My Country: Smash Hits

My Country: Smash Hits


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Stadium Entertainment's 2010 My Country is a benefit album whose proceeds are donated to members of the U.S. military and their families. Fittingly, many of the songs -- all recorded between 2002 and 2009 -- have either a patriotic or sweetly melancholic undertow, celebrating home towns, America, or absent loves. It's a proudly sentimental collection: the tempos never get too heated -- Randy Houser's "Boots On" is the liveliest thing here -- and nobody shies away from big, sweeping melodies or productions, which unifies My Country, giving it consistency in tone and message (although there is a slight disconnect in having cartoonist Gary Trudeau contribute the cover art on an album that contains a special message from President George W. Bush, but that is just a minor point that has nothing to do with the music or message within).

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Release Date: 08/24/2010
Label: Stadium Ent
UPC: 0899841002089
catalogNumber: 100208

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Anderson   Electric Guitar
Steve Gibson   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Glen Duncan   Fiddle
Eric Darken   Percussion
John Wesley Ryles   Background Vocals
Eddie Bayers   Drums
Bekka Bramlett   Background Vocals
Steve Brewster   Drums
Mike Brignardello   Bass
Pat Buchanan   Electric Guitar
Jimmy Carter   Bass
Mark Casstevens   Acoustic Guitar
J.T. Corenflos   Electric Guitar
John Cowan   Background Vocals
Dan Dugmore   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Tom Flora   Background Vocals
Pat Flynn   Acoustic Guitar
Shannon Forrest   Drums
Larry Franklin   Fiddle
Paul Franklin   Steel Guitar
David Grissom   Acoustic Guitar
Ted Hewitt   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,12-string Guitar
John Hobbs   Synthesizer
Dann Huff   Guitar,Electric Guitar
John Jarvis   Piano,Keyboards
Chuck Leavell   Keyboards
Paul Leim   Drums
B. James Lowry   Acoustic Guitar
Chris McHugh   Drums
Greg Morrow   Drums
Gordon Mote   Piano,Keyboards
Nashville String Machine   Strings
Steve Nathan   Piano,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Russ Pahl   Steel Guitar
Larry Paxton   Bass
Michael Rhodes   Bass
Brent Rowan   Percussion,Accordion,Electric Guitar
Duane Sciacqua   Electric Guitar
Darrell Scott   Banjo
Victoria Shaw   Background Vocals
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Bass
Steuart Smith   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Harry Stinson   Background Vocals
Scott Williamson   Drums
Lonnie Wilson   Drums
Glenn Worf   Bass
Paul Worley   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jonathan Yudkin   Fiddle,Mandolin,Cello
Johnny Neel   Harmonica,Hammond B3
Aubrey Haynie   Fiddle,Mandolin
Kim Keyes   Background Vocals
Russell Terrell   Background Vocals
Doug Powell   Mandolin
Tim Akers   Keyboards
Jeffrey Steele   Background Vocals
Michael Rojas   Synthesizer,Piano,Hammond B3
Tim Lauer   Keyboards
Jay DeMarcus   Bass
Bernie Herms   Piano
Keith Urban   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals,Soloist
Craig Young   Bass
Bryan Sutton   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin
Troy Lancaster   Electric Guitar
Laura Vida   Background Vocals
Wes Hightower   Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Tom Bukovac   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Brad Paisley   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Joe Don Rooney   Guitar
Troy Gentry   Vocals
Eddie Montgomery   Vocals
Blake Shelton   Acoustic Guitar
Tommy Harden   Drums
Dave Haywood   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin
Ethan Pilzer   Bass
Mark Hill   Bass Guitar
Jim "Moose" Brown   Piano,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Jason "Slim" Gambill   Electric Guitar
Rob McNelley   Electric Guitar,Slide Guitar
Adam Shoenfeld   Electric Guitar
Steven Sheehan   Acoustic Guitar
John Rich   Acoustic Guitar
Templeton Thompson   Background Vocals
Kevin Rapillo   Percussion
Nathan Chapman   Percussion
Gary Primm   Keyboards
Lillie Mae Rische   Fiddle
J.D. Simon   Electric Guitar
Craig Nelson   Bass
West Point Cadet Glee Club   Choir, Chorus
Charlie Judge   Keyboards
Mike Johnson   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Amber Dawn Rische   Fiddle
Brice Williams   Drums
Frank Rische   Acoustic Guitar
Scarlett Rische   Mandolin
Mitch McMitchen   Percussion

Technical Credits

Rob Crosby   Composer
Reba McEntire   Producer
Graham Lewis   overdub engineer
Harley Allen   Composer
Jeff Balding   Engineer,overdub engineer
Brett Beavers   Producer
Tony Brown   Producer
Neal Cappellino   overdub engineer
Blake Chancey   Producer
Bill Decker   Engineer
Greg Droman   Engineer
Ben Fowler   Engineer
Carl Gorodetzky   String Contractor
Mark Hagen   Engineer
Paul Hart   Engineer
Ted Hewitt   Producer,Engineer
Dann Huff   Producer,Engineer
John Kelton   Engineer
Mills Logan   Engineer
Steve Marcantonio   overdub engineer
Richard Marx   Composer
Russell Mauldin   String Arrangements
Justin Niebank   Engineer
Reed Nielsen   Composer
Brent Rowan   Producer,Engineer
Victoria Shaw   Producer
Billy Sherrill   Engineer
Steve Short   overdub engineer
Chris Stone   Engineer
Diane Warren   Composer
Craig White   Engineer
Paul Worley   Producer
Mark Wright   Producer
Erik Hellerman   Engineer
Neil Thrasher   Composer
Brian David Willis   overdub engineer,Vocal Editing
Jason Lehning   overdub engineer
Jeffrey Steele   Composer
Clarke Schleicher   Engineer
George Corsillo   Cover Design
Rodney Atkins   Producer
Michael Omansky   Marketing
Darius Rucker   Composer
Keith Urban   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Chris Latham   overdub engineer
Tony Castle   Engineer
Rivers Rutherford   Composer
Annie Tate   Composer
Sam Tate   Composer
Garry Trudeau   Cover Art
Michael Dulaney   Composer
Richard Barrow   Engineer,overdub engineer
Brady Barnett   Engineer
Dave Berg   Composer
Vance Powell   Engineer
Doug Johnson   Composer
Brad Paisley   Composer
Luke Wooten   Engineer
Big Kenny   Producer
Rascal Flatts   Producer
Frank Rogers   Composer,Producer
Tommy Harden   Loop
Dave Haywood   Composer
Randy Houser   Composer
Michael Bublé   Composer
Dierks Bentley   Composer
Hillary Scott   Composer
Alan Chang   Composer
Camille Barbone   Executive Producer
John Rich   Composer,Producer
Keith Anderson   Composer
Chad Carlson   Engineer
Rodney Clawson   Composer
Matt Cole   Engineer
Ben Aschauer   Engineer
Nathan Chapman   Producer
Dave Thomas   Composer
Heather Morgan   Composer
Charles Kelley   Composer
Brandon Kinney   Composer
P.J. Fenech   Engineer
Amy Foster-Gillies   Composer
Cliff Audretch   Producer
elaine lee   Art Direction
Ron Huff   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Bartley Pursley   Engineer
Chris Dubois   Composer
Misty Hurt   Publicity
John Betancourt   Executive Producer,Promoter
Wayman Jones   Promoter
Vanessa Parker Davis   Publicity

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