Munchkin Cats And The Munchkin Cat: Your Munchkin Cats Bible: Includes Munchkin Cats, Teacup Kittens, Munchkin Kittens, Dwarf Cats, Dwarf Kittens, And Miniature Cats, All Covered!

Munchkin Cats And The Munchkin Cat: Your Munchkin Cats Bible: Includes Munchkin Cats, Teacup Kittens, Munchkin Kittens, Dwarf Cats, Dwarf Kittens, And Miniature Cats, All Covered!

by Susanne Saben


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"I've always been a cat lover since I was a little girl and have been fascinated by Munchkin Cats. This book helped me a lot and you can tell the lady really loves munchkin cats and the book is really fun too." Kathy S. Palo Alto, C

"Has a LOT on munchkin cats, dwarf cats, and also teacup kittens and cats and it was really interesting to see the differences between them and look at all the very cute pictures" Cynthia Sharman, Rockport, MD.

"The BEST Munchkin Cat book out there by a mile!- I like how it had a lot of detail for all budgets as well as people living in the USA/Canada but also in the UK (as I do) thank you." M.A. Sawyer, East Sussex, UK

"Very well written and good info, very helpful and fun to read about munchkins and teacup cats and it's interesting to see how they are best cared for (I was a bit worried because of their small size but the book has helped a lot).". M Ruskin, Memphis, TN

"I've been looking for a good Munchkin Cat Book forever thank you so much!" - Renae Meadows, Sacramento, CA.

Everything you need to know about Munchkin Cats- from Munchkin Kittens to the adult Munchkin Cat, the Dwarf Cat. Includes detailed insight into Munchkins, Teacup Cats, and all types of Short Legged Cat. Covered are Munchkin Cat Prices, behavior, quirks, and everything you need to know about raising a healthy & happy Munchkin Cat. Another informative and entertaining title from passionate cat owner and lover Susanne Saben! As a true Munchkin cat lover- she enjoys advising on all aspects of Munchkin Cats from raising a Munchkin Kitten, the first vet visit, Teacup Cats and how to tell the difference, Munchkin Cat prices, Scottish Fold Munchkins, Genetta, Lambkins, and how to find the best Munchkin Cat Breeders.

Whether you are looking for a Munchkin Cat, already a Munchkin Cat owner, or a seasoned Munchkin Cat owner, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is a must-have guide for anybody passionate about Munchkin Cats. Susanne lays out everything you need to know in an easy to understand and memorable style. The book is written in an easy to read, straightforward, and fun way to enhance your experience around every aspect of living with and loving your Munchkin Cat!

It's everything you need to know about Munchkin Cats, the Munchkin Cat, Munchkin Kittens, the Dwarf Cat, & Teacup Kittens from Munchkin Cat owner Susanne Saben. This is the must-have guide for anyone passionate about Munchkin Cats or wanting to know more. Munchkin Cat Prices, Scottish Fold Munchkin, Dwarf Cat types, Dwarf Kittens, Genetta, & More!

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ISBN-13: 9781911355007
Publisher: Dominate Your Market With Damian Leon, Ltd.
Publication date: 08/17/2016
Pages: 126
Sales rank: 895,276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Susanne Saben is a dedicated animal lover and owner who has years of experience advising on all aspects of your pet's care from breeders, adoption and rescue, raising, feeding, care, temperament, health, and having the best possible experience with your pet! Susanne writes in an entertaining and straightforward style which you will be sure to enjoy while you benefit from her years of experience and love for the animals she so richly writes about. Susanne lives in southern Georgia with her 3 children and husband, and has been a writer and avid animal lover for many years!

Table of Contents

Foreword 1 Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Munchkin Cats and Other Miniature Cat Breeds 12 Munchkin Cats, a Quick History 14 Characteristics: Traits and Munchkin Cat Temperament 15 Potential Health Issues with Munchkin Kittens and Munchkin Cats 17 The Different Kinds of Munchkin Cats 18 Standard 18 Super Short 19 Rug Hugger 19 The Munchkin Kitty Cousins and Teacup Cats 20 The Lambkin Cat 20 The Scottish Fold Munchkin 22 The Persian Munchkin Cat 23 Teacup Cats 24 Chapter 2 - How Do I Become a Good Munchkin Cat Parent? 27 Responsible Munchkin Cat Parenting 30 1. Thou shalt understand your munchkin kittens and its lineage 30 2. Thou shalt provide your munchkin cat with food, shelter, and affection 31 3. Thou shalt train your munchkin cat lovingly 32 4. Thou shalt protect your munchkin cat from harm and from doing harm. 32 5. Thou shalt commit to regular vet checkups and bring your dwarf cat to the vet when it is sick. 33 6. Thou shalt care for your munchkin cat's health. 34 7. Thou shalt make the choice of neutering or spaying your dwarf cat pet. 34 8. Thou shalt make sure that your pet has proper identification and papers. 35 9. Thou shalt respect your munchkin cat. 35 10. Thou shalt not more abandon your munchkin cat. 36 Chapter 3 - Where Can I Get a Munchkin Cat? 37 Finding a Reputable Munchkin Cat Breeder 40 1. Has too many breeds, or too many munchkin cats, making the spaces too crowded. (Usually with too few workers.) 41 2. Talks more about titles; doesn't have a lot to say about the individual munchkin kittens' characters. 42 3. Only has bad things to say about other munchkin cat breeders 42 4. Unconcerned about what kind of home you will be providing for the munchkin kittens 42 5. Charges prices that are much too high for things like the size of the munchkin kittens' body or their color or the color patterns 43 How to Spot Munchkin Kitten Farms or Kitten Mils 43 Chapter 4 - Understanding a Munchkin Cat's Personality and Temperament 48 Chapter 5 - How to Choose the Right Munchkin Cat for You 55 What is the Ideal Pet Munchkin Cat? 56 Hand-reared or Orphan Cats vs. Litter Munchkin Kittens 57 What is the Right Age to Bring a Munchkin Cat Home? 59 Should You Choose an Adult or Kitten Munchkin Cat? 60 Choosing the Munchkin Cat for You 63 1. Talk to the breeder or the shelter volunteers. 63 2. Watch how the munchkin cats or kittens interact with others. 65 3. See how the munchkin cat or munchkin kitten responds to you. 65 4. Assess the munchkin cat's health. 66 Be Prepared to Walk Away 68 Visit the Munchkin Cats Ahead of Time 69 Chapter 6 - Preparing Your Home for Your New Munchkin Cat 71 How to Cat-Proof Your Home for Your New Munchkin Cat 71 Building a Home for Your Munchkin Cat 81 Your Munchkin Cat's First Night 85 Chapter 7 - Feeding Your New Munchkin Cat 87 What is the Best Diet for Your Munchkin Cat? 88 Is Wet Food or Dry Food Better for Your Munchkin Cat? 88 How Often Should You Feed Your Munchkin Cat? 89 How to Choose the Right Cat Food For Your Munchkin Cat 90 The Common Mistakes Cat Parents Make When Feeding Munchkin Cats 92 Chapter 8 - Caring for Your Munchkin Cat and Understanding Its Needs 96 Grooming Your Munchkin Cat 98 Giving Your Munchkin Cat Proper Health Care and Maintenance 103 When Should You Bring Your Munchkin Cat to the Vet 106 Chapter 9 - Can You Train a Munchkin Cat? 107 Teach Your Munchkin Cat to Sit On Command 108 Teach Your Munchkin Cat to Come on Command 110 How to Train Your Munchkin Cat to Use the Toilet 110 Use Treats and Training to Reinforce Good Behavior 112 Chapter 10 - Munchkin Cat Groups, and Other Fun Activities 113 Chapter 11 Living Happily with Your Munchkin Cat 118 Walk your cat on a leash 119 Get some toys 120 Offer perches by the windows 120 Put cat grass around the house 121 Buy or build a cat tree 121 Buy a cat bed 122 Final Thoughts on Your Journey with Your Munchkin Cat 123

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