Mule Poop 2: The Sanderson Saga Continues

Mule Poop 2: The Sanderson Saga Continues

by Frank Packpeddler


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"Oops, I need some toilet paper." I thought we had an agreement about your money." "We do honey, but we are not going to live in squalor while ya wait for earnings to catch up with us. If it makes you feel better ya can make payments into that account until your satisfied that it's been paid back. I don't want to live with a yours and mine life, but an everything is ours. If you're not comfortable with that, ok, but I prefer an ours partnership."

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ISBN-13: 9781535086653
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2016
Pages: 420
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Having been born in 1935, I have little to remember of my life until about 1940, except that my father, who made his living driving steel in a stone quarry when he and Mother married. Times were still quite hard after the depression began to wane, however Dad found steady, decent employment with the E.C. Shreader Construction Company, who owned that quarry in Marquette Iowa, and then transferred dad to Louisiana Missouri, to work as an apprentice Plumber in building the dam that crosses the Mississippi. When that project was completed, we moved to Hasty, Colorado where Dad became licensed as a Master Plumber, while building the John Marten Reservoir Dam across the Arkansas River. While dad worked on this project, I attended my first formal schooling {Kindergarten} in a little town called Caddoo, Colorado. The town of Caddoo now exists only in memories, because it is located under Many, many feet of water. When his job as a Plummer was finished we moved to Redding, California, and lived there while Dad again worked as a Plummer in the building of Shasta Dam. These were of course WW II war years, and Dad, like so many others jumped to enlist in the military, but was denied as an essential home worker due to his Pluming experience, and he was sent to work on the building of a high octane gasoline Plant in Provo, Utah. While the family lived in Salt Lake City, which happened to be during a miserable winter. Then upon completion of that project Dad was assigned to some Pipe Line Building project in Alaska, and decided the family should move back to Iowa while he was in Alaska. We moved in with my Maternal Grandfather, who talked Dad into going to work for the CMSTP and P Railroad, and we lived happily ever after, until on my 17th birthday, I enlisted in the U. S. Navy. Thereby becoming a Korean War Veteran, even though the closest I ever got to Korea in those years was with MCB 10, on the island of Guam. I then quit the Navy and Joined the Army, and did get to visit Korea between tours in Viet Nam. I still feel the need to regurgitate when I think of how the politicians sold us out by capitulating to the far left, in both wars, and always will.

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