Morphids (The Tales of Cerahya Series #1)

Morphids (The Tales of Cerahya Series #1)

by Kerry Alexander-Hall


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The Prophet Lailoken sighed. This would be his last vision to share. The last words he would speak. The vice like grip tightened around his heart. Wait a little longer, they must know; remember and prepare.

On the world of Cerahya, nature’s harmonious balances and checks have been disturbed; interfered with. She rails against such abhorrent intrusions and struggles to regain order. Unfortunately re-establishing control unleashes deadly, calamitous events on the island continent of Sofala, catching the inhabitants of the western kingdom unaware.

The High King, Gareth Beaumont calls for assistance from the Ashmourne Academy of Magic. They respond by sending their infamous 'Pace Alastriona Knights', led by Commander Atesh and Captain Ballard. Their first battalion of magic-enhanced, ale-swilling, knuckle-busting, gag-pulling, sword-dancing, fierce warrior misfits join forces with the King's personal regiment. Together with mystical allies, they race to reduce the fallout to life, love and liberty upon their homeland. As they search for the source behind the malevolent machinations at work, they uncover truths so repugnant, it will send them reeling.

Will interpreting the strange riddles and finding the ancient prophecy hold the key to the game of life; playing out before their eyes?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780995411333
Publisher: Mosher's Business Support Pty Ltd
Publication date: 12/09/2016
Series: Tales of Cerahya Series , #1
Pages: 626
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.39(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Kerry's love of life, literature and a deep hunger for learning has been at the core of her being. Growing up in rural N.S.W. as a third-generation writer, her childhood was surrounded by animals, fiction characters, stories and verse.
Kerry's career in health; spanned thirty-five years. She combined University knowledge with her vast clinical, educational and administrative skills. Together they melded into a long and distinguished multi-faceted Nursing academic career. It was on the poor souls in her lectures and workshops; she fine-tuned her wicked nurse's sense of humour.
Early retirement due to illness however, saw Kerry return to her passion for the fiction novel. She soon discovered the world of the Indie Author. It was only a matter of time; she embarked on reviewing, critical evaluating, then mentoring and substantive editing.
Finally, she decided to write her own novel. The Tales of Cerahya was born. It will be a multi-novel, humour infused, action packed fantasy adventure.
It has been a journey of discovery and insight. Often infused with wonder, love and yes; at times frustration.
Kerry now resides in a quiet sea-side community in Tasmania, with the love of her life, husband Ken and their small fur baby Molly; who believes she is human. Here Kerry has the best of both worlds, country living and the beach. Her only nemesis remains, 'the spider'.

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