My Life in a Salami Factory

My Life in a Salami Factory

by Richard Money, Bill Vincent

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My Life in a Salami Factory is a tale of his spiritual and physical journey and events that he encountered as a renegade priest with some viewpoints and observations of religion and history. Hopefully, the reader will gain some insight into the world of spirituality for the years to come and will be motivated to have a closer connection to God and not to religion as such. There are many questions asked but the answers are up to the reader. Richard Money doesn't expect My Life in a Salami Factory to be a record-breaking novel. In fact, the only reason it is being written is because so many people have told Richard over the years that he has a book in him. When is he going to get it out? Well, here it comes, for better or for worse. My Life in a Salami Factory is comprised of many incidents in his life that he believes may show not what he has done, but what he has become with the Grace of God. If you are looking for a religious experience, we don't think you will find it here, although you may. We are not making any promises.

My Life in a Salami Factory will stimulate the mind to see the real messages of Jesus. What makes this book unique is the comparison of salami to all the ingredients of life, and the events of a married priest after being married, and the training of priests of sixty years ago. If you are seeking the meaning of life and the working of the Holy Spirit this book with truly bring light into your life. All people seeking the Holy Spirit in their lives this is for you. Not only the religious but those on the fence, as it were who may doubt the workings of God in their lives. This book is to be a bridge between God and Man, and to see the manifestations of God in our lives. But whatever the case may be, we are all salamis and are still being cured. This is our life in THE SALAMI FACTORY."

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BN ID: 2940013712201
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Publication date: 01/03/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 180
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About the Author

In my background, the symbol for the Holy Spirit has been the dove. Several months ago I met with a close friend who is well versed in the Celtic traditions and he mentioned that the goose is the symbol for the Holy Spirit. He compared my journey in this life to the strength of the goose and leadership qualities of the geese as they fly through storms. This appealed to me and I felt that the cover of this book would be geese flying in a morning sunrise. This I felt, would be the symbol of a new dawn in which the Holy Spirit would be predominant since I believe that the Holy Spirit motivated the writing of this book. This seemed to be verified a few days ago when visiting my son in Liberty, MO.
I was having a rough night. Many things were going on in my head, none of which were major and yet they really were important to me. Would this book ever get published for one? Secondly, my work with Medicaid and Medicare seemed to be changing and how would we get by without my working?
Obviously, my trust issues with the Lord needed a boost. (I have to admit, this happens more frequently than I like.) I did not sleep much and as I got up slightly before dawn I decided to watch the sunrise. The dawning of a new day has always been my favorite time. The sky was beginning to lighten and it was filled with the dark clouds of the night. I knew that as the sun would rise those dark clouds would be rose red and the dawn would be a kaleidoscope of changing colors. As I sat there watching the beauty unfold the thought occurred to me that if I saw a flock of geese, this would certainly be the cover of the book. Sure enough, one or two geese did fly by but not enough to give me a feeling that this would be verification for the cover idea. Then it happened. As the rising sun began to color the formerly dark clouds with the rosy and gold colors, a flock of geese flew across the scene. WOW! What a beautiful sight! Then it really happened. Another huge flock followed. And then another, and another. Five huge flocks of geese flew across this beautiful sunrise! Then the Lord really spoke to me.
The book would be printed and it would be a success and there would be abundance in my life. When I say, �the Lord spoke�, I mean it was an overpowering feeling or a knowing deep within me, one which I do not get very often, but am beginning to recognize. (It has probably been around before but I have not been so aware of it.) This abundance would be in every aspec

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