12

More Enormous, Massive, and Gargantuan 14

Case Study: Race to the Top 16

Spotlight: Colossal Coasters 18

Epic Records: Out-of-This-World Moons 20

Creature Feature: Polar Bears 22

Smackdown Central: Battle of the Biggest 24

By the Numbers: Great Barrier Reef 26

Blast From the Past: A Mega Shark With a Monstrous Bite 28

Nature's Biggest at a Glance 30

In Our World: World's Biggest (Radio) Telescope 32

Fun and Games: Here's the Big Finish 34

Chapter 2 Smallest 36

The Smallest Primate in the World 38

Small Wonders 40

More Things Micro and Mini 42

Case Study: Tiny Houses Are Enormously popular 44

Spatlight: Small, Sparkly, and Expensive! 46

Epic Records: Petite Parks 48

Creature Feature: Fennec Foxes 50

Smackdown Central: Mini Is Mighty 52

By the Numbers: Is There a Book Calling Your Name? 54

Blast From the Past: No Horsing Around 56

Bitty Birds at a Glance 58

In Our World: World's Smallest (Production) Car 60

Fun and Games: Ready for a Mini Matchup? 62

Chapter 3 Fastest 64

The Fastest Person on the planet 66

Speed With No Limits 68

Up, Down, Round, and Round 70

Case Study: Measuring the Speed of Light 72

Spatlight: Fast Food 74

Epic Records: Full Steam Ahead 76

Creature Feature: Dragonflies 78

Smackdown Central: Speed Demon Scuffle 80

By the Numbers: Circling the Indy 500 82

Blast From the Past: "Fast" was Slow in the Old Days 84

Fast at a Glance 86

In Our World: Rapid Regrowth 88

Fun and Games: Myth-Busting! 90

Chapter 4 Weirdest 92

The Deepest Weirdness on Earth 94

Zany Nature 96

People-Powered Peculiarities 98

Case Study: Spherical Spectacles 100

Spotlight: Ancient Oddities 102

Epic Travel Destinations: Vacation Voyages 104

Creature Feature: Chameleons 106

Smackdown Central: What's Weirder? 108

By the Numbers: The Human Body 110

Blast From the Past: Far-Out Technology From Way Back When 112

Weird at a Glance 114

In Our World: Totally Weird Science 116

Fun and Games: What Weird Destination Is Right for You? 118

Chapter 5 Deadliest 120

The Greatest Danger Underfoot 122

Dangerous Jobs 124

The Planet's Deadliest Places 126

Case Study: Tiny Terror 128

Spotlight: Perilous Plants 130

Epic Records: Record-Breaking Catastrophes 132

Creature Feature: Saltwater Crocodiles 134

Smackdown Central: Deadly Matchup 136

By the Numbers: Epic Extinctions 138

Blast From the Past: Deadly No More 140

Deadly at a Glance 142

In Our World: Marie Curie 144

Fun and Games: Identify the Lie 146

Chapter 6 Coolest 148

The Most Awesome Adaptation in the World 150

Naturally Phenomenal 152

Cool Around the World 154

Case Study: The World's Coolest Light Shows 156

Spotlight; The Cold Standard 158

Epic Records: Great Stalacpipe Organ 160

Creature Feature; Pink Fairy Armadillos 162

Smackdown Central: Cool vs. Cooler 164

By the Numbers: Record-Breaking Sweets 166

Blast From the Past: Supremely Cool Genius 168

Cool at a Glance 170

In Our World: Cool and Connected 172

Fun and Games; Cool Close-Ups 174

Chapter 7 Most Extreme 176

The Most Extreme Cave on Earth 178

Extreme Agility 180

Extreme Views 182

Case Study: Death Valley 184

Spotlight: Extremophiles 186

Epic Records; Extreme Survival 188

Creature Feature: Sociable Weaves 190

Smackdown Central: Ultimate Face-Off 192

By the Numbers: Going to Extremes in the Deep Blue Sea 194

Blast From the Past: Ernest Shackleton 196

Extreme at a Glance 198

In Our World: Turning Up the Heat in the Name of Science 200

Fun and Games: Extremely Easy Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream 202

Index 204

Illustrations Credits 206

Acknowledgments & Credits 208

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