Mothering Like The Father: Following God's Example In Parenting Young Children

Mothering Like The Father: Following God's Example In Parenting Young Children

by Dianne Daniels


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If someone said they had the secret to positive, effective parenting and could share it with you in just six steps, you'd probably pay attention. Well God not only gives us the secret, but He shows us how to put it into action every day in the way He parents us.

Mothering Like The Father - Following God's Example In Parenting Young Children, looks at six characteristics of God and how He parents us as our heavenly Father. By recognizing those traits, we can incorporate them into our own parenting styles.

Prepare to be encouraged as a mother as you closely and purposefully examine how God works in your life. Be ready to more fully understand and embrace God's love for you while recognizing the six key characteristics He uses to help you grow. You can then use these lessons to help your own children develop in the same ways.

In an age where most parenting books are based on psychology and a scientific approach, there is a great need to understand how God intends to use us as parents. As mothers of young children, we often feel too busy to sit down with the Bible and see how God models parenting. This book makes those needed passages of scripture easy to access and includes practical examples of how to apply them to our unique parenting styles. It is not meant to preach or tell us what we are doing wrong, but rather to encourage us to look to God for hope and help. It recognizes that we are real-life moms with real-life struggles, and we need ideas we can put to work immediately.

After reading Mothering Like the Father, you will walk away knowing:

- What to look for in the way God teaches you and helps you grow
- New ways of looking at God's role in guiding your life
- Techniques for applying God's teachings to your own parenting approach
- How to watch for God at work in your children and how to let your kids respond to God's direction
- How to trust God's plans for your children

As mothers of young children, we find our days overstuffed with all of the responsibilities of managing a family. Sometimes God finds the back seat during a time when we need His guidance the most. Nighttime feedings, preschool craft projects and kindergarten car pools compete for the time we desperately need to read our Bibles and receive His instruction. Prayer time is typically interrupted by sibling squabbles and urgent dashes to the training potty. Each day is an adventure, but there is no reason to go it alone. God demonstrates how He intends us to raise our children. Mom, you will find this book full of encouragement and helpful ideas, as well as pertinent passages of scripture right at your finger tips.

While Mothering Like The Father is useful for all parents, the examples are focused on mothers with children ages eight and younger. Busy moms don't have much opportunity for long periods of uninterrupted reading, so you will appreciate the way this fast read is broken up into many subsections so it can easily be taken in a little bit at a time.

The opening chapter of Mothering Like The Father introduces the concept of the book and lays the groundwork for understanding how God works in us and the importance of living in close relationship with Him. The following six chapters each look at a different characteristic, utilizing scripture and personal experiences to demonstrate God's modeling of these qualities. The final three chapters look at additional ways of living out God's example. There are a total of ten chapters. Each chapter is divided with subheadings and applicable scripture. Additionally, each chapter concludes with questions for private reflection or group discussion.

Join the adventure of Mothering Like The Father and see for yourself how following God's example can make a difference in your family.

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