My Struggle

My Struggle

by David Hult

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I believe our government does not work. I also think the president can change this with an executive order to hold a special election that is outlined in the attached. Only a third, or less, of the population votes. State governments are engaged in voter suppression and gerrymandering. Our Congress has an approval rating of 15 percent or less. We cannot even hope for a balance in the budget and start paying down the debt with our current Congress. Our elections are a pro forma meaningless affair. After the elections, the political bribes (campaign contributions that are legal bribery) from the rich and business control are Congress.

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ISBN-13: 9781514438114
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 01/15/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 48
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About the Author

By way of introduction, my name is David Hult. I am seventy-eight years old, married fifty-four years in March 2016, two sons and two grandchildren. I am a graduate of electrical engineering from Marquette University. I retired from Emerson Electric after thirty-five years of service. I am a veteran and a patriot. During my thirty-five years of service, I received thirty-four patents, all work related. Around 1980–81, my boss and I, a middle manager, went out and bought personal computers and brought them back to work. We shamed our Emerson division into buying computers for everyone. The company could watch our every keystroke, and if you watched porn, you will get fired. But if you bought and sold stock, even the big boys would come by and chat with you about stocks. But stay on the subject or else you became that stuff on the bottom of your shoes. I retired January 1, 2002. At that time, I had a stock portfolio of $1.1 million. In retirement, I managed to triple it and at the same time removing 3 percnt each year to supplement my meager retirement. I graduated from Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin, in June 1956. It’s been four years in the air force and left with the honorable discharge. The last year of service, while stationed in Madison, Wisconsin, I met my wife; she was seventeen and still in high school. I spent two years at the Racine extension of the University of Wisconsin and dated my wife for those two years and then married her. For the next seven years, I worked full-time, and for the first two years, I worked twenty-four hours on the weekend as a night watchman. During those two years, I never slept on Friday night. After two years, I was recognized as a veteran by the government, and as such, the government paid for tuition and books. The company I was working for also paid for my tuition and books. Marquette is an expensive University, such that my newfound wealth enabled me to quit my part-time job and still have more money. I am especially grateful to Allie and Carter, my two grandchildren, who tutored me on grammar. When I left high school, I could not write a coherent sentence. Writing is a second language for me.

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