Mystery School: The case of a missing world

Mystery School: The case of a missing world

by Sean O


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Life may be a school of mysteries to many of us, or a series of puzzles, from which we learn, or do not, at our own choosing. The problem is we don't see that many answers to life's meanings are lying all round us in everyday circumstances.
For the intrepid learner in us all, this book is a selection of pruse and poetry,personal observations from SeanO's heart. Everywhere around us lie the scattered seeds and shoots of the great mysterium we call Life. In the most ordinary events, in common objects and throw-away objects d'art, at momentous and trivial moments too, all the secret codas await decoding.
Once we get past the surfaces of things- our enlightenment begins. The good and bad, the great and ugly each reveal how societies work from day to day, as does nature from moment to moment. Once we look past the lenses each of us is conditioned to wear, our sense of purpose and meaning rejuvinates. If life is a school then let the learning begin; with baby steps if necessary, before we try to run.

Mystery School is the second book in a series concerned with hidden forces amid ordinary experiences. The three sections are intended to focus on the same kinds of mystery hidden in different everyday experiences, written in different fonts- aka instruments- in forms of prose/poetry. The voices are different yet the same personalities are revealed behind each opening window and door.
The three fonts connect to either Asian Ha'iku or European free verse,American slang and universal cultural memetics/ genetics. SeanO is attempting to comment on our disappearing flora and fauna, while living in the urban recession of the past decade. He feels that the loss of our environmental integrity in the 21st century, is a sure path to industrialisation of what cannot be risked; our free spirits and immaterial souls.

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ISBN-13: 9781496975638
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/29/2014
Pages: 170
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