My One and Only

My One and Only

by Kristan Higgins


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From the hilarious and heartwarming New York Times bestselling author of If You Only Knew, On Second Thought and Now That You Mention It, a story about that moment when you realize you actually don’t have life and love all figured out…

Divorce attorney Harper James can’t catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-husband, Nick, at her sister’s destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she’s being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her new fiancé back at home is not likely to be sympathetic.

Harper can’t help that Nick has come blazing back into her life in all of his frustratingly appealing, gorgeous architect glory. But in Nick’s eyes, Harper’s always been the one. If only they can get it right this time, forever might be waiting—just around the bend.

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ISBN-13: 9781335091383
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 01/15/2019
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 85,166
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Kristan Higgins is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA TODAY bestselling author whose books have been translated into more than twenty languages. She has received dozens of awards and accolades, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, The New York Journal of Books and Kirkus.

Kristan lives in Connecticut with her heroic firefighter husband, two atypically affectionate children, a neurotic rescue mutt and an occasionally friendly cat.

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"Stop smiling. Every time you smile, an angel dies."

"Wow," I answered. "That's a good one."

The man with the negative attitude sat at the bar, looking as if he was living a bad country-and-western song—no woman, broken truck, dead dog. Poor slob. "Listen," I said. "I know it's sad, but sometimes, divorce is just the euthanization of a dying relationship." I patted his shoulder, then adjusted his white collar, which was just a bit off center. "Sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our heads already know."

The priest sighed. "Listen to her with that ridiculous line," he said to Mick, the bartender.

"It's not ridiculous! It's great advice."

"You're evil."

"Oh, my," I said. "You're taking it harder than I thought."

"It's true. After all my hard work, you swoop in and ruin everything."

"Father Bruce!" I said, feigning hurt. "There was no swooping! How cutting!"

The good father and I were at Offshore Ale, Martha's Vineyard's finest bar, a dark and charming little place in Oak Bluffs and a favorite place for locals and tourists alike. Father Bruce, my longtime friend and the immensely popular pastor of the island's Catholic church, could often be found here.

"Now come on, Father," I continued, sliding onto a stool next to him and tugging my skirt so as not to flash him. "You and I are actually a lot alike." He responded with a groan, which I ignored. "We shepherd people through life's hard times, guiding them through an emotional minefield, the voice of reason when reason is lost."

"Sad thing is, she believes it, Mick." I rolled my eyes. "Stop being a sore loser and buy me a drink."

"Marriage ain't what it used to be," the priest grumbled. "Mick, a bourbon for the shark here."

"Actually, just a Pellegrino, Mick. And Father, I'm going to strike that last moniker from the record." I smiled generously. Of course I was a shark. All the best divorce attorneys were.

"I take it you lost again, Father?" Mick said, adding a slice of lemon to my sparkling water.

"Let's not discuss it, Mick. She's gloating as it is."

"I'm certainly not gloating," I objected, reaching over to move another patron's beer, which was in danger of being knocked into Father B.'s lap. "I have nothing against marriage, as you will soon see. But in the case of Starling v. Starling, these two were doomed from the day he got on bended knee. As is one in three couples."

Father Bruce closed his eyes.

Though on opposite sides of the divorce issue, Father B. and I were old pals. But today, Joe Starling, a lifelong parishioner in Father Bruce's parish, had come into my office and asked me to begin divorce proceedings. There'd actually been a race to my door, and Joe won. He was…let's see…the ninth parishioner in the past two years to do so, despite Father B.'s best efforts at weaving together the fraying bonds of matrimony.

"Maybe they'll have a change of heart," Father Bruce suggested. He looked so hopeful that I didn't remind him of one hard fact: not one of my clients had ever backed out of proceedings.

"So how's everything else, Father?" I asked. "Heard you gave a killer sermon last weekend. And I saw you power walking the other day. Your new heart valve must be working great."

"Seems to be, Harper, seems to be." He smiled—he was a priest, after all, and had to forgive me. "Did you perform your random act of kindness today?"

I grimaced. "No. It was a senseless act of beauty." Father Bruce, viewing my soul as a personal campaign, had challenged me to, in his words, "offset the evil of your profession" by doing at least one random act of kindness each day. "Yes, yes," I admitted. "I let a family of six go in front of me at the cafe. Their baby was crying. Does that pass?

"It does," said the priest. "By the way, you look nice today. A date with young Dennis?"

I glanced around. "More than a date, Father." Wincing as John Caruso accidentally-on-purpose bumped into my back, I pretended not to hear his muttered epithet. One grew used to such slurs when one was as successful as I was. (Mrs. Caruso got the condo in the Back Bay and the house out here, not to mention a very generous monthly alimony payment.) "Today's the day. I plan to present the facts, make a convincing case and wait for the verdict, which I completely expect to be in my favor."

Father Bruce raised a bushy white eyebrow. "How romantic."

"I think my view on romance is well documented, Father B."

"One would almost pity young Dennis."

"One would, except the boy has it made, and you know it."

"Do I?"

"Please." I clinked my glass against Father Bruce's and took a drink. "To marriage. And speak of the devil, here he is now, all of four minutes early. Will wonders never cease."

My boyfriend of the past two and a half years, Dennis Patrick Costello, was…well. Picture every fantasy you've ever had about a hot firefighter. Uh-huh. That's right. Eye candy didn't even begin to cover it. Thick black hair, blue eyes, the ruddy cheeks of the Irish. Six-two. Shoulders that could carry a family of four. The only fly in the ointment was a rattail…a long, anemic braid to which Dennis was senselessly attached and which I tried very hard to ignore. Be that as it may, his physical beauty and constant affability always gave me a little thrill of pride. There wasn't a person on the island who didn't like Dennis, and there wasn't woman who didn't break off midsentence when he smiled. And he was mine.

Den was with Chuck, his platoon mate on the Martha's Vineyard Fire Department, who gave me a sour look as he headed to the far end of the bar. Chuck had cheated on Constance, his very nice wife. Not just once, either. Nope, he'd pulled a Tiger Woods, eventually admitting to four affairs in six years of marriage. As a result, Chuck now rented a single room in a crooked, 600-square-foot "cottage" out on Chappaquiddick and had to take the ferry to work every day. Such are the wages of sin.

"Hi, Chuck! How are you?" I asked. Chuck ignored me, as was his custom. No matter. I turned to Dennis. "Hey, hon! Look at you, four minutes early."

Dennis bent down and kissed my cheek. "Hey there, gorgeous," Dennis said. "Hi, Father B."

"Dennis. Good luck, son. I'll offer up a Hail Mary."

"Thanks, Padre." Apparently not curious as to why a priest would be praying for him, Dennis smiled at me. "I'm starving. You hungry?"

"You bet. See you around, Father Bruce," I said, sliding off the bar stool. Dennis gave me a smoky once-over—that was, after all, the point of my dress and painfully high heels, which bordered on slutty. I wanted Dennis's full attention, and, as he was male, showing a little breast wasn't going to hurt my case.

Tonight, I was popping the question. Two and a half years with Dennis had shown me that he was very solid husband material. Good heart, steady work, decent guy, close family ties, quite attractive. It was now or never. at almost thirty-four, I wasn't going to hang around and be someone's girlfriend forever. I was a person who made lists and took action, and Dennis, bless his heart, needed direction.

First element of the plan.. feed Dennis, who needed to eat more often than an infant. A couple of beers wouldn't hurt, either, because Dennis, though he seemed quite happy with our relationship, hadn't yet brought up the subject of marriage on his own. A little mellowing wouldn't hurt.

And so, half an hour later, a pint of Offshore Nutbrown Ale already in him and a massive blue-cheese-and-bacon hamburger in front of him, Dennis was telling me about an accident call. "So I'm trying to get the car door off, right, and all of a sudden, the thing comes flying off, hits Chuck right in the nuts, and he's like, 'Costello, you asswipe!' and we all just lose it. And the thing is, the old lady's still in the car. Oh, man, it was priceless."

I smiled patiently. Firehouse humor—for lack of a better word—was crude at best. Nevertheless, I chuckled and murmured, "Poor thing," meaning, of course, the old woman stuck in the car while the brawny men of the MVFD clutched themselves and made testicle jokes. For Chuck, I felt only that justice had been served. "Was the driver badly hurt?"

"Nah. Not a scratch on her. We wouldn't have laughed if she was decapitated or something." He grinned cheekily, and I smiled back.

"Glad to hear it. So listen, Den. We need to talk."

At the dreaded words, Dennis's smile dropped. Blinking rapidly, as if I was about to punch him in the face, he groped for his half-pound, overladen burger as if for protection—defensive body language, something I often saw in the spouses of my clients. Best to move in for the kill. I folded my hands neatly in front of me, tilted my head and smiled.

"Dennis, I think it's time for us to take things to the next level, you know? We've been together awhile, we have a very solid relationship, I'll be thirty-four in a few weeks, next year is advanced maternal age, medically speaking, so let's get married."

Dennis jerked back in alarm. Drat. I hadn't sounded terribly romantic, had I? Maybe I should've gone for a more sentimental note, rather than a recitation of the facts. This is what I got for practicing in front of a dog, rather than a human. Then again, there was nothing wrong with being straightforward.closing arguments, if you will.

My boyfriend answered by shoving a good quarter of the giant sandwich into his mouth. "Mmm-hrmph," he said, pointing to his bulging cheeks.

Well, resistance was expected, of course. Dennis was a guy, and most guys, with only a few notable exceptions, didn't pop the question without a nudge. And I had been nudging…I'd admired an engagement ring of one of Dennis's cousins three months ago, commented on Dennis's love of children, telling him he'd be a good dad, mentioned my own desire to procreate.but so far, nada. I assumed Dennis needed something a little more, er, blatant. A kick, for example. Didn't most men need a good swift kick?

"Now don't panic, hon," I said as he chewed desperately.

"We get along great. We spend most nights together, we've been together for more than two years, you're thirty now, you know you want kids…It's time. Don't you think so? I know I do." I smiled to show him we were both on the same team.

Dennis swallowed, his chiseled, gorgeous face now pale. "Uh, listen, dude," he began. I grimaced—dude? Really? He noticed. "Sorry, dude," he said. "I mean, Harper. Sorry." Dennis closed his mouth, opened it, hesitated, then took another massive bite of burger.

Fine. I would speak. It was better that way. "Let me go on, okay, Den? Then you can say something. If you still want to." I smiled and maintained eye contact, which was a little hard, given that Dennis's eyes were darting frantically. Also, the Red Sox game was on, which didn't help, as Dennis was a rabid fan. "Den, as you know, I spend my entire day dealing with crappy relationships. I see the mistakes people make, and I know what to avoid. We don't have a crappy relationship. Our relationship is great. It really is. And we can't be in limbo forever. You're at my place most nights anyway—"

"Your bed is wicked comfortable," he said sincerely, stuffing some fries into his mouth. He offered a few to me, but I shook my head, my own salad more of a prop tonight.

"No thanks. Back to the subject…" I leaned forward a little more, giving Dennis a better glimpse of my cleavage. His eyes dropped the way Pavlov's dog drooled, and I smiled. "Our sex life is certainly good," I continued, reminding him of our finer moments. A woman at the next table, who was trying to convince her toddler to eat a fried clam, gave me a sharp look. Tourists. "We obviously find each other attractive, don't we?"

"Most def." He gave me the wide, even smile that rendered so many women speechless. Perfect. He was now thinking with the little head, which would help my case.

"Exactly, hon. And I make a great living, you have. well, a solid salary. We'll have a very comfortable lifestyle, we'll make beautiful babies, et cetera. Let's make it permanent, shall we?" I reached down for my bag and withdrew the black velvet box. "I even picked out the ring, so we know I love it."

At the sight of the two-carat rock, Dennis flinched.

I closed my eyes briefly. "I paid for it, too, so don't worry. See? This isn't so hard after all, is it?" I gave him my firm court smile, the one that said, Your Honor, please. Can we stop screwing around and get this done?

Father Bruce and Bob Wickham, head of the church council, made their way over to the table next to our booth. The priest shot me a knowing look, which I ignored.

At that moment, Jodi Pickering, Dennis's high school girlfriend and a waitress here, shoved the prow of her bosom into Den's jaw. "Are you all set here, Denny?" she asked, ignoring me and giving my soon-to-be fiance a docile, cowlike gaze.

"Hey, Jodi, what's up?" Dennis said, grinning past her 36-Ds to her face. "How's the little guy?"

"Oh, he's great, Denny. It was so nice that you stopped by the game the other night. He just loves you! And you know, without a father in the picture, I think T.J. really needs—"

"Okay, we get it, Jodi-with-an-i," I said, smiling pleasantly up at her. "You have an adorable son and are still quite available. Dennis, however, is with me. If you would just take your boobs out of my boyfriend's face, I would deeply appreciate it."

She narrowed her eyes at me and sashayed away. Dennis watched her departure as one would watch the lifeboats paddling away from the Titanic. Then he swallowed and looked at me. "Listen, Harp," he began. "You're…you know…great and all, but, uh…well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? I mean, why change a good thing? Can't we just keep hanging out together?"

Again, totally expected. I straightened up and tilted my head a few degrees. "Dennis," I said firmly, well aware that this kind of circular conversation could go on forever. "This isn't high school. We're not kids. We've been together for the past two and a half years. I'm thirty-four next month. I don't want to hang out indefinitely. If we're not going to get married, we need to break up. So.shit or get off the pot, honey."

"That was beautiful," murmured Father Bruce as he opened a menu.

I favored him with a withering glance, then turned back to Firefighter Costello. "Dennis? Let's do this."

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My One and Only 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 706 reviews.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. Even when I wanted to put duct tape over Harper's mouth ("Stop talking! Stop talking right now!"), I loved her as a character. Even when I wanted to smack Nick upside the head and say, "Hello? Take some responsibility here, Bozo!" I loved him. Kristan writes characters that are so real they practically jump off the pages at you, and I just don't know how she does it book after book. She is a master at putting them in situations that are so cringeworthy that you just know that if they happened to you (and somehow, you could totally see them happening to you, no matter how ludicrous they seem) you'd want to die right then and there, but somehow, they survive. Just when all hope is lost, she has a character quote Yoda, (the classic "Do or do not. There is no try." Of course.) and somehow we all make it through. If you've never read a Kristan Higgins before, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Any one. Really, you'll be glad you did. (And for the record, I absolutely did not go on the Barnes and Noble website every day for three weeks clicking the "Tell the publisher you want this book in ebook format" button until it showed up as a Nookbook. Nope, that definitely wasn't me. Even if it had been, I never clicked it more than once a day. That would be wrong.)
readingdiva11 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!! Kristan Higgins just gets better and better. I have read all her books but I think this one is my favorite!! great story, great romance and a hint of comedy too!!I downloaded this to my Nook the first day it was available and I read it in 2 days. Could not put it down. Enjoy!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read all of Kritan Higgins books and this is her best yet. Love the characters and back story. Very sweet and real love story.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Martha's Vineyard Divorce attorney Harper James is mortified with the news that her stepsister Wills is marrying Christopher Lowery her former brother-n-law in Glacier Park, Montana. She and Chris' brother Nick married very young, but their marriage failed though the desire remained stratospheric as both realize when they meet in Big Sky Country. Following the wedding of Wills and Chris, to their mutual chagrin Harper and Nick travel cross country together due to a mix up. On their trek, she begins to relook why their marriage failed and why she still loves him in spite of having Dennis the firefighter as her boyfriend for more than a couple of years; mostly her introspection focuses on abandonment. This is an amusing lighthearted at times frantic second chance at love romance as Harper and Nick flirt, fuss, and fight while causing havoc across the country. The story line never turns serious as Kristin Higgins provides a wonderful jocular road trip starring a delightful divorce lawyer with a real experience on her résumé and a hunk of an architect who is her one and only, but is that enough. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! Great weekend read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked most of her books, this one was just okay. The main character was annoying.
Eilishagra More than 1 year ago
One reviewer noted that she wanted to tell the main character, Harper, to just shut up at one point. The reviewer didn't get it, or Harper at all. I don't understand how when her character was so richly drawn, with such detail and love that I wanted to hug her. I was completely fascinated with Harper's complexity. Harper's love interest, Nick, is intense, lovely, irritating, sweet and just such a guy. You'll want these two to get together so much it aches. Kristan Higgins has written what I consider to be one of the finest novels of this type I've ever read, and I read voraciously. Her characters are deeply real, their journey is hilarious and sad and poignant - all the best things a book can be. As I read My One and Only I was struck by the depth of these two characters, illustrated by their growing up wounded in a modern family situation with experiences that so impacted their adult relationships. Best of all, they overcome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read a lot of books by Kristan Higgins and I always love the story lines and find myself laughing out loud at the characters. I bought this book within a week of its release and was excited to read it, but I was pretty disappointed. I did not like neither Nick nor harper's characters too much. All in all I would say that I would have preferred to check the book out from a library rather than purchasing it. I don't see myself reading it again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Kristan Higgins books. This one, I feel, is her best yet!! You will laugh and maybe even cry a little, but it's all good. Definitely worth the read. Be prepared to not be able to put it down.
TiphanieThomas on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I loved that Kristan made the characters real, as well as the secondary ones. Harper and Nick were awesomely well rounded, but for me, I wanted more romance and found myself losing interest at some points. The lovemaking was very sweet and tame, and I felt like it could have been more of a connection there. I wanted them to get together, but the ending felt a little over the top to me.However, Kristan does a great job in making the reader think about their own relationship and issues involving marriage, so that's a super plus all around.
dk_phoenix on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Predictable, ridiculous & over-the-top plot, at times cliche... and yet... I still loved it. Higgins tends to write quirky, cheeky heroines, slightly arrogant heroes, adorable pets/animals, and make them all come together in a way that keeps me engaged and reading right to the very end. While this wasn't my favorite of her novels, and some of the twists I could see coming a mile away, the humor and character development kept my interest throughout. I also appreciate Higgins' "fade-to-black" style of lighthearted romance... call me old-fashioned, but I think that makes her books just that much more enjoyable.
rdh123 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
enjoyed from start to finish.
beckymmoe on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Oh. My. Gosh. Kristan has done it again! Two books in a row that not only had me laughing out loud, they made me cry--twice! And use excessive exclamation points in the review, when everyone knows I am a fan of using them very sparingly! Sprinkling them lightly, as it were! Ahem--sorry about that, I've gotten control of myself now. Really.Well, I tried to pretend that I could accomplish other things between when I started and when I finished this book, but except for the things that absolutely HAD to get done, I obviously didn't. Now I'm stuck reading other stuff until Kristan writes something else, but hey, I've got a pretty lengthy "to read" list and it's not those author's faults that they're not Kristan Higgins, right? I absolutely loved this book. Even when I wanted to put duct tape over Harper's mouth ("Stop talking! Stop talking right now!"), I loved her as a character. Even when I wanted to smack Nick upside the head and say, "Hello? Take some responsibility here, Bozo!" I loved him. Kristan writes characters that are so real they practically jump off the pages at you, and I just don't know how she does it book after book. She is a master at putting them in situations that are so cringeworthy that you just know that if they happened to you (and somehow, you could totally see them happening to you, no matter how ludicrous they seem) you'd want to die right then and there, but somehow, they survive. Just when all hope is lost, she has a character quote Yoda, (the classic "Do or do not. There is no try." Of course.) and somehow we all make it through. If you've never read a Kristan Higgins before, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Any one. Or better yet, all of them. Really, you'll be glad you did.
booklover1972 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Meet Harper, a very successful divorce attorney working and living quietly in the small community of Martha¿s Vineyard (at least with the members of the community who haven¿t faced her in court). Harper is not someone you would characterize as optimistic, or romantic. But she has a plan¿or maybe schedule is a better word. She and her hot (but dumb) fireman boyfriend have been dating for the required time period, so it is time to get married and have a family. Harper¿s plans are thrown completely off course beginning with her baby sister¿s announcement that she is getting married (for the 3rd time) and guess what? You know the groom¿.he is your ex-husbands brother. And the fun begins in earnest. OF COURSE Harper and Nick aren¿t over each other. They are thrown together on an impromptu road trip when all flights out of the small Montana airport close down after their sibling¿s wedding. As we travel towards the nearest functioning airport with the estranged couple, we travel back to the day they met see how their first love story together unfolds. If you have ever read Kristan Higgins you know she does awkward situations, wacky family, unique pets and poignant moments better than most. I loved the flashbacks to Harper and Nick¿s young married life and the slow revelations of where they went wrong. Especially as I watched them fall in love all over again. I think this is my favorite Higgins book to date, don¿t pass it up!
Donura1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
5 out of 5Kristin Higgins has a real winner with this new novel, My One and Only. I must say that the main character, Harper, could not have come from a more dysfunctional family. Yet she has a sense of humor that carries you throughout the book. I can't count the number of times that I just laughed out loud as she was able to lighten what could have been an otherwise pretty sad story about mother, daughter relationships and how they affect every aspect of one's future relationships with others. Harper's mother walks out of her life the day after her 13th birthday never to return. Her father walks in to their house a few weeks later with a new wife and little step sister and so the saga begins as these lives are intertwined for the next 20 years. It is a moving story of the impact that we humans all have on one another, whether intentional or not. Be glad for the humor as otherwise you might only cry throughout the whole book. When you first meet Harper she is a tough as nails divorce lawyer who seems to have her whole life very organized. However, the organization is really a way of compartmentalizing her life to not let in any more hurt. This story takes many twists and turns and leaving you guessing right up until the end. Ms. Higgins has given each character full dimension of personality so you truly feel a part of this extended family.This is my first read of Ms. Higgins work, but I will pick up her other titles as they come along. Enjoy the Read!
dhaupt on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Harper James just received some good (troubling) news, her sister Willa is getting married (again), not just that but she¿s marrying Harper¿s ex-husband Nick¿s brother. Nick the one man it¿s taken her years to get over (or not). There¿s only one thing to say to that, let the games begin.Ms. Higgins has put out some of the most memorable novels I¿ve ever read, but she¿s even outdone herself with this, it¿s the best romance I¿ve read in years, maybe ever. It¿s truly a romance for adults, with adult humor and maturity in the plot, narrative and characters. Her storyline is my all time favorite that of second chances, but it¿s the merry chase she sends us on that is the icing on the cake, let me tell you the ways. Her dialogue is sophisticated humor mixed in with barroom bawdiness, it will wow you with the full spectrum of emotions where one minute you¿ll bolt out a full belly laugh followed by wiping dry your eyes, sometimes from happiness and sometimes from sadness but always with that unique sense of reality that Ms. Higgins puts in her writing. Her characters deserve better descriptions than I could ever give and wait until you meet Coco, she¿s a star in her own solar system. Her hero Nick is my new crush as he will be yours too with his down home, boy next-door charm and his New York sophistication. Her heroine Harper defies all of your former favorite heroines, because, believe me the mold broke after her. To get to know her is to be hit over the head with a baseball bat with her quick wit, her sass and the ever-popular know-it-all attitude. The other characters are the most fitting for their roles that I have seen and you will get to be intimate with each and every one. The romance, ah the romance, it¿s poignant, it¿s funny, it¿s heartbreaking and it¿s exciting, and it¿s so obvious that these two are really deserving of that all elusive Happy Ever After, the question is can they get it and more importantly can they keep it. The love scenes and there are some are muted in their descriptiveness but not in their intensity or their sensuality and you¿ll appreciate the mature way she handles them.So be prepared to be awed, to be stunned, to be delighted and to read the best romance of the year, maybe the decade, oh heck the millennia. I only found one thing disappointing in this novel, that it ended.Ms. Higgins thank you for the most enjoyable read I¿ve experienced for a long time.
Cats57 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My One and Only by Kristan HigginsKristan Higgins latest release, "My One and Only" is another winner in her long line of her contemporary romance books.This book stars divorce attorney Harper James, her long-time ex husband Nick Lowery (they have been divorced now for twelve years) and assorted other wonderful secondary and tertiary characters who serve to make this a delightfully enjoyable and immensely satisfying read.When Harper learns that her younger stepsister will be re-marrying for the third time, she has many qualms. In addition, when Harper learns that Willa, her stepsister, will be marrying the half-brother of her ex-husband Nick, well let's just say it wasn't pretty! Harper has a bit of a jaundiced view on marriage and the whole happily ever after fairy tale. And rightfully so. While it may take us a while to learn the exact way her marriage to Nick disintegrated, we know from the outset it was a marriage that was most likely doomed; one might even say that the divorce was a self-fulfilling prophecy.Now Nick and Harper are sharing a ride from Willa and Christopher¿s wedding in Montana to the airport in Bismarck, N Dak,, and while the sexual sparks may be flying, questions about the past haunt them. The problem is, is that Harper and Nick still love each other; but if they can't find a way on this trip to iron out the past, will they have a future together?While it could be said that Harper might be a tad over-sensitive with the way she looks and her gruff and pragmatic outlook on life might be a bit grating to the reader at times, it will be explained in the last 1/4 of the book, just why she is the way she is. Very strong and very likeable and sympathetic character¿s that do a wonderful job of driving this story and an excellent eye for detail, makes this book a pleasure to read. Even when Harper is at her shrewish best, you know in your heart that this isn't truly her and the best of Harper will eventually come to fruition. Nick, though he indeed has his own faults, shines as a Knight in Shining Armor and is a swoon worthy, strong yet romantic male lead.The secondary stories have their own very satisfying, if somewhat brief endings.If I have any complaints at all, it would be the way Ms Higgins uses certain words in place of certain swear words. While I find this to be comic at first, it becomes somewhat annoying after a while.
Jaitai16 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It's simple. I LOVED this book. I loved Harper's personailty and her realistic views on love and divorce. She is unlike so many of the other heroines in Ms. Higgins books. She's not love crazy. I found that refreshing. I loved the change in her and Nick and the secondat characters. I found the book laugh out loud funny and the last chapter had me biting my fingernails. Pick up this book.
CSMcMahon on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Harper is in her 30s with a successful career as a divorce attorney on Martha¿s Vineyard and a (hot) firefighter boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. She¿s wants to settle down and have kids and decides now is the time. So she proposes to her boyfriend who isn¿t exactly jumping for joy at the idea. Complicating matters she finds out (in the middle of her proposal) that her younger, irresponsible sister is engaged to a man she¿s know for only a short period of time. They are getting married in Montana in 2 weeks. And worse yet, the fiance, is Harper¿s ex-husband¿s brother. (AWKWARD.) Harper is less than thrilled and concerned about her sister. This is her 3rd wedding, they haven¿t know it each other for long and Harper has a pretty jaded view of marriage because of her career. But she loves her sister so off to Montana she goes.On the road to the lodge Harper meets Nick, her ex-husband. It¿s pretty clear from the beginning that they have some unfinished business. It¿s been 12 years since there divorce, but they still have feelings for each other. Nick is a successful architect. He¿s responsible and want¿s Harper to stop trying to break up the wedding. Harper reluctantly agrees and the wedding goes on.Then a problem with airline equipment forces Harper to take a road trip with Nick. The road trip offers them a second chance at the honeymoon trip there were never able to take. They just to experience small town America and Nick and Harper are there for each other when situations arise along the way. Will they be able to simply walk away at the end of the trip?There were things about this book that irked me. After a painful dinner the night she arrived in Montana, she calls her friend the priest to chat. They can¿t talk long because he has bingo that night. That¿s all fine. But the time difference would mean that they were playing bingo around midnight? There¿s a two hour difference between the time zones and this call was after dinner. So even if dinner was on the early end, that call was a bit late for the priest to be running out to bingo. Harper was also a little too much pro-divorce. I get that she was upset after her marriage broke up (and her parent¿s marriage) but not every marriage is doomed to fail. And if she was so against marriage, why on earth was she even thinking about marrying Dennis. Nick¿s reluctance to take enough of the blame of their failed marriage also annoyed me. But those things weren¿t enough to put the book down.This book is packed with the things fans of Higgins come to expect: a small town setting setting in New England, devotion to the Red Sox, a friendly priest, a loveable but quirky family and funny dialog. If you are a fan of Higgins this book will not disappoint.
ZosiaCanberra on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was such a fantastic book. I was extremely apprehensive about reading this one, as the last Kristan Higgins book I read, well, I hated it. So I came into this one expecting tolerable chick lit, and instead got one of the best books I¿ve read in a long time. There aren¿t many people who can create such incredibly three-dimensional characters, and every single person in this book ¿ down to the smallest of secondary characters ¿ seemed real. I meant just to try the first chapter and then get back to it closer to the release date. Instead I kept reading and didn¿t do a single other thing until it was finished. Harper is trying to mould her life into the one it¿s supposed to be: safe and secure, with an acceptable husband and a few kids. She doesn¿t want to care too much about anyone or anything. But then she gets the news her stepsister is marrying her ex-husband¿s brother, and that means seeing her ex again for the first time in a very long time. Of course things go wrong and they are thrown back together, but don¿t expect some contrived romantic comedy full of predictable situations. Beneath the outrageous characters and the humour is a very complicated story with an extremely realistic hero and heroine. I¿m not someone who cries. Ever. (Well, maybe once a year if it¿s a bad year!) But this book made me cry, more than once! People are always saying that there¿s nothing new in fiction, and you have to take things that have already been done and make them interesting. That¿s pretty much true, and on the surface you¿d think My One and Only is just one cliché after another. But Higgins¿ book doesn¿t work that way. Sure, there were some situations I¿d seen characters in before, but they never once did what I expected them to do. There were so many big, emotional moments for Harper: the way her marriage to Nick fell apart; her odd relationships with her mother and her stepmother; the way she struggles so much to act the way she¿s `supposed¿ to act. Though not the sole focus of the story (the book has elements of more genres than just romance in it), the connection between Harper and Nick was the highlight for me. Things went wrong and they made mistakes and they fought. Yet the night they met as young students, Nick approached Harper and told her he was going to marry her, and no matter how bad things got he never changed his mind about her. Nobody is perfect in this one, and nobody has some sudden revelation and becomes a different person. When Harper and Nick got back together and started making the same mistakes all over again it felt so much more believable than some weird transformations into the ultimate hero and heroine ¿ which is pretty much what I expected to get. What on the surface appears to be a fairly straightforward contemporary romance with a well-worn setup was anything but that. Harper comes across as a fairly aggressive and even irritating character at the beginning, but then as we learn more and more about her, the book became more than a little heartbreaking. This is one of those books I know I¿ll keep going back to. It was SO good.
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Reviewer: ValerieBlurb: Divorce attorney Harper James can't catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-hubby, Nick, at her sister's destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she's being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her almost-fiancé back at home is not likely to be sympathetic. Harper can't help that Nick has come blazing back into her life in all of his frustratingly appealing, gorgeous architect glory. But in Nick's eyes, Harper's always been the one. If they can only get it right this time, forever might be waiting -- just around the bend.Review: If you like contemporary romance, then run to your nearest store or hop on your ereader to buy this one! I¿d like to say it¿s my favorite by this author but there is no such thing ¿ every book she has written is a favorite because I can¿t pick just one! Her writing is everything you want in a story: the chemistry between the characters is electric, the support characters leave you wanting to know more of their story, the ups and downs in the characters¿ lives take you with them...just perfect!Sometimes, with authors I really, really enjoy, I try extra hard NOT to read any blurb, jacket flap, or review before I read their latest book. I totally want to be surprised by the story without knowing anything at all. Right from the beginning, in this story, you¿ll fall for Harper James. She¿s a divorce lawyer doling out advice left and right. Her own personal experience involving marriage is once, at twenty-one, and she was divorced six months later. When she hears that her stepsister is marrying her ex-husband¿s brother, after dating for a couple of weeks, she¿s stunned. Then, we find out her personal love life is that she¿s sort of involved with and sort of living with one hunky firefighter (the type from calendars) and she thinks it¿s high time SHE proposes to him. Yes, the story had begun and I was totally engrossed to the point I stayed up into the wee hours reading.Nick, THE ex-husband, has always loved Harper. He just doesn¿t understand how he did anything to hurt their short marriage. Right. After her sister¿s quickie wedding and stranded without a rental car, Harper takes a two day trip with Nick trying to get to an airport where she can fly back home to safety aka Mister Firefighter. As she travels, her beloved Coco is with her and helps her judge characters along the way. While they drive, Harper begins to explore why her adored mother left her and her father when she was thirteen, why her father¿s current marriage is falling apart, and why she¿s settling for a marriage of convenience. As she does, she and Nick will also be exploring what went wrong between two people so madly in love with each other all those years ago and what it takes to forgive past hurts, if that¿s even possible, with new hurts popping up daily between them. You¿ll laugh as she ducks the cans of Jhirmack her stepmother is always spraying, blush with embarrassment when the same stepmother asks HER for bedroom advice, and cry when she finds closure within herself regarding her own mother¿s desertion. Where does it all end? I¿m not telling! Enjoy!
missyreadsreviews on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I think it's starting to become clear that I have a soft spot for Contemporary Romance novels. Though the reviews for such books on here are usually Young Adult, I absolutely had to take the plunge to read this and review it. Kristan Higgins is an incredible writer and I have been a fan of her writing for a little while now. The way she writes makes it entirely too easy to get lost in her stories, making you not want to come out of the story world until you're completely done with the book.The first thing that pops out about this book is the fact that it's about second chances. We're dealing with an ex-wife and an ex-husband who, after marrying very early, separate and then find themselves in a situation where they not only have to deal with each other - but also their feelings for one another. I absolutely loved it. It's not often we read happily-ever-afters about those that didn't quite get it right the first time around.For me, this was most definitely a character-driven story. The characters kept me reading, anxiously wanting to know more and more. Although it seems that Harper is a bit... abrasive at the beginning, once you learn her story then she seems justified and completely in character. Nick isn't some knight in shining armor. He comes with his own issues. Yet, he admits right up that Harper was The One for him. He was never impatient with Harper, he's always there for her and it gave me a tooth ache just seeing how utterly sweet he was. Like all good characters, these two (and the others) don't go without their flaws... but it works for them and makes them each unique with their own voices, never once deviating from themselves.I can't say anything bad about this book. It has everything that you want in contemporary/chick lit novels without the headaches of bad characters or plots that go nowhere. The story is as equally amazing as the characters themselves and, after finishing, I couldn't help but to want to read more about all of these fascinating characters. This is one of my highly recommended contemp reads of 2011 so far.
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Nice and easy read. Time to relax while this book keeps you captivated.