Nanostructures for Novel Therapy: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

Nanostructures for Novel Therapy: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

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Nanostructures for Novel Therapy: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications focuses on the fabrication and characterization of therapeutic nanostructures, in particular, synthesis, design, and in vitro and in vivo therapeutic evaluation. The chapters provide a cogent overview of recent therapeutic applications of nanostructured materials that includes applications of nanostructured materials for wound healing in plastic surgery and stem cell therapy.

The book explores the promise for more effective therapy through the use of nanostructured materials, while also assessing the challenges their use might pose from both an economic and medicinal point of view. This innovative look at how nanostructured materials are used in therapeutics will be of great benefit to researchers, providing a greater understanding of the different ways nanomaterials could improve medical treatment, along with a discussion of the obstacles that need to be overcome in order to guarantee widespread availability.

  • Outlines how the characteristics of nanostructures made from different materials gives particular properties that can be successfully used in therapeutics
  • Compares the properties of different nanostructures, allowing medicinal chemists and engineers to select which are most appropriate for their needs
  • Highlights new uses of nanostructures within the therapeutic field, enabling the discovery of new, more effective drugs

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ISBN-13: 9780323461481
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 02/25/2017
Series: Nanostructures in Therapeutic Medicine
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 906
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About the Author

Denisa Ficai is Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Sciences at the University Politehnica, Bucharest. Her research interests are currently focused on nanomaterials (especially ferrites, oxides, phosphates) and composite materials (especially hybrid composite materials comprising 0D, 1D and 2D reinforcing agents) most of these materials being designed for medical and health industrial applications. She has published over 50 papers in international scientific journals that have been cited more than 200 times. She has presented at more than 40 conferences and holds 6 patents. She is a co-author of three books on chemistry and also authored four book chapters.
Dr. Grumezescu is Assistant Professor at the Department of Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials, in the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, with a second affiliation to the Faculty of Medical Engineering, at the Politehnica University of Bucharest in Romania. He is an experienced and oft-published researcher and editor in the field of nano and biomaterials, and he is the Editor-in-Chief of three journals: Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, Letters and Applied NanoBioScience, and Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Bulletin. He also serves as editor or guest editor for several notable journals. Dr. Grumezescu has published 150 peer-reviewed papers, 20 book chapters, 6 co-authored books and 11 edited books.

Table of Contents

1. Novel Approaches for Preparation of Nanoparticles Benjaram M. Reddy 2. Preparations and Applications of ‘Smart Drugs’ as Nanoscale Therapeutic Agents Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu 3. Functionalization of nanoparticles in specific targeting and mechanism release Giulio Ghersi 4. Characterization of Natural/Synthesized, Micro and Nanostructured Materials for Biomedical Applications Hiromichi Takebe 5. Multifunctional Nanostructured biopolymeric materials for therapeutic applications Ilaria Armentano 6. Polymeric Pharmaceutical Nanoparticles Developed by Electrospray Jalal Barzin 7. Nano-formulation and administration of PUFA-rich systems for applications in modern health-care Pubali Dhar 8. Electrospinning and surface modification methods for functionalized cell scaffolds Atsushi Hotta 9. Short peptide self-assembled nanostructures for therapeutics innovative delivery Silvia Marchesan 10. Peptoids: Tomorrow’s Therapeutics Gaurav Verma 11. Electrospinning of collagen nano fiber scaffolds for tissue repair and regeneration Murthy Chavali 12. Nanostructured therapeutic systems with bioadhesive and thermoresponsive properties Marcos Luciano Bruschi 13. Design considerations in the development of wound healing bionanomaterials Parvez Alam 14. Role of Nanostructure Molecules in Enhancing the Bioavailability of Oral Drugs Mohammad Ahmed Azmi Sr. 15. Improvement Steps of Plastic Surgery To Tissue Engineering By Nanotechnology ANI CINPOLAT 16. Dendrimers and dendronized materials as nanocarriers Miriam Strumia 17. Gold nanostructures: preparation, properties, application in biophotonics and SERS Petar A. Atanasov 18. Preparation of Quantum dots for Biomedical applications Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu 19. Synthetic Gene Carriers Nily Dan 20. Using Microsensors to Promote Development of Innovative Therapeutic Nanostructures Corinne Dejous 21. The effect of nanostructured surfaces on stem cell fate Edda Tobiasch 22. Applications of Aptamers for diagnosis and therapy of different diseases Saeed Olyaee 24. Novel carriers and approaches: Insight for Psoriasis management Suresh P. Vyas 25. The use of Nanostructures based on noble metals in Nanobiomedicine Jalpa Soni 26. Novel Nanostructures to deliver small interfering RNA Virginie Escriou 27. siRNA-basednucleoceuticals for tissue regeneration Fatemeh Atyabi 28. Bone tissue regenerative medicine via bio-active nano-materials Paula Veronica Messina 29. Toxicity of nanostructures: a general approach Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu 30. Formulation development and toxicity of lipid nanoparticles: does excipient play important role? Ranjita Shegokar

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