Murder & Mayhem in Herkimer County

Murder & Mayhem in Herkimer County


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Caryl Hopson and Susan R. Perkins collect historic narratives of murder and mayhem in Herkimer County.

Herkimer County is steeped in history, from the settlement of the Mohawk Valley by Palatine German settlers to the flood of western migration with the opening of the Erie Canal. But the region also boasts an infamous history of high-profile homicides and crimes. Roxalana Druse murdered her abusive husband and became the last woman to be hanged in New York in 1887. The death of Grace Brown on scenic Big Moose Lake became one of the most famous cases in the country in 1906, inspiring author Theodore Dreiser's novel An American Tragedy. Psychological tests of intelligence were admitted into court for the first time in an acquittal of sixteen-year-old Jean Gianini in 1914.

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ISBN-13: 9781467144391
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
Publication date: 12/02/2019
Series: Murder & Mayhem
Pages: 160
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About the Author

CARYL HOPSON has been with the Herkimer County Historical Society for twenty-seven years in an administrative capacity overseeing programs, projects, exhibits and fundraising activities for the organization, including a recent collaboration with the local theater company Ilion Little Theatre in the production of a new play, Shattered Angel, written by Stephen Wagner on the famous 1914 Jean Gianini murder, and a previous play, Roxy, written by Jack Sherman, based on the 1884 Roxalana Druse murder.
SUSAN PERKINS has been with the Herkimer County Historical Society for thirty-six years as an archivist, administrative assistant and, for the past twenty-two years, the executive director. She writes monthly articles for the Mohawk Valley Living magazine on the area's history and serves as the town of Manheim historian.
Together they have worked with Arcadia Publishing on four publications for the Images of America series: Herkimer Village, German Flatts, Frankfort and Little Falls.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 5

Introduction 7

John Adam Hartmann, the Leatherstocking Man 9

The People Versus Eleven-Year-Old John Bowman 11

The Great Little Falls Bank Robbery 13

Murder Most Diabolical and Atrocious 17

A Drink to Make Lip 21

The Murder of Anson Casler 24

The Black Widow of Warren 27

Mashed to Death 29

Murder by the Mansion 31

The Murders of Bellinger and Hayes 33

The Murder of Orlo Davis 37

The Murder of Moses Craig Holden Sr. 40

The John Wishart Murder 42

A Timeless Tragedy 45

The Hanging of a Murderess 49

Murder in Middleville 54

Quarrel Over a Button 57

Vale of Tears 59

Jealous Lover: The Ella Ausman Murder 66

Nellie Had a Date with Death 70

The Case of Infanticide 73

An Unusual Tragedy 75

Chester Gillette 81

A Rocky Marriage Ends in an Axe Blow 85

Murder on Garden Street 87

Caught on Film 91

A Murder of Forgiveness 96

Arthur W. Wood Murdered in Schuyler 103

The Notorious 1916 Little Falls Trunk Murder 106

The Killing of Henry Werner 109

Lured to Their Deaths: The Mulkoon Affair 115

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 119

Wagner-Hotaling Murder of Little Falls 123

The Final Argument 125

The Trespassing Cows 129

The Brewer Mystery 132

Taken for a Ride: Paolo Basile 137

The Last Still Raid 141

Notes 145

Bibliography 147

About the Editors 159

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