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My Favorite Cowboy

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New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant rounds up the hottest cowboys in Texas in her latest novel of no-holds-barred passion.

Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses-even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man. Who would have thought that a strange case of criminal horseplay would lead her to falling deeply, wildly in love? If only the man who makes her heart race faster than a wild mustang would let his guard down, that is . . .

Caleb Harper is no ordinary cowboy. Sure, he wears his hat, boots, and jeans like a second skin, and displays an easygoing charm that comes from years of working on the ranch. But with his military background, and Army buddies at his side, he is tried-and-true Texas tough. Audrey knows she can trust a man like Caleb to help her save horses. But can Caleb trust himself to resist his attraction to Audrey-or will the sparks of their desire end up getting them burned?

Contains mature themes.

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ISBN-13: 9781541462960
Publisher: Tantor Media, Inc.
Publication date: 06/28/2019
Series: Heart of Texas Series , #3
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has penned ninety novels, novelettes, novellas, and short stories spanning multiple genres of romance, including the Dark King and Reaper paranormal series, the romantic suspense Sons of Texas series, and the contemporary Heart of Texas series.

Rebecca Estrella is a native Midwesterner, voice artist, and voracious literary enthusiast who has had extensive experience in the performing arts. Rebecca's voice work ranges from session singing to radio, with steamy narration being by far her favorite.

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Another one.

Audrey sighed as she removed the plastic gloves and ran a comforting hand over the too-still mare that stared blankly at the wall. The strawberry roan was a gorgeous specimen to behold, and it killed Audrey that the horse was ill.

"I'm going to help you, baby," she said softly, passing long strokes down the mare's neck.

Audrey pulled out her iPad and jotted down notes, including the symptoms she had seen in three other horses. The fact that none of the animals came from the same owner, and each had arrived at the auction house on different days meant that whatever was making the horses sick had happened at the auction house.

The mare didn't even swivel her ears as David Warner approached. Audrey looked over to the owner of the auction house. His stomach protruded, obscuring his belt buckle. He removed his cowboy hat, turning it around in his hands as he gazed anxiously at the horse with his hazel eyes. No one could fake that kind of concern for an animal.

He ran a hand through his thinning, graying, blond hair. His gray mustache twitched atop his lip like a long, thick caterpillar. "I'd hoped for good news, but I can see by your face that isn't going to happen."

Audrey closed her tablet and dropped her arms to her sides. She'd known David all her life and had always liked him. He loved equines and was well known in the community for coming to the aid of any horse in need. In fact, most of the animals in his barns were those he had rescued.

David's narrow-set eyes watered as he blinked at her. "Audrey, are you sure it's as bad as you feared?" "Without a doubt," she replied.

He dropped his head and looked away to hide his distress.

She walked to him and put a hand on his arm. "You need to speak to every employee. More importantly, you need to turn on the cameras you installed years ago."

"They don't work," David admitted, still gazing at the ground.

She frowned as she looked around to see if anyone was close. "Who knows that?"

Finally, he lifted his head to her. David shrugged helplessly. "Everyone."

Audrey closed her eyes, biting back an angry retort. She had to remember that David was a gentle soul. He'd married young and lost his wife just a few years afterward when she fell from a horse and broke her neck. Forty years later, he was still alone, preferring to give his time to the beautiful creatures he loved.

She shot him a reassuring smile because he'd do the same for her. "We'll figure this out."

"Knowing you're on my side is a huge relief. Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. I've not found exactly what is happening to these animals. I need to rule out everything before I can give a definitive answer."

David replaced his hat atop his head. "You will. You have the same tenacity as your father."

The mention of her father brought back the ache in Audrey's chest that she'd lived with for the past year. She watched David walk away before turning back to the roan. Four horses were counting on her to heal them. After years of veterinarian school and learning every nuance of equines, she didn't like being stumped.

If she gave any of them the wrong medicine, it could do more harm than good. She didn't want to chance doing that until she knew for certain what was causing such a reaction in the animals.

Audrey looked at the stall. The wood was Southern Yellow Pine, an inexpensive and durable material that worked well for barns. David had applied a finish to help stop mold and splintering.

At least that was in this barn, which was used for injured horses or those just coming in to the auction house. Most of the animals were kept in the larger, covered corrals with steel fencing separating them.

If she hadn't been coming to the auction house her entire life and seen for herself just how well treated the animals were, she would test the wood from the stalls and even the metal of the corrals to see if something might have leaked into the horses' skin or tongues. Since only four of the twenty horses had been listless and refused to eat or drink, she didn't believe wood or metal had anything to do with it.

The food and hay, however, was another matter. Audrey let her gaze run over the other horses in the corrals. Why just four? That's what it kept coming back to. Four.

She squatted beside her bag and pulled out some supplies. After opening the alcohol-soaked gauze, she stood and wiped the jugular furrow of the roan while talking gently to the animal to keep her calm. She then pressed her thumb against the base of the horse's neck and felt the vein throb. The pressure also caused it to bulge, which made it easier to collect the blood.

Audrey kept talking to soothe the animal while she inserted the needle into the vein and began to draw the blood. Once she had enough, she withdrew the needle and placed another alcohol-soaked pad over the injection site to stop the bleeding.

The roan jerked her head up and tried to shy away at the contact. Audrey quickly removed the gauze and gently massaged the area while humming a gentle tune. It took only a few seconds for the horse to calm once more.

Audrey spent another few minutes with the mare before she repeated the process another three times with the other ill horses. Audrey marked each tube carefully and put them all into her bag.

But she wasn't finished. She chose four random horses and drew their blood as well for comparisons. One way or another, she was going to figure out why the equines were sick.

It physically hurt Audrey when an animal was in pain, and she couldn't help them. There was no way she was going to rest until she got to the bottom of the issue.

And learned what — or who — was doing this to the horses.

Audrey didn't believe that David was involved in any way, but she couldn't be so certain about any of the others he employed. David had a good heart and was always giving jobs to those in need. While he had the patience of Job, the moment he even suspected that anyone might think of harming the animals, they were fired.

The mystery of the ill horses took precedence over anything else Audrey had. She walked into the blazing heat and squinted from the bright sunshine. As she made her way to her SUV, she churned everything round and round in her head, hoping that she might be able to somehow figure out the mystery.

Just before she got into her vehicle, she paused and turned her head to the long, metal building David used as his office. She closed the door and tightened her grip on her bag as she walked through the gravel parking area toward the structure set off to the side.

She walked in to find David sitting as he leaned his arms on the desk, his gaze directed out the window to where the horses were. Audrey quietly closed the door behind her.

"I've had this business for over thirty-five years," he said in a voice filled with hurt, anger, and worry. "In all that time, only one horse has died while in my care."

Audrey inwardly winced at the reminder of that horrible day. She had been with her father and David when they found the gelding lying unmoving on the ground. The death had been natural, but David had never gotten over it.

His hazel eyes swung to her. "Do you think someone is doing this? Do you think they want to hurt the horses? Or could they be after me?"

"I don't know anything yet, and I'd hate to speculate."

He swallowed as he nodded, looking away. "Of course, of course. I didn't mean to put you on the spot."

"You're worried. It's perfectly all right for you to feel a whirlwind of emotions right now."

David blinked rapidly and went back to looking out the window. "I'm going to stay here with the horses until all of this is figured out and they're better."

"That's probably a good idea. I have some tests I want to run on the blood I've drawn. I'll be back as quickly as I can."

He didn't appear to hear her as he continued looking out the window.

Audrey licked her lips and took a step toward the desk. "David."

"Hmm?" he said as he glanced her way.

"You need to get the cameras working. And do it without anyone else knowing."

He bobbed his head slowly. "I know someone I can call that might help."

"Good. Get it done today once everyone has gone home. Also, I'm going to send Maddy over to help you keep an eye on the horses until I get back."

David's head swung to her as his brow furrowed. "Audrey, you need to be careful. You work exclusively for two well-known ranches. If they find out you're helping me, things won't go well for you."

"They can kiss my ass," she stated. "Besides, they don't need to know about this."

"I never should have asked you to come."

"Stop," she told him. "I'd be pissed if you hadn't called. Now, I need you to trust me. I also need you to promise me the cameras will get repaired."

He blew out a breath, exhaustion evident in the droop of his shoulders. "I will. You have my word."

"Good. I'll be back."

Audrey shot him a smile and turned on her heel. In moments, she was back in the heat, walking to her vehicle. She glanced toward the red pickup truck that rolled to a stop next to David's office.

She didn't recognize the vehicle, but then again, she didn't spend as much time at the auction house as she used to. Maybe if she had, she would have a better idea of what was going on with the horses. She'd focused on her career and let this — among other things in her life — fall by the wayside.

After she was inside her SUV, she glanced over at the other vehicle and spotted the outline of a cowboy hat through the tinted windows. It wasn't until she started up her engine that the door of the red truck opened, and a man stepped out.

He was talking to someone inside the truck, so she didn't get to see his face. She put her SUV in reverse and backed up before driving away. A quick look in her rearview mirror showed her nothing but a lean-framed body walking in the opposite direction. Even in the mirror, there was no denying the finely shaped ass. Too bad she hadn't gotten a look at his face.

She snorted. As if she'd do anything about it. Nothing was more important than her career. It had been the only thing that mattered for a while, and then it became a habit that was impossible to break.

There was a clinic at each of the ranches she worked for, but Audrey also had one of her own. That's where she headed to test the blood. She didn't want anyone to know what she was doing, mostly because she didn't trust anyone.

Audrey noticed her sister's car at their house as she drove past it to park in front of the building she had built for her private practice. It had begun as storage for extra products and equipment, but it hadn't taken long for her to turn it into a mini-clinic for neighbors and friends.

She shut off the engine and opened the door. With her bag in hand, she turned to get out of the truck and found Maddy standing there.

"Dammit," Audrey gasped in surprise. "I hate when you do that."

Younger by three years, Maddy was a free spirit. She couldn't settle on a career, so Audrey paid her to work as an assistant.

"I know that look," Maddy stated with a raised brow.

Audrey wished she could pull off the messy bun, baggy sweatpants, and graphic tee look as well as her sister did. But Maddy had the tall, thin frame of models and could wear anything while still looking beautiful. She literally rolled out of bed looking gorgeous.

Maddy took the case from Audrey's hands. "What happened?"

Audrey slid out of the truck and closed the door before walking toward the clinic. "David has four sick horses, and I have to figure out how they're getting ill."

"What do you need from me?"

Maddy might have her head in the clouds most days, but she was also someone Audrey could always depend on.

"I need you to go to the auction house and stay with the horses until I get back. David isn't taking this well."

"On it." Maddy shoved the bag at Audrey and spun to hurry away. Then she called over her shoulder, "There's food on the table. You better eat it."


Some days, nothing in particular screamed "wrong," yet the feeling hounded Caleb. Inevitably, his intuition ended up being right.

And he'd had a hunch since the moment he opened his eyes that morning.

"Want to tell me what you're thinking in that head of yours?" his brother, Brice, asked from the passenger seat of the truck once they reached the auction house.

Caleb watched a woman stride from the metal office building and climb into a charcoal gray sport utility vehicle. He couldn't take his eyes from her, and years of training in the military had him cataloging her straight black hair pulled into a ponytail, as well as the black bag she gripped as if it were a lifeline, despite its apparent weight. He eyed the plain, white button-up shirt she wore with the sleeves rolled to her elbows, the hem tucked into the waistband of a pair of jeans encasing trim legs he wouldn't mind wrapped around him. Her brown boots were well worn with the heels in need of repair.

This was no wanna-be cowgirl. This woman lived and worked the life.

"Caleb," Brice said, thumping him on the earlobe.

Caleb swatted his brother's hand away and glared angrily. "You know I hate that."

"Then answer me."

Caleb rolled his eyes and opened the door to get out, the same time Brice did. "I was about to."


Caleb shut his door and walked around the front of his truck to meet Brice. "You know, I don't kick your ass on a regular basis because I don't want to make you look bad in front of Naomi, but I'll be happy to change that."

"As if you could," Brice said with a snort as he took the two steps to the office door.

The sound of tires rolling on rock drew Caleb's gaze. He looked over his shoulder to see the woman driving off. He didn't know why, but he really wanted to know who she was. It wasn't because she had nice legs and he liked the sway of her hips as she walked. It had to do with the niggling feeling that had plagued him since he opened his eyes that morning.

"Seriously. What's going on?"

Caleb shook his head as he shrugged. "I don't know."

"Something has your attention. That makes me take notice. Because while I'm loath to admit this and make your already bloated ego bigger, your intuition is normally right on the money."

"Yeah." Caleb swung his head back to his brother. "I just wish I knew why that woman piqued my interest."

Brice's lips curved into a smile. "Perhaps she got your attention for another reason."

"She was a looker."

Brice raised his gaze to the sky and blew out a breath as he removed his sunglasses. He then locked his pale blue eyes on Caleb. "You couldn't see shit from just her profile."

"Obviously, they didn't train you right in the Marines, big brother, because I saw all I needed, to know how attractive she is."

"A woman is more than boobs, legs, and ass," Brice stated flatly.

Caleb grinned as they started toward the office. "Maybe to you."

"You're never going to change, are you?"

The teasing was gone. Caleb saw the shift in his brother's demeanor. Ever since Brice had fallen in love and married Naomi, he expected Caleb to follow suit.

Caleb didn't have the heart to tell Brice that while Brice might have gotten past his abandonment issues enough to marry, Caleb never would. Not after what he'd gone through.

Hell, their sister, Abby, seemed to have come to terms with his decision.

But not Brice.

"Don't," Caleb warned dangerously. This wasn't a conversation he ever wanted to have. "Just because you got hitched, doesn't mean everyone needs to."

"You have a different woman every time I turn around. I think you've slept with everyone in this county."

Caleb hooked his thumb over his shoulder, motioning back the way the woman they'd been discussing had gone. "Not everyone."

Brice narrowed his gaze, showing his irritation before he jerked open the door to the office and turned away. Their conversations had been the same of late — Brice attempting to urge Caleb to settle down, and Caleb telling Brice no. Then his brother would get angry and storm off. Except, this time, he couldn't.

Caleb followed his brother into the office, the cool air from the A/C washing over them. He came to stand beside Brice, both of them noticing how distracted David was since the man didn't seem to take note of either of them.

They exchanged a look. Caleb shrugged.

Brice cleared his throat. When that didn't work, he called out David's name.

The older man turned his head to them, his narrow-set eyes widening when he spotted them. "Gentlemen," he said, though his smile was forced. "I forgot about your appointment this morning."

"Is this a bad time? We can come back," Caleb said.


Excerpted from "My Favorite Cowboy"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Donna Grant.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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My Favorite Cowboy 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 73 reviews.
ehaney578 11 months ago
I really enjoyed the book! Caleb and Audrey are so much alike it’s scary. Both swearing off serious commitments but are secretly wanting that fairytale love story. And they are equally too stubborn and prideful for their own good! I enjoyed the storyline and the mystery was interesting and engaging. I did experience a few hiccups in the story where I felt a few scenes could have been fleshed out more instead of resolving too quickly but that didn’t affect me too much. I’m excited to find out who’s book is next! ***I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book provided by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects or influences my thoughts and feelings about the story***
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
So good.  I love this series by DG; it is so different from her Dark universe series. It is fresh, fun, and still filled with action, passion, suspense, and strong characters. This one follows the last Harper sibling to find love, Caleb, and a well known vet, Audrey,  who is called in to help some ill horses. When the conflict intensifies and it becomes clear that she is the real target, Caleb and family all pitch in to figure out who is trying to hurt her.  I loved it.  I love this family, and I hope there will be more even though all three siblings have now found love. I really recommend this series; it is fresh and entertaining from start to finish and each book is awesome.
belllla More than 1 year ago
3.75stars Very successful vet Audry has her hands full with a case of criminal horseplay one of the people who is helping her is Caleb ex-military and now a successful rancher. They get to know more of eachother while seeking for a cure and person responsible for the crime. The story was for me a little bit more likable than the previous. We see the characters from other books and how are they doing. I liked the suspense and mystery and the attraction between Audry and Caleb is strong. They had to sort out the baggage from the past to start enjoying their future. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses—even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man. Who would have thought that a strange case of criminal horseplay would lead her to falling deeply, wildly in love? If only the man who makes her heart race faster than a wild mustang would let his guard down, that is. . . Caleb Harper is no ordinary cowboy. Sure, he wears his hat, boots, and jeans like a second skin, and displays an easygoing charm that comes from years of working on the ranch. But with his military background, and Army buddies at his side, he is tried-and-true Texas tough. Audrey knows she can trust a man like Caleb to help her save horses. But can Caleb trust himself to resist his attraction to Audrey—or will the sparks of their desire end up getting them burned? This is finally the story of the third Harper sibling. He meets his match in Audrey. I really liked Audrey a lot and thought she was a great match for Caleb. She was able to help him start healing in the way he needed. My only issue was the repeated emphasis on how often Caleb (and even Audrey a couple of times) got around. I really don’t like it it when author’s do this. Beyond that, I highly recommend for fans of this genre. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Evampire9 More than 1 year ago
This romance has readers making Caleb their favorite cowboy and Audrey into their favorite veterinarian as they read this stunning and gritty romance. Audrey and Caleb are strong, captivating characters that easily draw readers to them as they navigate their somewhat rocky relationship. Audrey has little time for meeting a man and ends up being a little relationship forming stunted and Caleb is a strong, charming cowboy that has some past issues mucking up his relationship forming abilities, this keeps the romance part of the story quite turbulent and emotionally gripping while they navigate all the ups and downs that stems from their issues. All though they do have the help of wonderful, close-knit family members throughout the story which adds to the depth of the story. The story is steady paced and flows smoothly from beginning to end with thrilling suspense as Audrey and Caleb try to not only save some horses but discover just who would want to hurt them. Dangerous and deadly events adds excitement and gets the readers pulses pounding while some surprising twists keeps everyone on their toes. The emotional issues that faces the characters are gripping and ‘real’ which really makes it easy for readers to not only connect with the characters but also makes it easy for them to picture the story as it takes place.
Betababe More than 1 year ago
Horses Rule I just jumped in with book three in the series and, having been introduced to the family members, can see that each couple would have had its own story. But any pertinent information is included within this tale which stands well alone. Separation anxiety and abandonment issues loom large for a number of the characters whose childhoods were less than stellar, and those backgrounds now inform the actions of the adults. A solid (equine) murder mystery lies at the center of the action and the novel moves forward rapidly keeping dual focus on the building romance as well as the investigation progress.
anneinaz More than 1 year ago
My Favorite Cowboy by Donna Grant is a mystery/romance that revolves around Caleb and Audrey. Audrey is an equine vet and Caleb is a veteran, running a ranch with his brother. His goal is to sell the best-trained horses around. The issue becomes apparent when all of a sudden horses are being poisoned, and they are all under the care of Audrey, pointing to her as the poisoner. There is no real reason show would do this to the horses she loved, but there are no clues pointing to anyone else. Additionally, it is a slow acting poison so it is hard to pinpoint when it is taking place. There are all kinds of additional cast members: Caleb's extended family; Audrey's sister, Maddy; stable owners and other vets, all complicating the situation. Was it the stables the criminals were after? Or was it Audrey? To complicate matters, Cab and Audrey hook up one night, but both are convinced that they are unable to connect with another person, so that is an intriguing part of the story to be explored. This is a good story: more than a romance; more than a mystery. The characters are multi-dimensional and there are more than enough subplots to involve everyone in a tale that emulates real life: complicated and messy. The poisoner is found; many, if not all, of the problems are solved. It is an enjoyable journey. One I recommend you take. I received a free ARC of My Favorite Cowboy in exchange for a fair and honest review. @netgalley #myfavoritecowboy
PRH_TX More than 1 year ago
This book was a little piece of home for me. I absolutely loved Audrey and Caleb. Donna Grant writes strong, smart, and independent female heroines who like most of us are a little broken because of their past history. Audrey is a sought after Equine Vet. Unfortunately when you're the best, there is always going to be someone who wants to bring you down. Only her enemy doesn't just want to bring her down, she wants to destroy Audrey's reputation as a vet. Caleb watch his mother walk out the door when he was just 6 years old. This led him to believe that he just wasn't lovable in the long term. So he has always been the one to leave first. Incredible read and will give you just a little piece of Texas and Cowboys to love. This is part of a series, so I would recommend reading the first 2 books first, so you are familiar with all the characters. The first 2 in the series are also incredible, so you won't be disappointed.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
The Heart of Texas family saga continues with the story of Caleb Harper and Audrey Martinez, and their way of finding peace with their past, learning to trust and love without reservations and daring to take that leap of love into the unknown. Both Caleb and Audrey have serious abandonment issues with their parents. Audrey's dad took off after their mother died, just couldn't handle the sorrow of losing his soulmate. Caleb's mom left the kids at the crucial time of their childhood. These parental issues are made to be the reason to the back and forth going between Caleb and Audrey, a game that went on a bit too long to my liking. Also, when the solution finally came, it was too easy after all the torment Caleb and Audrey (and the readers) went through. They did have a chemistry between them, the attraction is obvious, and there was no doubt in my mind that they were into each other, that connection was palpable. I enjoyed the secondary characters, the families and friends contribute greatly into the tale and even give more depth to the hero and heroine, showing them with new eyes. Each of them has clear characteristics, making them very likable and an important part of the story. The suspense was my favorite part of the tale. It is fierce and intense, and as the culprits get their point of view in the tale as well, the anticipating tension rises to new elevations. ~ Three Spoons
Alwaysahappyeverafter More than 1 year ago
Where has Donna Grant and her Heart of Texas Series been all my life! I definitely have to go back and read the 2 previous stories in the series! Audrey is an equine vet, one of the best in the county, when the horses of her father's friend become ill she doesn't hesitate to come and help out, but is the horses in danger or Audrey?
RobinLovesReading More than 1 year ago
Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian with a lot of work ahead of her. When she hears that more than one horse is sick Audrey is devastated. She cannot bear to see a horse suffering. It almost breaks her and she makes it her aim to discover the cause. The sick horses are part of a ranch that Caleb Harper and his family own. Sadly, more than one horse falls ill, so Caleb and Audrey work together to discover what is going on. Caleb is certainly not new to the adversity facing him at the ranch. When he was a young boy his mother abandoned him and his brother Brice and sister Abby. He had a very good upbringing despite this, but is still very much affected by the abandonment he experienced. It has been several years, and Caleb even spent time in the Army and now is a rodeo star as well as a rancher. Audrey hardly has time to help Caleb. She works for two ranches and they are quite strict about any moonlighting. However, she feels compelled to help, even when it becomes more than dangerous for her to do so. During the years that have passed, Caleb's sister Abby married the owner of the East Ranch, Clayton East. More recently, his brother Brice married. Abby was instrumental in his life while growing up, and is no less important to Caleb now. As a matter of fact, despite all three of them being so adversely affected by what his mother did, Caleb seems to be hit the hardest. This affects what is happening with him and Audrey. He cannot help but being drawn to her, but he is really carrying a lot of baggage. It was so touching to see their relationship bloom while his trust grew. Audrey is rather a unique individual. She enjoyed men, but never knew how to open her heart. Her time with Caleb changes that. A real opportunity for growth is open to the both of them. My Favorite Cowboy is the third book in the Heart of Texas series, and is actually my favorite of the three. While each story can serve well as a standalone, the series is truly compelling and would do well to be read in order. The history of Caleb and his siblings is touched on in this story, but their deepest trauma is explored across all three books. The previous two books were The Christmas Cowboy Hero and Cowboy, Cross my Heart. I have enjoyed my time spent reading these books and am looking forward to continuing with this series. The following book is A Cowboy Like You, slated for release in August. Many thanks to St. Martin's Press and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
KDRBCK More than 1 year ago
My Favorite Cowboy by Donna Grant is book three in her Heart of Texas series. My Favorite Cowboy can easily be read as a standalone. For better understanding I recommend to read the books in order. The previous books are The Christmas Cowboy Her and Cowboy, Cross My Heart. My Favorite Cowboy tells the story of Audrey and Caleb. Audrey Martinez is the lokal veterinarian. Her job is her calling and when horses get hurt and sick she hurts with them. The owner of a auction house calls her for help and bam she's involved in a nasty war. And there's Caleb. He doesn't do relationships and has abandonement issues. He meets Aubrey and they have this crazy insta- connection. Favorite Quote: " Always follw your heart. " My Favorite Cowboy is a beautiuful story, excellent written, beautifully thought out and beautifully told. I loved the story and the characters and give 4,5 stars.
MLH438 More than 1 year ago
What happens when two commitment-phobes meet and find themselves deeply attracted to each other? In My Favorite Cowboy, the third book in Donna Grant's Heart of Texas series, Audrey Martinez and Caleb Harper meet when they work together to discover who is poisoning the horses at a friend's auction house. Romance and suspense abound as they work together to find the culprit. Audrey is a very-well regarded equine vet whose father left her and her sister to fend for themselves after their mother died. Caleb is former military and a rancher whose mother abandoned him and his siblings. They both have a love 'em and leave 'em attitude about relationships and, when their smoldering attraction finally ignites, are afraid to trust what they have found with each other. Grant's well-written story and character development kept my interest and, while I haven't read the first two books in the series, this reads well on its own. I believe Audrey's sister, Maddy, needs her own story.! I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Pokeybooboo More than 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of Donna Grant's paranormal romances, but I believe this may be the first contemporary romance I've read of hers. This one was definitely a good one with which to start. Mix together a very intelligent heroine, a hot protective cowboy, suspense and steamy loving, and you have the perfect recipe for an exciting romance! Audrey was an excellent equine veterinarian who was in great demand. Her friend David's horses were dying, and she was doing everything she could do to save them, while also working two jobs and helping with rescues. Caleb's family was also friends with David, and they were fixing his security cameras to see if someone was deliberately making the horses sick. When it appeared that Audrey was in danger, our protective cowboy was there to help. Sparks flew (both literally and figuratively). The chemistry between the leads was very steamy; it was also rather complicated. Audrey's parents were deeply in love and when her mother died, her father was devastated and took off. Caleb's mother just walked out on her children, leaving his sister to raise her two young brothers. Caleb has never forgiven his mother for abandoning them. These circumstances led to both Audrey and Caleb always leaving a relationship before things could get serious. Could things be different for the two of them together? Besides our two leads, Audrey's sister and Caleb's siblings were great examples of familial love. I must go back and read the previous books in this series; I'll be thrilled if they are as good as this one! I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Donna Grant’s My Favorite Cowboy Take veterinarian, Audrey Martinez who is hard working, not looking for men in her life add cowboy, Caleb Harper who distrusts woman plus an unknown person who is making the horses sick and the combination explodes into a suspenseful adventure. The story has twists and turns with intense, spicy romance, captivating writing and a riveting storyline. The main characters are vivid, colorful, well defined with instant undeniable chemistry between them. The supporting characters are interesting and intriguing. I volunteered to read My Favorite Cowboy. Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin’s Press
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
My Favorite Cowboy by Donna Grant Heart of Texas #3 I remember starting this series with Abby down on her luck and falling in clover with Clayton. The best thing that ever happened to the Harpers just may have been Clayton East. In the second book Brice meet and fell for Naomi and in this book Caleb – the brother who planned never to marry – meets his match in veterinarian Audrey Martinez. I have a feeling that this series could continue as there is Maddy (Audrey’s sister) still without someone to love and two good friends of the Harpers and Easts that need to find someone – Cooper and Jace. And, is the sheriff married? If not, Danny might need a partner, too. Anyway, this book starts with sick horses at an auction house and the vet called in just happens to be Audrey. She does her best to save the horses...with mixed results. Security for the auction house is provided by Caleb, Brice and Clayton with Jace and Cooper there, too. So, animals are being harmed, someone is trying to set Audrey up to take a professional fall and there are some very bad things happening in the neighborhood...including murder. In the midst of this Caleb and Audrey manage to find one another, pursue the attraction then have falling out times that have to be corrected before a HEA can be achieved. There are also issues from their pasts that impact their ability to trust that also must be overcome. I still want to find out about Maddy, Jace, Cooper and Danny but at least there was some closure toward the end of the book on some of the family issues and that helped more than one character in the book. Who was the bad guy out to get Audrey? You will have to read the book to find out. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4 Stars
BookAddictLive More than 1 year ago
This the first contemporary I’ve read of Donna Grant, as I’m great fan of the Dragon Kings. So I love Cowboys and I thought I can’t lose. Well I did not lose, I definitely won, I loved it. I have to say this is more a Romance with a heavy dose of suspense. Someone’s been poisoning the Horses at the Auction house. So David the owner calls in his equine vet, and Audrey the vet is trying to find out what the poison is. David asks for help from another Ranch and along comes to help, and the single hunky Cowboy takes a fierce fancy to the best Equine Vet in the area. That sets the scene, and when things heat up it’s not just the situation. Caleb never thought he would fall in love, that is until he met Audrey. Caleb is the youngest of three siblings, and the first two books in the series feature his siblings. This has all, I love it and now I want to read the others in the series. This can be read as a complete standalone. I just nosy and what to know whats the story of the other characters from other books. I always been nosey, it’s something that came about honestly.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Audrey Martinez is a talented and well respected equine veterinarian. She loves her work. When an old friend says that several of his horses are sick, she goes to help. After seeing them she knows someone is hurting the animals, but she’s not sure what is causing the illness. Who would do this? Caleb sees what’s going on and he and his family want to help. He’s sure this isn’t over. His fears are confirmed when there is another attempt to hurt the horses. Who’s behind this? Caleb Harper feels the enemy wants to harm Audrey. He’s determined to protect this feisty female. I liked Audrey. She’s a strong woman who’s afraid to commit to a man. I hated to see how she kept her pain and fears to herself. Caleb is successful, but he won’t let himself give his love to any woman. He says he will never marry. I found their romance intriguing. Here are two people who are hurting from past trauma. I empathized with their pain. I was sorry that they still suffered. I wished that they could trust each other to confide what they feel. My Favorite Cowboy is suspenseful with twists that I didn’t expect. I cared for these two characters. Their dialogue is sharp and realistic. The setting helps move the story along. Donna Grant kept me on the edge of my seat. The mystery is well written. I was surprised by the ending. I wonder what’s next in the Heart of Texas series. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
annie2015 More than 1 year ago
Audrey Martinez is considered the best equine veterinarian on her county. She is loved by everyone.....except the person who is trying to destroy her livelihood, her reputation, and possibly, her very life. Every since his mom walked out when he was a child, Caleb Harper has kept women at arms length - good for bedding but not much else. Until he steps in to help Audrey figure out who's causing her trouble. Watching after her has brought them close together and he finds himself seriously liking her. Will he be able to hold onto his long-held beliefs while still trying to keep Audrey safe? Or will Audrey be able to break through his defenses....especially when she has some defensive walls herself. It'll take all their efforts, combined with their friends and families, to get to the bottom of this mystery and put an end to the danger surrounding Audrey. Kudos to Ms. Grant for a great book that had interesting characters, danger, heat, and smexy-times. I definitely kept me entertained from the first page to the last (even when I wanted to knock some sense into the heads of a couple of those characters). I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias.
BeckyRendon More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars My Favorite Cowboy is more than meets the eye. This romantic suspense novel was definitely more than I originally thought. They say you can't judge a book by its cover and this book is proof. I thought I was going to read a fluffy romance but My Favorite Cowboy was better than that. Former military, this cowboy has more than a worn pair of jeans on his side. But what a backside! Two lost souls not even knowing what they were missing. Tragedy brings them together, only to have their insecurities rip them apart.
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
From a strong sense of family that helped heal broken pasts through danger, jealousy, to a very emotional ending, I loved this story, and it kept me turning pages. Audrey was focused, smart, and independent. Caleb was kind, protective, and wised up to the fact that he was not alone when dealing with his past. Together, Audrey and Caleb felt right and found a sense of belonging. I highly recommend this story. I received an ARC through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
Kristy_K More than 1 year ago
I think I can officially say modern day cowboy romances are not for me. This is my third (?) one and I've generally had the same feeling as with all of the others: a lot of eye-rolling over the insta-love and wishing for something more. I found the mystery surrounding this one intriguing and I was genuinely interested in finding out who was harming the horses. But. The randomly inserted POV of the hired criminal to commit those acts missed the mark in my opinion. He was more of a caricature of a villain than an actual bad guy. There was also weird transitions at times between POVs. One paragraph it was one character and the next it was another, sometimes of someone who wasn’t even in the same area as the previous character. (There was no page break or new chapter, just end sentence, next line, indented first sentence.) It caused confusion. I read an advanced copy so I can only hope this gets fixed in order to save other readers from this. Lastly, while I like Audrey and Caleb as characters, two to three days is not enough time to decide you are willing to completely change your lifestyle and ideals (from not ever wanting to be married to all of the sudden being at ease with the thought of it). If this story could have been spread over months or even weeks I would have found this more believable. I just have a very hard time with insta-love and it normally has an adverse effect on me and I spend my time thinking of the implausibility of it all instead of focusing on the story.
JennieF More than 1 year ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation received from NetGalley My Favorite Cowboy is book 3 in the Heart of Texas series by Donna Grant and a great addition to this series. Audrey Martinez, equine veterinarian is well known, sought after and donates her spare time to help her friend with rescued horses. While helping the rescue she runs across some very sick horses and during her checks it looks like some foul play is happening maybe involved drugs to destroy them. She and her friend enlist the help of Caleb, his brother and his brother in law who being military and ways to search for answers. When Caleb and Audrey meet the sparks fly but both have really high walls built and neither is willing to let them fall...what happens next will keep you on the edge of your seat, to find answers, open up their hearts and maybe find that they truly do belong together....
tiggeruoSO More than 1 year ago
So I I don't know where to start with this book. The two main characters are running from themselves, from feelings and from commitment and anything revolving a relationship. The author packed so much emotion, and chemistry into this book is was jumping off the pages. The story really gets to the heart of matter, while it also has you on the edge of you seat wondering what is going to happen next, from one page to the next. I really enjoyed the importance of "family" in this book and how sometimes family is what you make of it. I so so am hoping that Maddy's story is coming, her free spirit really shined in this story even though her part was small. This book was so good and I really can't wait to read more from this author. There is some adult language and situations in this book so it may not be suitable for all readers. Over all this book is so worth the read.