Mother Nature's Herbal: A Complete Guide for Experiencing the Beauty, Knowledge & Synergy of Everything That Grows

Mother Nature's Herbal: A Complete Guide for Experiencing the Beauty, Knowledge & Synergy of Everything That Grows

by Judith Griffin


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Step into a world of spiritual rejuvenation and radiant health with the restorative power of herbs. Brimming with herbal folklore, tips for growing and harvesting your own herbs, and over two hundred medicinal and culinary recipes from diverse cultures, Mother Nature's Herbal will become your trusted companion on the path to natural living.

Take a tour of the time-honored traditions and healing practices of cultures past and present, including Native and South American, Mediterranean, East Asian, and others. Create delicious and exotic entrees, brew soothing herbal teas, mix perfumes and salves using flower essences from your backyard garden, prepare elixirs and medicines to treat every ailment—and so much more.

With this wise book on your kitchen shelf, a rich heritage of herb craft and herbal tradition is at your fingertips.

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ISBN-13: 9780738712567
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 05/01/2008
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 766,839
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Judy Griffin, PhD, is a renowned teacher, counselor, author, and lecturer. She has traveled and researched indigenous cultures for 20 years to study their foods, herbs, and medicine. Judy has authored several books on nutrition, herbs, diet, organic gardening, aromatherapy, and flower essences.

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations ... xiii

Preface to the Revised Edition ... xv

Introduction ... xxi

Section I: A Cultural Herbal
1 / A Gardener's Almanac: A Walk in Moontime 3
Historical Uses of Herbs 7
The Language of Herbal Folklore 11

2 / The Roots of Mother Nature 17
Native American Ancestry 17;
The Rhythm of the Corn Dance 18;
The Native American Path 20;
The Path of the Healer 21;
The Midewiwin and the Grand Medicine Society 23;
Midewiwin Tonics 24;
Midewiwin Skincare and Personal Hygiene 26;
A Native American Herbal 28;
Origins of Native American Cuisine and Culture 34;
Native American Teas and Beverages 42;
Native American Dye Plants 45

3 / Elixirs of the Jaguar People 49
Chac, the Mayan God of Rain 52;
The Chosen People of Huitzilopochtli 54;
Mexican Cuisine 56;
Cocina Costarriqueña: The Costa Rican Kitchen 61;
The Lords of the Andes 64;
Pachamanca: Peruvian Earth Oven 66

4 / Seeds of Freedom 67
An American Colonial Kitchen Garden 68;
A Colonial Herbal 69;
American Colonial Remedies 75;
North American Native Weeds 80;
The Cooks of Freedom 85;
An American Colonial Cookbook 90

5 / Medieval Knowledge of Simples 103
Medieval Medicine 105;
A Medieval Herbal 106;
Medieval Cuisine 115;
Favorite Medieval Strewing Herbs 117;
Symbolism of the Rosary 121

6 / Western Folk Wisdom 123
The Many Faces of Medical Herbalism 127;
Pioneer Home Remedies of the 1800s 130;
Mother Nature's Golden Rule 137;
Western Tonics 137;
Three Principles of Western Herbalism 138;
Attunement 142;
Preparing Western Tonics 143;
Compresses to Complement Tonics 159

7 / The Land of 1,000 Flavors 161
A Mediterranean Herbal 162;
Mediterranean Flavors 166;
Arabic Herbal Remedies: "Toward the One" 171;
Arabic Cuisine 174;
Mediterranean Herbal Vegetarian Pleasures 177

8 / Ancient Healing of the Mystics 187
An East Indian Herbal 188;
Traditional Ayurvedic Remedies 193;
Traditional Ayurvedic Recipes 197;
East Indian Beverages: Thanda Garam 203;
The Curry Connection 206

9 / Oriental Secrets of Longevity 213
Inner Alchemy 214;
A Chinese Herbal 218;
Chinese Remedies 222;
Chinese Cuisine 224;
How to Brew Tea 231;
The Blessings of a Chinese New Year: Tuan Nien 233

Section II: Grow and Use Your Own Herbs

Herbs for Your Kitchen 295;
Tea Time 296;
Herb Butters 297;
Herb Vinegars and Oils 298;
No-Salt Herbal Blends 300;
Herbal Scents for Honey 303;
Herbs for Your Medicine Cabinet 304

13 / How to Use Essential Oils and Flower Essences 307
The Centers of Consciousness: Chakras 308;
The Crown Chakra 310;
The Visual Chakra 310;
The Throat Chakra 311;
The Heart Chakra 312;
The Vital Energy Chakra 313;
The Sacral Chakra 314;
The Base of the Spine Chakra 315;
The Unnamed Chakra 315;
The Nature of Flower Essences and Essential Oils 316;
How to Distill Essential Oils and Flower Essences 317;
Essential Oils 318;
Aromatherapy from Head to Toe: Herbal Skincare 320;
Aromatherapy Applications 324;
Aromatherapy for Pets 327

Epilogue: The Arms of Mother Nature 329

Section III:


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