My iPod touch (covers iPod touch running iOS 5)

My iPod touch (covers iPod touch running iOS 5)

by Brad Miser

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The iPod touch is a unique device in many ways. The most significant example of this is its Multi-touch interface that enables users to easily control the device and type with their fingers. It also includes sensors that automatically re-orient the screen display to match the orientation of the iPod touch, such as switching to landscape view when the user rotates the phone 90 degrees when watching video. All iPod touch models include the applications Music, Videos, Photos, iTunes (providing access to the Wi-Fi Music Store), Safari, YouTube, Calendar, Contacts, Clock, Calculator, and Settings. Later models added Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather, which could also be added to the earlier models with the purchase of the iPhone 2.0 software upgrade for the iPod touch. My iPod touch, 3/e will include necessary coverage of iTunes to enable readers to manage the content on their iPod as well as purchase applications and customizing settings. In addition, readers will learn how to use every feature of their iPod touch and receive expert advice on topics like customizing, peer to peer connectivity, running apps, using peripheral devices and more. This book will be fully updated for the latest iPod touch release.

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ISBN-13: 9780132831949
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 11/11/2011
Series: My...
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 528
File size: 95 MB
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About the Author

Brad Miser has written extensively about technology, with his favorite topics being the amazing “i” gadgets, iPhone and iPod touch, that make it possible to take our lives with us while we are on the move. In addition to My iPhone,4th Edition, Brad has written many other books, including Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Lion; Sams Teach Yourself iTunes 10 in 10 Minutes; My iPhone, 5th Edition; iPhoto ’11 Portable Genius; and MacBook Pro Portable Genius, 3rd Edition. He has also been an author, development editor, or technical editor for more than 50 other titles.

Brad is or has been a sales support specialist, the director of product and customer services, and the manager of education and support services for several software development companies. Previously, he was the lead proposal specialist for an aircraft engine manufacturer, a development editor for a computer book publisher, and a civilian aviation test officer/engineer for the U.S. Army. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and has received advanced education in maintainability engineering, business, and other topics.

In addition to his passion for silicon-based technology, Brad likes to ride his steel-based technology, aka, a motorcycle, whenever and wherever possible. He is also active building and flying radio-controlled aircraft.

Originally from California, Brad now lives in Brownsburg, Indiana, with his wife Amy; their three daughters, Jill, Emily, and Grace; a rabbit; and a sometimes inside cat.

Brad would love to hear about your experiences with this book (the good, the bad, and the ugly).You can write to him at


Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Getting Started with Your iPod touch     3
Touring Your iPod touch     3
    Getting to Know the iPod touch’s External Features     4
    Knowing Why It’s Called a Multi-Touch Interface     5
Preparing iTunes     24
    Downloading and Installing iTunes on a Windows PC     25
    Updating iTunes     26
    Obtaining and Signing In to an iTunes Store Account . . .26
Preparing iCloud     28
    Obtaining an iCloud Account     29
    Configuring iCloud on a Windows PC     29
    Configuring iCloud on a Mac     31

Chapter 2  Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and iPods/iPhones/iPads     33
Connecting an iPod touch to the Internet     34
    Connecting to an Open Wi-Fi Network     34
    Connecting to a Commercial Wi-Fi Network     39
    Connecting to a Closed Wi-Fi Network     40
    Changing Wi-Fi Networks     42
    Forgetting Wi-Fi Networks     43
Connecting to Other Devices Using Bluetooth     45
Connecting to Other iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads     47

Chapter 3  Moving Audio, Video, Books, and Photos onto Your iPod touch     49
Using iTunes to Add Audio, Video, and Books onto an iPod touch     51
    Importing Audio CDs to the iTunes Library     52
    Purchasing Content from the iTunes Store     54
    Renting Movies from the iTunes Store     59
    Subscribing to Podcasts in the iTunes Store     61
    Building Music Playlists     63
    Building Smart Playlists     66
    Moving Audio and Video from the iTunes Library onto an iPod touch     69
Using iTunes to Add Books to Your iPod touch     84
    Adding Books to Your iTunes Library     84
    Moving Books onto an iPod touch     86
Using iTunes to Add Photos to Your iPod touch     87
    Moving Photos from a Windows PC onto an iPod touch     87
    Moving Photos from a Mac to an iPod touch     88
Using the iTunes App to Add Audio and Video to an iPod touch     90
Using the iBooks App to Add Books to an iPod touch     94
Using iCloud to Add Content to Your iPod touch     99
    Setting Store Preferences on Your iPod touch     99
    Downloading Content You Purchased Previously     101
    Using iTunes Match to Add Content to Your iPod touch     102
    Configuring iTunes Match on Your Computer     103
    Configuring iTunes Match on Your iPod touch     104

Chapter 4  Configuring and Synchronizing Information on an iPod touch     107
Syncing Information with iTunes     108
    Using iTunes to Sync Information on Macs     109
    Using iTunes to Sync Information on Windows PCs     114
Syncing Information with iCloud     117
Syncing Information with Exchange     124

Chapter 5  Listening to Music, Podcasts, and Other Audio     131
Finding and Listening to Music     131
    Using the Cover Flow Browser to Find and Play Music     132
    Using Playlists to Find Music     134
    Using Artists to Find Music     137
    Using the More Menu to Find Music     141
    Searching for Music     142
    Using Shared Sources to Find Music     143
    Using the Genius to Find Music     145
    Finding Music by Shuffling     149
    Finding Music by Speaking     151
    Playing Music     153
Controlling Audio Content Quickly     157
    Controlling Audio When the iPod touch Is Locked     158
    Controlling Audio When You Do Something Else     158
Finding and Listening to Podcasts     159
Customizing Your iPod touch for Audio     162
    Configuring the Music Toolbar     162
    Configuring the iPod touch’s Music Settings     163
Listening to Music with iTunes Match     167

Chapter 6  Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Other Video     171
Finding and Watching Video     171
    Finding Video     172
    Watching Video     174
    Watching Rented Video     176
    Watching Video Podcasts     178
    Shared Video     179
    Deleting Video     180
Configuring iPod touch’s Video Settings     181

Chapter 7  Surfing the Web     185
Configuring Safari Settings     186
Browsing the Web on an iPod touch     192
    Moving to Websites via Bookmarks     192
    Moving to Websites by Typing a URL     194
    Viewing Websites     196
    Searching the Web     198
    Returning to Previous Websites     199
    Saving and Organizing Bookmarks     201
    Creating a Bookmark on the Home Screen     208
    Emailing a Link to a Web Page     209
    Tweeting a Web Page     210
    Completing Web Forms     211
    Signing In Automatically     213
    Opening and Managing Multiple Web Pages at the Same Time     214
    Using Safari’s Reading List     217

Chapter 8  Managing Contacts     221
Configuring How Contacts Display on an iPod touch     222
Creating New Contacts While Using an iPod touch     224
    Creating a Contact from an Email     225
    Creating a Contact from a Map     227
    Creating Contacts on an iPod touch Manually     228
Using Contacts on an iPod touch     236
    Using the Contacts App     237
    Using Contact Information in Other Applications     240
Changing or Deleting Contacts     241
    Changing, Adding, or Removing Information for an Existing Contact Manually     241
Deleting Contacts Manually     243

Chapter 9  Emailing     245
Configuring Email Accounts on an iPod touch     246
    Configuring Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, or Hotmail Email Accounts on an iPod touch Manually     247
    Configuring Other Email Accounts on an iPod touch Manually     249
    Performing Advanced Configuration of Email Accounts on an iPod touch     251
Configuring General Email Settings     256
    Configuring How Email Is Retrieved     256
    Configuring Global Email Settings     259
Managing Email Accounts     264
    Changing Email Account Configurations     265
    Deleting Email Accounts     266
Working with Email     267
    Receiving and Reading Email     268
    Sending Email     274
    Replying to Email     278
    Forwarding Email     280
    Managing Email     283

Chapter 10  Messaging     293
Configuring the Text Tone     294
    Configuring iMessaging and Message Settings     295
    Sending Messages     297
    Receiving and Replying to Messages     300
Working with Messages     304
    Conversing with Messages     305
    Including Images and Video in Conversations     307
    Using Photos or Videos You Receive     309
    Deleting Messages     309
    Deleting a Conversation     311

Chapter 11  Managing Calendars and Time     313
Configuring an iPod touch’s Calendar, Date, and Time Settings     313
Working with Calendars     324
    Viewing Calendars     325
    Adding Events to a Calendar Manually     329
    Adding Events to the Calendar by Accepting Invitations     339
    Working with Event Alarms     341
Working with Reminders     342
    Creating Reminders     343
    Managing Reminders     348
Using an iPod touch as a Clock     352

Chapter 12  Working with Photos and Video     359
Taking Photos with Your iPod touch     360
    Taking Photos with the Camera App     360
    Taking Photos Quickly     364
    Taking Video with an iPod touch     365
Viewing, Editing, and Working with Photos on an iPod touch     367
    Configuring Photo Settings     367
    Viewing Photos Individually     368
    Viewing Photos as a Slideshow     374
    Editing Photos     378
    Deleting Photos or Video from an iPod touch     381
Working with Photos     382
    Emailing Multiple Photos     383
    Assigning a Photo to a Contact     384
    Using Photos as Wallpaper     386
Viewing, Editing, and Working with Video     387
    Watching Video     387
    Editing Video     389
    Sharing Video     390
Moving Photos from Your iPod touch to a Computer     392
    Moving Photos from an iPod touch to a Windows PC     392
    Moving Photos from an iPod touch to a Mac     394
Working with Photo Stream     394
    Configuring Your iPod touch to Access the Photo Stream     395
    Accessing Your Photo Stream on Your iPod touch     396

Chapter 13  Using Cool iPod touch Apps     399
Getting Some FaceTime (4th Generation or Later)    399
    Setting Up FaceTime     400
    Making a FaceTime Call     403
    Accepting a FaceTime Call     407
Reading Books with iBooks     407
    Finding Books to Read     408
    Reading Books     410
Tweeting     419
    Setting Up Twitter     419
    Twittering     421
    Finding Your Way with Maps     424
    Finding a Location by Searching     425
    Using Bookmarks, Recents, or Contacts to Find a Location     427
    Working with Maps     428
    Getting Directions     430
Touring Other Cool iPod touch Apps     432

Chapter 14  Installing and Maintaining iPod touch Apps     435
Using iTunes to Find and Install iPod touch Apps     436
    Downloading Apps from the iTunes Store     436
    Moving Apps from an iTunes Library onto Your iPod touch     439
Using the App Store App to Find and Install iPod touch Apps     440
Maintaining iPod Touch Apps     446

Chapter 15  Customizing an iPod touch     451
Customizing Your Home Screens     452
    Using the iPod touch to Customize Your Home Screens     452
    Using iTunes to Customize Your Home Screens     457
Accessing iPod touch Settings     462
Using Airplane Mode     .463
Configuring and Working with Notifications     464
    Configuring Notifications     466
    Working with Notifications     468
    Working with the Notification Center     469
    Configuring General Sound Settings     470
    Setting Screen Brightness     471
    Setting Wallpaper     471
Configuring Other General Settings     474
    Getting Information about an iPod touch     474
Configuring Location Services     478
    Securing Your iPod touch     480
    Configuring Search Options     495
    Configuring the Keyboard     496

Chapter 16  Maintaining an iPod touch and Solving Problems     501
Maintaining an iPod touch     501
    Maintaining iTunes     502
    Maintaining an iPod touch’s Software with the Settings App     504
    Maintaining an iPod touch’s Software with iTunes     505
    Maintaining an iPod touch’s Power     507
Solving iPod touch Problems     508
    Restarting Your iPod touch     508
    Restarting the Computer and iTunes     508
    Resetting Your iPod touch     509
    Restoring an iPod touch     512
    Reinstalling iTunes     514
    Getting Help with iPod touch Problems     515

Index     517


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