by Sarina Bowen

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Only in my family could a professional hockey player earning seven million dollars a year be considered a slacker.

I'm at the height of my athletic career. Yet my arrogant brother is trying to recruit me into the family business: a global security company so secretive that I don't even know its name.

Pass, thanks. I don't need a summer job.

But the jerk ambushes me with a damsel in distress. That damsel is Alex, the competitive, sassy girl I knew when we were kids. Now she's a drop-dead gorgeous woman in deep trouble.

So guess who's on a flight to Hawaii?

It's going to be a long week in paradise. My job is keeping Alex safe, while her job is torturing me with her bikini collection. Or maybe we're torturing each other. It's all fun and games until the threat against Alex gets serious.

And this jock just became her major league defender.

Moonlighter is a stand-alone novel. No cliffhangers, no prior experience necessary. Contains: hackers, hockey players, a smart-mouthed smart speaker and a hotel room with only one bed.

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BN ID: 2940160958132
Publisher: Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Publication date: 10/22/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 113
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About the Author

Sarina Bowen is the USA Today bestselling, RITA award winning author of over two dozen romance novels. She writes hockey romance and YA fiction, and loves Vermont and winter sports in equal measure.

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Moonlighter 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
lenorewastaken 2 hours ago
5 stars — I don’t know what it is about Ms. Bowen and this world, but I’m seriously loving it… and loving where it’s going with this spin off. So many possibilities!! Eric and Alex are both delightful and easy to connect with. Alex is so hardworking and brilliant, it really comes across in the book. I also loved having a female CEO in a tech company to read about…as someone who has worked in that industry, the good ole boys club is real, though it’s slowly changing. I loved seeing her take on the sexist executives. And I appreciated her struggle to balance her career with impending motherhood. She was simultaneously fierce and vulnerable. Eric was not what I was expecting, though I’m not sure what I was expecting. But the balance in his personality between grumpy and taciturn with a dry wit and confidence just played out perfectly. I felt for him facing these changes in his life, and not having his family’s support with his career choices, and his obviously different goals and dreams. But he was just really solid, with everyone… from teammates, to his family, to Alex. And the real surprise for me was how he doted on Alex… you could really feel how much he cared for her. The two of them together were truly the highlight of the story. From their physical chemistry, to the relationship that built on a long ago friendship, I just loved them together. My favourite part was how often they laughed in steamy scenes…it just delighted me. Seriously, they balanced one another so well, and had so many fun moments together. Their banter was beyond. The suspense/action elements added a lot to the story, and I think I’m really going to love this new series. And so many great new secondary characters!! I’m sensing a Max and Scout story (definitely the Nate/Becca of this series), and I desperately hope Duff gets a book too!!! So yeah…this book sucked me right in, I LOVED it from start to finish.
KindleKat64 3 hours ago
I love this book it is absolutely wonderful!! This story honestly has so much going for it because there are so many awesome and crazy things happening, but they are all interconnected and tie together nicely. There is a fantastic story line with lots of romance, intrigue, action and all the other good stuff I look for in a romance!! The characters are amazing! I adore Eric and Alex and love that they knew each other as kids because it makes their re-connection so much more incredible and fun. Of course there is the fact that we get more of the Brooklyn Bruisers since Eric plays for them and we've met him before. We get this new intriguing company his brother Max heads up that Eric "moonlights" for during this book for reasons that make a lot of sense when you read it. We get Alex who we have also met before and of course Nate & Rebecca and other familiar characters. I enjoyed every moment from beginning to end which is something I tend to do while reading a Sarina Bowen book! Can't wait for more from this intriguing and entertaining new series.
Readaholic19 4 hours ago
This book surprised me in THE BEST way! I was not expecting such a smart, witty and refreshing romance novel. Moonlighter is the story between Alex and Eric. Alex and Eric spent a whole summer together when they were just kids and had the best time. They haven't seen each other for twenty-one years and suddenly they're thrust into each others lives and on a trip to Hawaii together. I love a fake relationship trope and Sarina Bowen nails it with this book! My favorite heroines are those that are competent, have a strong back bone and don't take crap from anyone. Alex is all of those things and then some. I loved it that she was the CEO and one of the best CEO's in the country. The amazing details regarding the tech world that Bowen puts in this book make it seem so real. There were times that I just had to stop reading to think about what was going on and then think "wow, this could definitely be happening in our world today." I love love love a grumpy hero and Eric is THE definition of a grumpy hero. His gruff and grumbly attitude about almost everything was just so funny. Oh yeah, did I mention he's also a hockey player (swoooon). He wasn't immediately smitten and agreed to everything that Alex wanted and I loved that. Because that's how real relationships are - we tell each other when something sounds good and also when it doesn't. But most of all I really did love how much Eric cared for Alex. He was always looking out for her best interest, even if that meant his heart was on the line. What a wonderful wonderful book. I can not wait for Max's story - hopefully with Scout?! **ARC provided in exchange for my honest review**
DeannaReadsBooks 6 hours ago
When I saw Sarina Bowen give a sneak peek that she was going to give Bayer his own book, I was excited! When I read Overnight Sensation, and Heidi helps him with his surgery I felt so bad for him! Bayer was so sad and run-down, and now reading this book I understand why! Bowen has fast become a favorite writer of mine this year, so I love reading any new book she has, especially if it has some hockey in it! This book is more romantic suspense, which I've never really read before, but it was really interesting to read. If you're read Brooklynaire, you know what situation Alex is in, and if you read Overnight Sensation, or even Superfan, you know that Bayer is trying to figure out where his career is heading. The start of this book is interesting because we are first being introduced to the Bayer family security service, simply called The Company. Eric Bayer wants nothing to do with it, but he's wrangled into being a pretend boyfriend/bodyguard for Alex who is an old childhood friend. Cue the fake relationship trope and the there's only one bed trope! I was totally on board. The chemistry between these two was fire, and I loved how caring Eric was with Alex, even though her situation was a delicate one. HOWEVER, Alex makes some mistakes and pushes him away and it made me so mad at her at times. Their relationship gets complicated, but eventually they come back together, which I was happy about. Then crazy stuff happens with Alex's work! That's where the suspense stuff starts to come in. It's super crazy, but it was a fun plot! I was unsure if this would be a book I would just slap a 4 star on or if it really should be 5 stars. I struggle with this as a reviewer sometimes, and I feel like I hoard my five-star reviews. But honestly? I LOVED this book, and ugh Eric Bayer is the man, is all I got to say. I can't wait to read the rest of this series! *I received a review copy of this book. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
JenPH 6 hours ago
Let me get this out of the way: Moonlighter can be read independently of any or all of the Brooklyn Bruisers books. I promise that you won't feel lost or like there's something that's missing if you're new to Sarina Bowen or are familiar with her work but have yet to get to anything connected with the Brooklyn Bruisers series. So, a quick rundown of the basics of this new series starter: Eric is on break after the team lost game seven of the championships and is asked by his brother, Max, for a favor; Alex is the CEO of Engels Cable Media and requires the services of The Company after she's physically assaulted by an ex-boyfriend; and Eric and Alex spent one summer together twenty-one years prior. So, what does a hockey player have to do with the crisis a CEO finds herself in? Max catches Eric unaware, which leads him to be Alex's close-in bodyguard--pretending to be her boyfriend--while attending scheduled events in Hawaii. They're stuck in each other's company for a week, with Eric needing to keep Alex safe from her ex, but there's no one around to keep him safe from doing x-rated stuff with her. But when an unknown threat makes its presence known, the stakes are higher because Eric and Alex are no longer just friends. There's a lot more that goes on in the story than just the threat that Alex is facing and Eric being her bodyguard while he's on break from playing hockey, and I've been waffling on whether I should mention those major tidbits or not, but ultimately, I don't want to spoil the book for anyone who has yet to read it. This is the sort of series starter that needs to be experienced firsthand because I feel it'll give readers a better appreciation for Eric and Alex's love story. Now, if you're familiar with the author's Brooklyn Bruisers series, you're going to love seeing those familiar characters that already got their happily-ever-afters. If you have yet to familiarize yourself with the awesomeness that is the Bruisers team, you can totally read them separately from all things The Company. While this new book has its fair share of hockey in it, there's also some suspense and mystery thrown into the mix. Of course, the romance, sex, humor, and even a bit angst. Eric, in all his grumpiness, was a hoot but he also had a lot of heart, and Alex was someone who managed to surprise me as the story moved forward and her character developed. I'm looking forward to seeing who could be up next in the series--although I do have my suspicions who Max Bayer could be paired with--and I have the highest hopes that the books to come will live up to the standards set by Moonlighter. Sarina Bowen's done it again, folks, not that I'm all that surprised. This series starter snags five stars. ♥
slsuhr 6 hours ago
Y'all, this is Sarina Bowen like you have never seen her before. And it was pretty incredible, in case you were wondering. Take all the magic of her hockey heroes with hearts of gold and add to it some high tech hacker action, and some pulse pounding suspense and you have this fantastic set-up for a new series, and a sizzling, swoony love story to boot. I loved everything here - from the bodyguard/fake relationship/friends-to-lovers-esque premise, to the gripping, exciting, and interesting storyline. I loved Eric as the lovable grump, and I loved Alex as the whip smart businesswoman who knocked him on his rear end, and stole his heart right out from under him. Their banter was on point, and their burn sizzled slowly with these bursts of fire that set my pulse pounding in a decidedly different way. They were sexy as all get out, but they also had so much heart. I loved the unconventional friends-to-lovers thing they had going. They were a complete treat to read. And the ending is one of my favorite things I have read in...I don't even know how long. After a thrilling, sexy, pulse pounding story - Ms. Bowen gave us a different kind of thrill. Over-the-top in a way that sat just right with my heart. A little bit humorous and a whole lot heartfelt - it was just perfection. I loved it so much - loved literally everything about this story - and cannot wait to see what The Company has in store for us next!
Caroles_Random_Life 8 hours ago
This was just what I needed! I wanted a sexy, feel-good romance with wonderful characters and an abundance of chemistry and that is exactly what I got. I only discovered Sarina Bowen less than two years ago and I have read all of her books yet but I have read quite a few. I have yet to be disappointed. There is just something about the way she tells a story that works for me so I was really excited to read this new book and I ended up enjoying every moment of it. Eric and Alex were childhood friends. They spent time together while their fathers were working. Eric always seemed to follow Alex's lead. Many years later, Eric plays hockey professionally while Alex is running a large company. When Alex needs security, she turns to Eric's brother, Max, and before she knows it she is headed off to Hawaii for a conference with a fake boyfriend in tow. I loved these two together. Eric was funny and playful with Alex and it seemed to be exactly what she needed. Alex is under a lot of stress but she seems to let go with Eric. They both know that it can't last but they can't seem to resist each other. They are really good for each other being what each other needed in so many different circumstances. I would highly recommend this book to others. This was a really well-done story filled with some really wonderful heartfelt moments, a mystery that kept me guessing, some toe-curling sexy scenes and a few laughs. I cannot wait to read more of this talented author's work. I received a digital review copy of this book from the author/publicist.
Anonymous 13 hours ago
I honestly don’t know what to say about this book because “amazing” or “really freaking awesome” don’t make it justice. It’s intense, romantic, steamy, hilarious, and so heartwarming that it literally leaves you breathless. It makes you feel so many different things at once. It’s hockey with a twist of suspense. And the swoon factor is off the charts. Sarina Bowen has the uncanny ability to outdo herself every single time she writes a new book. In theory, it doesn’t really surprise me because she’s got some very wicked writing skills. But the truth is that it does surprise me. She just leaves me in awe of her talent. Every. Single. Time. I love how gorgeous her writing is. How she develops not only the story, but her characters. I love how real they feel, their hidden depths and flaws, and how they evolve as the story progresses. Her narrative is easy to read and it flows naturally. She makes it look so simple, and that’s her genius on display, because it can’t possibly be easy to do. I especially appreciate how witty she is, how skillfully she weaves humor into her writing without making them comedies. She’s known for making people cry and laugh at the same time, and I really love that about her. Moonlighter is book one of The Company, a new series that is actually a spin-off of her Brooklyn Bruisers series. It is a complete standalone, so you really don’t need to read any other book to enjoy this one to the fullest. Having said that, if you haven’t read the Brooklyn Bruisers series, trust me on this, you have to. It’s phenomenal. We first met Alex Engels in Brooklynaire, and Eric Bayer has been a member of the Brooklyn Bruisers team since Rookie Move, but he’s been mostly in the background until Overnight Sensation. Moonlighter is a perfect combination of old and new. We get to hang out with old favorites like Nate, Becca and Bingley, and at the same time we are introduced to a whole new cast of characters that will hopefully get their own stories. I’m crossing all my fingers here. We get introduced Max, Gunnar, Pieter, and Scout. Max Bayer is Eric’s older brother and the director of The Company, a security agency with no known name. The name is need-to-know only, so we’ll hopefully find out more about it soon. I found him to be the most interesting of the new guys. I honestly can’t wait to read more about him and his secret past. It’s so intriguing! Alex and Eric were childhood friends who lost contact for over twenty-one years, and who due to an awkward reunion, find themselves at odds for a while. But her circumstances and his chivalry put them in close quarters together, sharing a bed in Hawaii and pretending to be a couple. The attraction is mutual and resisting each other turns their interactions into a sort of battle of wills. The fact is that they find themselves at a crossroads in their lives, facing changes they’re not ready for, and that makes their relationship more of a challenge. But when danger seems to keep following Alex, Eric takes the role of her protector again, willingly this time, and makes it his mission to keep her safe and convince her that they belong together. Moonlighter is basically the same greatness Sarina Bowen usually delivers, but with a different feel. It’s unique and outstanding, a real pleasure to read. I loved it from start to finish. Five Stars fall short with this one.