Mussolini's Italy: Twenty Years of the Fascist Era

Mussolini's Italy: Twenty Years of the Fascist Era

by Max Gallo

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Originally published in 1964, this book holds the story of Italian Fascism and its leader up to the light. Gallo explains how Fascism triumphed in Italy, what it did to and for that country, and what its heritage is for present-day Italy. The character of Mussolini is explored as it is interwoven with the history of the dictatorship he founded, and Gallo demonstrates beyond doubt the enthusiasm with which Italian industry, finance, and business supported Mussolini's self-styled, anti-capitalist movement.

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ISBN-13: 9780429655432
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/10/2019
Series: Routledge Revivals
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Pages: 452
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About the Author

Max Gallo, Charles Lam Markmann

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Origins of Fascism and the Conquest of Power (1883-October 30, 1922).  1. A Young Country, A Young Man (1883-1914).  2. The Disappointments of a Victorious War and the Birth of the Fasci (1914-April, 1919).  3. The Shadow of Revolution (April, 1919-June, 1920).  4. The Decisive Months (June, 1920-May, 1921).  5. Fascism in the State (May, 1921-August, 1922).  6. The March on Rome (September, 1922-October 30, 1922).  Part 2: Mussolini in Power: The Successes of Fascism (1922-1936).  7. The Time of the Last Illusions (October, 1922-April, 1924).  8. The Risk of Total Loss: The Matteotti Affair (May, 1924-Jaunary 3, 1925).  9. All Power to Fascism (1925-1926).  10. The Fascist System: Il Duce (1926-1936).  11. The Fascist System: The Ideology, the State, the Party (1926-1936).  12. Mussolini's Big Gamble and the Ethiopian War (1933-1936).  Part 3: Italy in Turmoil (1936-April 29, 1945).  13. The Road to War (1936-1940).  14. Three Years of Defeats (June, 1940-July, 1943).  15. The Fall of Fascism and the Return of Mussolini (July, 1943-October, 1943).  16. The Social Republic of Salo (October, 1943-January 1944).  17. Reprieve: The Year 1944.  18. The End of Fascism and the Death of Mussolini (January-April 29, 1945).

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