My Evernote

My Evernote

by Katherine Murray, James Floyd Kelly

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My Evernote®



instructions with callouts to photos that show you exactly what to do



when you run into problems or limitations with Evernote


Tips and Notes

to help you take full advantage of Evernote on your smartphone, tablet, or computer


Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through making the most of
Evernote –free or premium, on any device! Learn how to

•     Install and use Evernote on your iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, PC or Mac, and beyond

•     Create and share notebooks, customized just the way you like, and organize your
notes your way

•     Save images, drawings, handwriting, web content, even webcam snapshots in
notes you can access anywhere, anytime

•     Add notes straight from Twitter or Google+, and link Evernote to your Facebook account

•     Format your notes to look great, and easily print the notes you want to file
the old-fashioned way

•     Build easy-to-use To Do lists, complete with checkboxes

•     Sync your notes across multiple devices, and store them in the cloud so they’re always available over the Web

•     Import notes from other popular note-taking tools, such as Microsoft OneNote and
Google Notebooks

•     Record high-quality audio notes and organize and share them as needed

•     Send notes to Evernote from Apple’s Siri digital assistant

•     Organize, tag, and search your notebooks to instantly find whatever you’re looking for

•     Install and use the Evernote Web Clipper in all popular web browsers

•     Securely share notebooks publicly or privately and collaborate with teams, wherever they are

•     Find apps and add-ons that make Evernote do even more for you


CATEGORY:             Desktop Applications

COVERS:                   Evernote

USER LEVEL:           Beginning-Intermediate



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ISBN-13: 9780132957649
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 02/06/2012
Series: My...
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 85 MB
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About the Author

Katherine Murray has been writing about technology since the early 1980s (no joke!) and loves writing about technology that connects. She’s an avid researcher and has filled notebook after notebook (after notebook!) with clips, quotes, and snippets from books and sites she finds interesting. Katherine finds Evernote exciting because its inclusive, cross-platform, and flexible approach makes it a great app with worldwide appeal. In addition to writing books, Katherine writes regularly for CNET’s TechRepublic, Windows Secrets, and the PC World Business Center. You can contact Katherine through her blogs, BlogOffice and Connect & Coblogerate, or by following her on Twitter at @kmurray230.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting Started with Evernote

How Will You Use Evernote?

    Me,Myself, and Evernote

    Evernote for Teams

    Evernote in the Classroom

    Evernote for Business

    Evernote for Nonprofits

Setting Up Your Evernote Account

    Creating Your Account

    Logging in to Evernote

Exploring Evernote on the Web

    Evernote–the Web Version

    Reviewing Your Account Settings

    Getting Help Online

    Submit a Support Request

Downloading Evernote

    Downloading Evernote

Chapter 2 Evernote Everywhere, on Everything!

Evernote’s Everywhere Approach

Installing Evernote on Your Windows or Mac Computer

    Installing Evernote on a Windows PC

    Installing Evernote on a Mac

Installing Evernote on Your Mobile Phone

    Installing Evernote on a Windows Phone 7

    Installing Evernote on the iPhone and iPod Touch

A Tour of the Evernote Window

    Evernote on the PC

    Evernote on Mac OS X

    Evernote on Mobile Devices

Setting Evernote Options

    Customizing Evernote Startup

    Setting Sync Options

Saying Goodbye to Evernote

Chapter 3 Capturing and Tagging Your First Notes

Creating a New Note

    Starting a New Note

    Adding a Note Title

    Adding Author Name and Location

Typing or Pasting Note Content

    Typing Note Content

    Dragging and Dropping Note Content

    Adding Note Links

Adding, Assigning, and Removing Tags

    Tagging Your Note

    Adding and Assigning New Tags

    Removing and Deleting Tags

Emailing Notes to Yourself

    Finding Your Evernote Email Address on the Web

    Sending Notes to Yourself by Email

Tweeting Your Notes

    Setting Up Your Twitter Stream

    Tweeting to Evernote

    Sending Direct Messages to Evernote

Chapter 4 Editing and Formatting Notes

Editing the Content of a Note

    Correcting Note Text

    Moving and Removing Note Content

    Checking the Spelling of Your Note

Finding and Replacing Note Text

    Finding Note Text

    Searching and Replacing Note Content

Changing the Font, Size, and Style of Text

    Choosing a New Font

    Changing Text Size

    Selecting a New Text Style

Working with Text Color

    Changing the Color of Text

    Choosing a Custom Color

Aligning and Indenting Your Text

    Aligning Your Text

    Working with Text Indents

Creating Lists

    Adding a Bulleted List

    Creating a Numbered List

Adding a Table to Your Note

    Creating a New Table

    Modifying the Table

Creating a To-Do List

    Adding a Check List

    Using the To-Do List

Merging Notes

Chapter 5 Adding and Working with Images

Adding an Image to a Note

    Dragging and Dropping Images

    Attaching Images to Messages

    Adding Images with iSight

    Capturing Windows Screens

Scanning Directly into Evernote

    Setting Up Your Scanner

    Scanning into Evernote

Working with Images in Evernote

    Copying and Pasting an Image

    Opening an Image for Editing

    Making Simple Image Changes

    Saving the Image Outside Your Note

Using Skitch with Mac Images

    Opening an Image in Skitch

    Capturing an Image in Skitch

    Editing an Image in Skitch

    Sharing a Skitch Image

Chapter 6 Inking Your Notes

Starting an Ink Note

    Creating an Ink Note

    Navigating the Ink Window

Drawing Lines and Shapes

    Choosing a Tool and Setting Line Thickness

    Choosing Line Color

    Drawing a Shape

Removing Lines and Shapes

    Removing Lines

    Deleting Shapes

    Undoing–and Redoing–Your Actions

Chapter 7 Grabbing Web Clippings and Webcam Notes

Setting Up the Web Clipper

    Downloading and Installing the Firefox Web Clipper

    Downloading and Installing the Google Chrome Clipper

    Downloading and Installing the Safari Web Clipper

Capturing Notes on the Web

    Adding an IE Web Clipping to Evernote

    Clipping Web Content in Safari

    Clipping Firefox Content

Snapping a Webcam Note

    Capturing a Webcam Note

Chapter 8 Recording Audio Notes

What Do You Need to Record Audio Notes?

    Setting Up Your Speakers

    Setting Microphone Levels

Recording Your Note

    Audio Notes on Your Desktop

    Audio Notes on Your Mobile Device

Managing Your Audio Notes

    Installing a Playback Plug-In

    Saving Your Audio Clips

Chapter 9 Creating and Managing Notebooks

Creating a New Notebook

    Creating a Synchronized Notebook

    Creating a Local Notebook

Managing Your Notebooks

    Renaming a Notebook

    Copying Notes to Other Notebooks

    Moving Notes to a Different Notebook

    Deleting Notebooks

    Exporting Notebooks

    Importing Notebooks

Working with Notebook Stacks

    Creating and Naming a Notebook Stack

    Adding Notebooks to a Stack

Chapter 10 Finding and Viewing Notes Your Way

Searching for a Note

    Doing a Simple Search

    Fine-Tuning the Search

    Searching with Note Attributes

    Creating a Saved Search

Displaying Evernote Views

    List View

    Snippet View

    Thumbnail View

Customizing the Evernote Window

Chapter 11 Previewing and Printing Your Notes

Setting Up Your Page

    Choosing Paper Size and Source

    Setting Page Margins

Previewing Your Note

    Displaying Notes in Print Preview

    Choosing Preview Orientation

    Paging Through Your Note

    Zooming and Reducing Note Display

Printing Notes and Notebooks

    Setting Printing Options

    Setting Print Attributes

    Printing Your Note

    Printing to a PDF

Chapter 12 Sharing Notes with Others

Sharing a Public Notebook

    Sharing Your Notebook Publicly

    Accessing and Linking a Public Notebook

Sharing Your Notebook with Individuals

    Sharing with Individuals

    Copying To and From Shared Notebooks

    Stop Sharing Your Notebook

Sharing Your Notes Through Email and Social Media

    Sharing Notes Through Twitter

    Sharing Your Notes with Facebook

    Sharing a Note by Email


9780789749260   TOC   1/26/2012


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My Evernote 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Books on computer programs/systems tend to be so detailed one misses the concepts of what can be done for first click here then here, etc. This made Evernote very easy to learn the basics while learning what was possible to do, how to enter it and how to find it later on. Of course, finding what you need and making ot presentable to share with others is whatmakes Everrnote a truely useful system. My main use of Evernote will involve genealogy which involves lots of detail and different types of media. This book helped me get a great start!