My Dear One: A Novel

My Dear One: A Novel

by Deborah Small


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Shortlisted for Kobo’s Emerging Writer Award recognizing Canada’s best debut books of 2018...

Fleeing an arranged marriage, Lady Dianna Marshall sails on the Titanic with a childless couple who’ve offered her sanctuary in exchange for her unborn child. But when the ship sinks, Dianna lands on foreign shores, destitute, and facing desperate choices…

Texas cattle rancher Jake Douglas knows heartache. He lost his wife and son in childbirth. So when his cousin’s penniless widow washes up in New York in the company of an expectant runaway, he does the only thing his conscience will allow…

From a lush English estate, to the windswept Texas panhandle, and gritty streets of turn-of-the-20th-century New York City, Dianna and Jake battle fate, family, and a society that continues to deny women independence. They also find love, love tested when Dianna is torn between incompatible futures … Britain, and the family and life of nobility to which she was born … or Texas, and the man who taught her the meaning of unconditional love...

Deborah Small's 5-star debut takes readers on a heartfelt journey to love and independence praised by readers:

"A beautiful story"

"Emotional and heartfelt"

"Beautifully written!"

"I loved the book and didn't want it to end."

"Highly recommend."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781775317319
Publisher: Delphinus Books
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Series: Dear One , #1
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.84(d)

About the Author

Deborah Small grew up on a hobby farm where her passion for all things furred and feathered was indulged. When she wasn't riding one of her horses or tending her critter menagerie, she was immersed in the fictional worlds of her favourite authors. After graduation, Deborah studied Criminal Justice and then abandoned plans for a career in law enforcement to stay home and raise her children and write books like the ones she loves to read: emotional Happy-Ever-Afters that test the heart.

Married over two decades to the hero of her story, and mother to four amazing individuals, Deborah lives with her husband and family and two horridly spoiled cats in the Pacific Northwest. For more information, please visit her website:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

My Dear One. 3

Dedication. 5

Acknowledgements. 7

Author's Note. 9

Part One. 11

Prologue. i

Chapter 1. 1

Chapter 2. 5

Chapter 3. 12

Chapter 4. 18

Chapter 5. 25

Chapter 6. 35

Chapter 7. 47

Chapter 8. 54

Chapter 9. 59

Chapter 10. 66

Part Two. 73

Chapter 11. 75

Chapter 12. 79

Chapter 13. 84

Chapter 14. 94

Chapter 15. 102

Chapter 16. 112

Chapter 17. 117

Chapter 18. 127

Chapter 19. 133

Chapter 20. 142

Chapter 21. 147

Chapter 22. 152

Chapter 23. 162

Chapter 24. 168

Chapter 25. 177

Chapter 26. 183

Chapter 27. 189

Chapter 28. 195

Chapter 29. 203

Chapter 30. 210

Part Three. 219

Chapter 31. 221

Chapter 32. 230

Chapter 33. 236

Chapter 34. 242

Chapter 35. 247

Chapter 36. 253

Chapter 37. 258

Chapter 38. 268

Chapter 39. 280

Epilogue. 288

About the Author. 296

My Own. 297

My One True Love. 298

Reader Resources. 299

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