Murder & Mayhem in Washington County, Rhode Island

Murder & Mayhem in Washington County, Rhode Island

by Kelly Sullivan Pezza


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Rhode Island's Washington County hides a dark past riddled with macabre crimes and despicable deeds. In 1890, an argument over wages turned deadly when former hotelier George Kenyon shot and killed his carpenter on the grounds of the Gilbert Stuart House in Saunderstown. Senator Charles Burdick was shot and left for dead at his Charlestown home in 1930. Even the peaceful village of Woodville has a veritable rap sheet of thieving maids, speakeasies and murderously jealous wives. From chilling acts by the KKK to physicians practicing under the influence of narcotics, author Kelly Sullivan Pezza's collection of articles from the Chariho Times uncovers the violence and vices of Washington County.

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ISBN-13: 9781626198340
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 07/06/2015
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 641,906
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About the Author

Kelly Sullivan Pezza is a native of Hope Valley, Rhode Island, and has worked as a journalist for southern Rhode Island newspapers for seventeen years. With an education in law enforcement and many years of experience as a Rhode Island historian and genealogist, she has written hundreds of articles and several books concerning historic true crime and unsolved mysteries in Rhode Island.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 7

Introduction 9

Part I Mayhem

Devious and Dishonest Maids 11

Greeting a Tramp with Kindness Leads to Traumatic Event for Harriet Brown 14

Animal Cruelty 16

When the Gypsies Came 18

The Presence of the Ku Klux Klan 21

The Attempted Abduction of Teacher Mary Dahood 25

Con Artist Mandeville Hall Tricks Multiple Women 27

Dr. William Macomber Gets in Hot Water over Eleetrocure 31

Two Local Doctors and Their Dalliance with Drugs 33

Talented Swindler or Desperate Traveler? 35

Respectable Champlin Family Tale Begins to Twist 38

Putting an End to Cockfighting 41

In Narragansett with a Plan to Kill Edward Everett Hale 44

Police Officer George Barber Solves Hen Mystery 47

John Gross Tries His Best to End Gambling at Narragansett Pier 49

Unsafe Travels for Dr. Alexander Briggs 52

Lawton Foster Cursed by a Heavy Club 54

Shootings, Murders and Drunken Brawls 56

Saloon Owner Welcome Fidler Earns Quite a Reputation 58

Rum Sellers and Gin Dealers 61

Elderly Mary Rich Disappears while Delivering Eggs 64

Thomas Segar and His Daughter's Suitor Come to Blows 65

Kate Sprague, a Wife Turned Hostage 69

Part II Murder

Suspect in Murder of Laura Regester Is Found 77

George Nelson Kenyon's Tumultuous and Tragic Life 80

The Alibi of Robert Latimer 83

The Kingston Train Station Murder 87

The Christmas Eve Murder of Thomas Main 92

Man Known as the Human Monster Roams Town 95

The Mysterious Death of Senator Charles Burdick 99

Mary Gardiner Is Dealt Every Bad Card in the Deck 101

Love, Adultery and the Murder of Frederick Bishop 104

Ruth Peckham's Low Tolerance for Her Husband's Wandering Eye 107

William Brown Kills Child for Saying Alphabet Incorrectly 109

Dr. Percy Senior Kills Teenage Girl 110

Eliza Smith and Her Children Are Found Dead in a Well 113

A&P Manager Witnesses Body of Harry Brewer Falling into Gutter 116

Ezra Holloway Is Railed by Pirates 119

Police Officer Joseph Westlake Is Gunned Down by Soldier 122

Murder of Tindaro Pinto at the School for the Feeble-Minded 123

Sources 127

About the Author 128

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