My Journey to Becoming a Landlord: How I Was Guided Toward Real Estate

My Journey to Becoming a Landlord: How I Was Guided Toward Real Estate

by Andrea Johnson


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It's difficult to give advice about how to get started in real estate, because so much of it is market-specific. You have different rules what works in my state will not work the same in another state, as far as exact strategy. Real estate is strange... investment strategies and even rehab don't translate from one city to another, not even from one part of a large city to another part of the same city. So I tried to give good advice about starting a business, tenant management and how to be successfully self-employed...wanting you to focus on the big picture to motivate you to overcome perceived limitations. Make sure you investigate resources and education about your local market-laws, logistics and etc. The advice is general but hopefully helpful. I have achieved my goal in writing this book if I have inspired someone that's feeling you are at the end of your rope in your employment situations and let you know that there is hope and you can make it if you try hard enough. I'm not going to say it is easy, but it is certainly worth it. And if this someone is you now you should pass your inspiration and experience forward to help someone else that is feeling the same as you and I once felt.

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