Moments with Malachi: New Testament Insights from the Old Testament's Last Prophet

Moments with Malachi: New Testament Insights from the Old Testament's Last Prophet


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Tucked away and often overlooked, Malachi might be one of the most important books of our time.

If you have a desire to grow a group toward God this book has been used to do it. College groups, new church plants, and youth groups have all studying this resource and discovered the result of truly living in a covenant community.

In Malachi's day, as our own, God's people had become isolated from each other and disconnected from the intimacy God invites us to enjoy. MOMENTS WITH MALACHI encourages and instructs the reader to delight in the God above and the family around them.

With twenty-eight short reflections or "moments" with Malachi, a focused readers will...

* See God more clearly
* See themselves more objectively
* See those around them with stronger love
* See worship and fellowship as top priorities

MOMENTS WITH MALACHI unites hearts when read in a group setting or between accountability partners. Youth groups have been drawn closer to God and each other after studying the book, as have college groups. Missionaries and church planters could use the book as an entry point of talking about the basics of faith and the standard of obedience.

At the end of each moment with Malachi, the reader will have discussion questions to consider and journal space to fill. These sections help remind the reader of how God spoke to them while reading, or could be used to make notes during a lesson from the book by a youth pastor or small group leader.

Editorial Review

MOMENTS WITH MALACHI by Michael Powell is revealing is so many ways. As I began reading it, I was almost instantly aware that this Christian author was seeking to stimulate and renew our interest in God. He does so with sincere, thoughtful, heartfelt perception.

In exploring God's Word through Malachi, Powell helps us to know God, to feel His love, and to obey His commands. He reveals these truths in a concise manner. His revelations are written in straightforward, logical language, which is made even more enjoyable by the use of colorful explanations.

For example: "We are people with dim spiritual eyes. Bright light painfully stretches the pupil of our soul." I wholeheartedly recommend this book to help you carry "your joyous burden."

Jean Chapman Brannon, retired English teacher,
Master of Arts in mass communication from Texas Tech University

Author's Note

I first studied Malachi with a church my wife and I had planted in Nacogdoches, Texas in 2004. God united our hearts in fellowship, strengthened our efforts to serve the community, and inhabited our praise to such an extent that when we would read the book of Acts, it was if we were reading autobiography!

Later, when I collected these reflections and shared them with a friend who lead a college Bible study, he described the experience of studying Malachi one moment at a time with a group, as an experience that brought them into deeper covenant relationship with God and with each other.

I passed the material to another youth minister and he had similar reports, even though his pastoral staff thought he was crazy when he told them he was going to teach on Malachi for a quarter. But then her gave the material to the church staff, and God used it to bring the staff closer as a unite of servants in His kingdom. I used the material in 2014 with a traditional church, and God blessed it greatly again.

There's nothing magical about the book, MOMENTS WITH MALACHI, but there is something life changing and powerful about the book of Malachi in scripture, and MOMENTS WITH MALACHI acts as a bridge to get you to that powerful book. A book that compels believers to love God and each other much.

I think you'll have a similar experience if you purchase MOMENTS WITH MALACHI and go through it with your congregation, youth group, small group, Sunday school class, core group, or with an accountability partner.


Michael Powell

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About the Author

Michael Powell has been in Christian ministry since 1995. Whether taking mission trips, planting churches, pastoring, speaking or writing, he hopes to add challenging insights to the community of believers called the church. Powell has been writing Christian nonfiction for more than twenty years. Currently he lives in Buncombe, Texas on a pine tree farm with his three dogs, four kids, and amazing wife.

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