Musical Theater Synopses: An Index

Musical Theater Synopses: An Index

by Jeanette Marie Drone, Jeanette Marie Drone


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Musical Theater Synopses: An Index is a supplement to Jeanette Marie Drone's successful earlier book, Index to Opera, Operetta and Musical Comedy Synopses in Collections and Periodicals (Scarecrow 1978). The supplement identifies the location of synopses of over 11,000 titles by more than 4,000 composers. The title change reflects the expanded coverage both of types of sources indexed and types of musical works included. In addition to operas, operettas, and musical comedies, the supplement indexes ballets, oratories, minstrel shows, and several non-Western forms, including Kabuki, Beijing opera, and Chinese plays. Sources indexed include collections of synopses, scores, including monumental sets, and Internet resources. The index is arranged in three sections: the first is a three-part coded list of 352 monographic sources, including scores and monumental sets, 62 periodicals and journals, and 14 Internet sources; the second is an index by title of musical theater works and cross-references arranged alphabetically, followed by codes for locations; and the third is an index arranged by composer. All works listed in the 1978 edition are included in the supplement and identified with a linking code to alert users to consult the original edition for the few works not found in sources indexed for the supplement or where additional sources are needed.

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Jeanette Marie Drone is a freelance educator and consultant.

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