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Motives for Writing with Student Access to Catalyst / Edition 5

Motives for Writing with Student Access to Catalyst / Edition 5

by Robert Keith MillerRobert Keith Miller

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This collection of diverse readings is organized around the various purposes that motivate writers. Including detailed guides to understanding and composing for motives such as analyzing texts, analyzing images, and writing arguments, this text features a wide range of high-interest readings and provides a rhetorically grounded approach to academic writing and research.

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ISBN-13: 9780073221540
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc.
Publication date: 06/09/2005
Edition description: New Edition
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Writing for Your Life
Chapter 1 Writing to Understand Experience

Marilyn Schiel Levi’s

Scott Russell Sanders Grub

Gloria Naylor The Meaning of a Word

Tabari Njeri Life with Father

Rick Marin Count Me Out of Hard Labor

Sandy Fernandez I Dated Rick Marin (Companion Text)

Annie Dillard Living Like Weasels

Andre Aciman Lavender
Chapter 2 Writing to Report Information

Peter Stark As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow

Peter Ling Thomas Jefferson and the Environment

Eric Schlosser Why McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good

Elizabeth Kolbert Uncharted Territory

American Federation of Teachers Charter School Results Repeatedly Delayed (Companion Text)

Tim Rogers Tough Break

Katherine Boo The Best Job in Town
Chapter 3 Writing to Explain Information

Wes Pitts Photo Exorcism

Nicholas D. Kristof In Japan, Nice Guys (and Girls) Finish Together

Catherine Dold What Happened to the Anasazi?

Gary Riven Bet on It

Stephen Jay Gould Women’s Brains

Joan Roughgarden Same-Sex Sexuality

Debrah Solomon An Interview with Joan Roughgarden (Companion Text)
Chapter 4 Writing to Evaluate Something

Jonathan Rowe Reach Out to Annoy Someone

Ken Belson Saved, and Enslaved, by the Cell (Companion Text)

YiLing-Chen Sweet and Lowdown

Dara Moskowitz The Sad Comedy of Really Bad Food

Francis Davis God’s Lonely Man

Susanna Kaysen My Diagnosis

American Psychiatric Association Borderline Personality Disorder (Companion Text)

Paul Goldberger High-Tech Bibliophila

Cynthia Ozick She: The Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body
Chapter 5 Writing to Analyze Images

Jean Kilbourne Falling in Love with Food

Susan Bordo Beauty (Re)discovers the Male body

Steven Heller and Karen Pomerov Next: Understanding a Corporate Logo

Annie Bourneuf The Re-rebranding of Berlin

Barbie Zelizer Conveying Atrocity in Image

Matt Welch The Pentagon's Secret Stash

Sarah Boxer Torture Incarnate, Propped Up on a Pedestal(Companion Text)
Chapter 6 Writing to Analyze Texts

Kate Chopin The Story of an Hour (Core Text)

Angelyn Mitchell Feminine Double Consciousness in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”

Lawrence I. Berkove Fatal Self-Assertion in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”

Genesis 9:18-27 (Core Text)

F.W. Bassett Noah’s Nakedness and The Curse of Canaan: A Case of Incest?

Gene Rice The Curse That Never Was

Psalm 87 (Companion Text)

The Bill of Rights (Core Text)

John Paul Stevens Groh v. Ramirez: A Majority Decision

Clarence Thomas Groh v. Ramirez: A Dissenting Opinion
Chapter 7 Writing to Persuade Others

Adolph Reed Majoring in Debt

Sally Jenkins Flunking the NCAA

Stuart Taylor, Jr. Racial Profiling: The Liberals Are Right

Thomas Jefferson The Declaration of Independence

Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail

A Letter from the Clergy (Companion Text)

Aaron Belkin and Melissa S. Ember-Herbert Privacy and the U.S. Military

U.S. Department of Defense Guidelines for Fact-Finding Inquiries into Homosexual Conduct (Companion Text)
Chapter 8 Writing to Inspire Others

Larry Carlat You Are Me

Martin Luther King,Jr. I Have a Dream

Garrison Keillor At the Cafe

Ron Reagan I Know a Child

Nancy Reagan Remarks at a Benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Companion Text)

George Bush The State of Our Union

George Orwell A Hanging

Alice Walker Am I Blue?
Chapter 9 Writing to Amuse Others

Patricia Volk Technology Makes Me Mad

John R. Alden Breakfast at the FDA Café

David Sadaris The Learning Curve

Cindy Chupach Relationship Reruns

Jill Conner Browne Vacations: His and Hers

Lynette Hanson Jill Conner Browne Tells All (Companion Text)

Jonathan Katzman, Andy Lutz, and Erik Olson Would Hemingway Get Into Harvard?
Chapter 10 Writing to Experiment with Form

John Berger Et in Arcadia Ego

Annie Dillard The Deer at Providencia

George Orwell Marrakech

Geeta Kothari If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?

Luc Sante I Was Born

Adam Hochschild The Great Forgetting (Companion Text)

Judy Ruiz Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy
Appendix: Writing from Sources

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