My Fallen Angel

My Fallen Angel

by Pamela Britton

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Handsome and fearless, Garrick Asquith-Wolf relished battling pirates on the high seas until one reckless fight cost him his life. But the daring sailor's place in heavan isn't guaranteed. To earn it, he has to return to earth to protect lovely Miss Lucy Hartford—without succumbing to physical temptation.

No previous adventure could have prepared Garrick for his role as guardian angel to titian-haired Lucy, the most stubborn, impetuous, and beautiful female he's ever met. Exceptionally curious, Lucy is trying to find the truth about a young orphan boy's past—a dark secret that someone will kill to protect.

However, discovering answers can be more dangerous that either Lucy or Garrick expected. Desire flares between this heavenly angel and his charge—a passion that Garrick must resist to save his beloved Lucy and his own soul.

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ISBN-13: 9780062034670
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/16/2010
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

An account executive by day and a romance writer by night, Pamela blames her wicked sense of humor and off-beat stories on the amount of Froot Loops she consumes.  Pamela lives in Northern California where she is owned by a Rottweiler in a Pomeranian's body named Rufus; her horse, PC; and an African Grey parrot named Prinny.  In 1998, RWA nominated her for a Golden Heart, the "Oscar" for unpublished romance writers.  That nomination led to the sale of My Fallen Angel. 

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June 1818

Miss Lucy Hartford wondered at the wisdom of breaking into the Earl of Selborne's mammoth estate on such a cold and dank evening. More specifically, she questioned her degree of intelligence in general. Scaling a tree in the dead of night while somehow managing to hold a small lantern to light her way, all for the sake of helping one adorable, outspoken little boy named Tom, was certainly not one of her better ideas. And though the earl and his evil second wife were on holiday, she still ran the risk of discovery. In fact, she would rank this idea right up there with the time she'd disastrously experimented with gunpowder. Fortunately, the only casualty that day had been the chamber pot.

She grimaced as her booted foot slipped off the branch, knocking a combination of leaves, bark, and twigs to the grass-covered ground nearly thirty feet below. A gentle puff of wind caressed the branches around her and caused the lantern to sway and the candle inside to flicker. She held her breath as she waited to be plunged into darkness, but, with a hiss, the candle flared to life again.

At that moment she contemplated turning back. Contemplated, but decided against it. Her glance darted from the window that was her goal, to the ground, then to the window again. Her friends always told her she had more courage than sense. Lucy looked at her surroundings and grinned. They were right.

Still, that didn't change the fact that she knew this would be her one and only chance to gather dues, perhaps even evidence, proving Tom was really the long-lost son of the earl of Selborne. Unfortunately, in her experience, knowing something to be a good idea andactually implementing the notion were two different things.


Leaves and small branches tangled in her hair, which she had tied behind her head. She swatted them away, then gasped as the hot lantern glass scalded her breeches-clad leg.

Rot and bother. There were at least thirty trees dotting the gently rolling hills that surrounded the earl's Tudor-style home, many of which looked far easier to climb-not that she could see much outside the rim of the light-but with her luck tonight, she'd probably fail out of this one.

No sooner had the thought sprung to her mind than something creaked. Undoubtedly the sound of her stays popping as her chest heaved up and down in agitation. Then she remembered she wore men's clothes. Her eyes widened. She heard one last, loud, ominous crack.

And screamed.

It didn't help, not that she'd expected it to. It felt as though she sailed through the air forever, colliding with something as she landed, a something which grunted in a very masculine way.

"Bloody hell," she finally groaned as she sat there, stunned, and took a mental survey of her limbs to assure herself nothing had broken.

"Not hell," the man gasped beneath her. "Not yet."

Lucy stiffened, suddenly realizing she sat across a man's chest as primly as a lady sat for tea. Good heavens. She pushed herself to her feet, too hastily as it turned out, for her foot thrust into him in the process. in horror she heard him gasp, then let out a long, agonized moan. She clasped her hands over her mouth, for it was the same groan her brother had emitted the time she'd accidentally struck him in his unmentionables with a billiard cue.

"Oh dear," she squeaked.

Something snapped. She turned toward the sound, her hair having escaped from it bonds to partly shield her face. She shoved it away impatiently.

Things went from bad to worse in that instant ... very bad.

The grass had caught on fire.

"My lantern!" she wailed, watching as a great puff of smoke wafted overhead.

Flames shot up toward the sky like a bonfire on All…



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My Fallen Angel 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
whitreidtan on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A paranormal Regency-set historical romance opening with a sea battle between hero Garrick Asquith-Wolf and pirate Tully St. Clair, our hero defeats the pirate but pays the price of his bold pronouncement that he is invincible as he is struck by lightning and pitched off the deck of his ship. As the reader finds out once the prologue is over, Garrick is now an angel tasked with protecting Lucy Hartford and the boy she's found and believes to be the long-lost, believed dead heir to the Earl of Selborne. Of course, keeping them safe is not going to be as easy as Garrick hopes given that Lucy is a walking disaster waiting to happen and that he is instantly attracted to her but must not touch her under the terms he's been given in heaven. This historical romance is chock full of wild, madcap adventures from kidnappings, to pirate battles, to visits from the devil and the unveiling of a scheming countess. The physical comedy can be a bit much as Lucy is incapable of doing anything gracefully or at the very least, without incident but at least it keeps the plot rocketing along. The attraction between the main characters is instantaneous (ie there's no development involved, it just is) and their fevered grapplings usually occur right before some other dramatic bit of plot bursts in and cools them down. While there are too many threads to juggle here, overall it's not a bad sort of read: fast-paced, goofy, and generally reasonably entertaining for fans of romances.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Britton has given a gallant effort and there were smiles in this book -- but it just didn't deliver what ADC promised it would. A definite disappointment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I tried to like this book -- honestly I did -- but unfortunately the heroine ruins the whole piece. Garrick is a super hero, the secondary characters are good, but the slap-stick, prat-falls and idiocy of the heroine detracted from the book. It is a romp, but the heroine falls flat.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I truly did love this story. It made me laugh and cry and laugh all over again. Sure the heroine was a bit ditzy at times, but that was part of the charm. I look forward to Ms. Britton's next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Somewhere along the way a good premise for a story got bashed by a heroine who is just too dumb to live (TDTL)! Like a previous reviewer, I tried to like this book, thought the hero was great -- but wondered if he'd lost his brain when I got hit by lightning. This slap-stick romp just doesn't hold up. Sorry. I think this writer can do better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Britton has given us a sit-back-and-enjoy-it piece of work. 'My Fallen Angel' is a delightful, light-hearted and humorus story. Most books written about this period of time contain heavy, monotonous details which detract from the plot and character developement. Not here. Every minute is spent developing some of the most carefree characters to come along in some time. Pamela has captured new ways of describing conditions in romance that will keep you chuckling for hours. Every now and again you need a book such as this to just sit back and enjoy. No work involved, just pure entertainment. Thanks Spammy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Garrick Asquith-Wolf is an nineteenth-century lover to die for... well, maybe not literally. Garrick is killed on the deck of a pirate ship during battle. One month later he returns as Lucy Hartford's protector as he fights the forces of good and evil. Lucy falls for Garrick the instant they meet. Britton's love scenes are emotion-filled and intense, arousing the most jaded reader. A slow build-up and steamy foreplay give her story an edge over bland, boring past century deliveries. Hot as a mainstream contemporary with a touch a humor.