Moments and Fantasies

Moments and Fantasies

by Ole Eddie Kane the Next Generation


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Moments and Fantasies is a look into some of my various moments that turned into fantasies and fantasies that seemed like moments. It is where the law of relativity runs true. If you touch something hot seconds seem like hours or if you enjoy the company of a hot woman, hours can seem like seconds. Some stories are true from my standpoint and others are what I imagined what might have been. Either way I am writing this and imagining you, you that is reading it. I am imagining our MOMENT that could be a FANTASY. Nothing else needs to be said.

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ISBN-13: 9781468556681
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/27/2012
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Moments and Fantasies

By Ole Eddie Kane


Copyright © 2012 Ole Eddie Kane The Next Generation
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-5668-1

Chapter One


If there's a spark, shouldn't we be able to touch? An innocent gesture? What about chemistry? If we have that couldn't that gesture be a little more flirtatious? Now what if there's fire that leads to a passionate kiss! We have all that in one place between you and I. Can we kiss touch and caress each other until my pants are stained to the right?! And you look like you've peed on yourself. Now that's what I call a first date. We get into our own showers only to masturbate thinking of one another. As we begin to moisturize our bodies, flashes of what we shared flow through our minds, descriptions of our naked oiled bodies through Bluetooth stimulate the senses even more. Now I've arrived.... literally! Did you? If you feel my flow then you know I'm thinking about chu! Not you, chu! Who is reading this? Remember me, you saw me at?!


Damn, you were sexy standing there! What you had on turned me on more than anything else. Everything fit and looked so good on you. I know anybody else could've had that same thing on too! But at this very MOMENT, you are the finest motherfucker I've seen in ages. Looking at you, the desire to bathe you in my flow was all I thought about. A flow of passion where I project what I felt about you in that MOMENT, to caress your clothed body, stroke your face, hair and dive into your eyes. Then the light changed and you were occupied with your cell phone. Our eyes never met, but thank you for that "MOMENT."


Your lips were the first thing I saw—yes that was all it took to catch my eye. You might not have noticed my stare but my MOMENT started there. Kissing your lips with a deep seeded passion and a desire that could only be satisfied by the connection of our lips, tongues and tongue rings. Arms embraced, bodies touching, fingers playing on skin and hair, breathing slowed to one breathe and seconds seem like hours. The thirst that you provided and quenched with one kiss is over. We wipe the corners of our mouths, no need to talk, your lips provided that MOMENT.


The first time I did it was on a dare. She thought I wouldn't go through with it. I won't lie, I had no clue as to what to do but for some reason it was very clear. Maybe she knew what she was doing, but I didn't, unafraid to take the dare, it began from that point many years ago. Blame her or thank her, but it was her that sparked the passion. I licked her pussy unsure of what I was doing. Then I hit something with my tongue that got a strange reaction from her. Her body jerked like someone hit her in the throat, then after she regained her breathe she moaned like something rippled through her body. I felt like I had discovered something powerful! Something that drove me to attack that specific spot. I ran my tongue over that button (clit) so many ways causing her to breathe rapidly. The more I licked, sucked, flicked, kissed, teased and just for the lack of a better word, PULVERIZED her clit. We started in the middle of the living room and she ended up with her back on the stairs. She lay there unable or unwilling to move, she was spent. When she was able to move, she put her panties back on, pulled her skirt down and left. I have not seen her since. Thanks for the beginning of the Bearded Clan Clit Lickers MOMENT.


That night was already passionate, but the MOMENT hit when she kneeled facing the window on that black leather couch. Candles lit the room as the moon lit the sky. Her hair fell down to the center of her back, ass upward begging for a lick. I pulled her hair to one side and I ran my tongue from her kitchen all the way to the crack of her ass ... slowly. Her pussy was dripping, yearning for the touch of my tongue and what do you think she got? Hmmmmm?! If you thought tongue, then you'd be correct. Oh yes, down right nasty, her salad was tossed just to make her pussy cum. I laid on my back; she sat down and the TONGUE FU began. My ability to suck her clit and lick her pussy walls at the same time. I held her clit in my mouth and licked around that sweet juicy hole. Sometimes putting the tip in and out of her. What she felt was only expressed by her screaming, cussing, moaning, groaning, crying and the pressing need to get my tongue deeper inside of her. My hands massaged her large succulent breasts, squeezing the nipples towards her drooling mouth and tongue. She was grinding, jerking and twitching her pussy over my chin, lips, tongue, nose, and forehead and then she stopped. I didn't, but she did. My arms were tested, locked around her legs, but tested. If I could've been a fly on the wall, her head flew back and her body followed half way. She then rocked forward all the way at that time, I was flat tongued and licked her pussy up to her clit. She rose up forcefully trying to escape her forthcoming nut (climax, if you prefer). My arms gave very little. There was an escape try with one last effort, only to come down forcing my tongue deeper into her sweet tunnel. Within a split second, she shot forward like something hot touched her. Hands gripping the couch, cheeks pressed against the window, hips popping, knees buckling and pussy mmmmmm ...!!! It had a heart beat y'all. Her eyes are shut tight and her mouth was opening and closing an who knows what between breaths. Are you in her MOMENT! Me too. From where I stood, my MOMENT continued the way she was positioned.


The atmosphere at that very MOMENT was nothing outside that room mattered. My tongue twitched when my eyes focused on her asshole with her finger in it. Yeah, who wouldn't notice that! I had lubrication close by and she wanted to try something new. No words were needed or uttered. The head was ready for slow, gentle penetration into her ass. The tip pushed slowly through. She tried to relax; her body tensed but was adjusting. The new sensations she felt, the more her ass relaxed, the deeper she pushed back onto me. She reached her fill, relaxing and gently squeezing her muscles around me. One hand on my chest and the other squeezing her breast like a vice grip. Her face was distorted by pains of pleasures and pleasures of pain. Damn, don't describe shit do it? It was tighter than freshly douched pussy, mmm. That one tensed my body thinking about that MOMENT!! Oh yeah, this is my views and fantasies!!! I ease in and out slowly for both our pleasures. My hands on her hips controlled her motions somewhat and the moans did the rest. I couldn't count them because I had something to do. Ooh, it felt so good, but unless I meet a WOMAN that can take a dick in her ass like her I'll stay in the pussy, THANK YOU. Now for some reason, it started to thunder and lightning through the night sky. Ever so often when I went to slam forward and pull her back, thunder would shake the room. She cried out in pleasure, pussy juices running down both legs. I could feel the surge building in me and I slowed my violent pace. That made the surge greater feeling my movement she knew what was coming (me). She thrust back hard and knowing her, I caught some of her force. But the way her ass moved when she hit my shaved pubic area, it stimulated every muscle at once. (Sorry had to touch myself briefly). She thrust back once more and every pore, nose, ears, and mouth opened at once. When I released my hand, I had a grip on her hair and one gripping her breast; she bucked violently when she felt those hot spurts shoot inside her. Just as I had, she did too. The way I held her, all she could do was feel my flow mix with her own. Her muscles locked down holding my still hard dick in place as it jerked and twitched as her juices flowed to the couch. Time didn't exist holding her body, in the night air. That changed when the rain cooled air brushed past our sweat and fluid covered bodies. My hard dick flicked the bottom of her pussy coming out causing her to buck. With grace and poise, she turned, took my dick in her hand, gently sliding me into her mouth totally. My knees buckled and with no mercy, she attacked. My dick was shown the same mercy she had endured. Sucking with force, unrelenting to my pleads of mercy, she didn't stop. (Some may say, you acting like a bitch, Man up. Fuck Y'all) Like some men after a nut like that, a deep coma like sleep would be next. That would've been good, but she had very different plans. Assault charges being pressed crossed my mind, as she used her hands, teeth, tongue, saliva, and throat with precision and accuracy until her goal was achieved.


Baby, I don't give a fuck if you're bleeding, your clit is the only thing I need. I'm no old raisin. Right for the money, your clit, baby girl, is what I'm here for honey. Now some men don't go there that time of the month, when the pussy's shut down and they can't get none. Selfish thinking if you ask me. She can bust a nut without using, the dick. Didn't you know or did you disregard the memo. Now after an argument about some dumb shit, push her down, lick her clit, and after she bust a nut, say, "Shut up Bitch."


I walked into her bedroom, fresh from the shower, body still damp from the baby oil, looked down at her half asleep face and asked her how many she wanted? A look of curiosity and confusion as her head rose from the pillow. I repeated it again, "How many do you want?" She still had the same look on her face. With a look of "Oh, you forgot," I smoothly said, "Oh, you thought I was playing before I got in the shower about how many nuts you want to bust when I eat the pussy?" Her expression was like you bullshitting stupid ass, but I was not playing. A Moment When Tongues Attack. Are you ready for this?

Come on now, stop playing. I got shit to do! Take a shower after I am done, let's go is what I said, cause she still had that look on her face. She took her panties off as I nakedly walked to the other side of the bed. My mind was only locked to one thing ... how many? So how many, one or two I asked. She replied one good one! With that the Tongue Attack began.

I slid under the sheet and comforter spreading her legs gently. Already lying on the pillows she readjusted for maximum comfort. The tip of my tongue touched the outer walls of her pussy. A very slight moan and twitch like a static shock through her body as I ran my tongue around her lips. Heavy breathing and deep sexy moans of pleasure muffled by the sheets and comforter urged me to lick more. She was wet but that was just the beginning. Sometimes I wonder about this thing I have with oral facilitation of female pleasure. In layman's terms, I like eating pussy! What's there to wonder you ask? Well eating pussy gets me excited mentally, knowing that she busts as many nuts as she can just with my tongue, mmm. That's my thrill. Don't get it fucked up, the in and out (stroke) is great. But my focus is giving that woman as many screaming, cussing, fussing nuts as she can stand. My hands and arms were locked in place so she couldn't escape form that ONE she wanted. The hoop on my tongue ring was crossing her button, and then the tip of my tongue was driving all her senses crazy. Tongue Fu, when a man knows how to stimulate the button unjustly to bring an orgasm that makes her body arch to escape the inevitable. Though arched up, the button could not escape. Her body tensed up, breathing stopped at the point, she was in her MOMENT.

Do you remember yours?!


No woman has ever compared to another. They've all had their own intriguing little way about them, individuals oh so very sexy in their own way. That's what attracts my flow, the flow of beautiful moments captured and shared for others to relate, reminisce and feel as someone else does. The natural flow of my mood is you feeling me or what? See as I see!

These Moments I share with you have some truth to them, but not all, they are a connection of Moments and Fantasies. Imagine what you read. Fill in some spots with your own imagination. Let your mind feel what I felt with each Moment.


We were in her apartment; the candle light was very seductive. I could not tell you if we were sipping wine or not because the music was intoxicating. The greatest hits from the Maestro himself, Barry White was playing. We about to go there, yes we is. Sex would have spoiled the night. Yes, it would. Shut up and keep reading. Not every Moment requires sex. This was foreplay at its best. Bodies were touched, caressed, and rubbed. The only that was penetrated was her mouth and ears, all by my tongue. Her pants were unbuttoned but not removed. The touch of another person can be very seductive, staring into each other's eyes, finding that spot, mmm! You like that huh? Yeah, me too.

My tongue traced her ear, lightly, slowly, listening for the reactions from blowing in her ear. She moaned softly. I blew again and then I said, "like that?" She slowly pulled away only to have my tongue lick across her inner ear causing her to twitch and moan. "Don't run," I said with a sexy smirk. I knew she was wet just by her look. We don't have to take our clothes completely off.

I love foreplay, getting to use my fingers, lips, and tongue. Touching her from the top of her head to her pant covered ass. Barry crooned, as the music itself carried us to a place of exploration of pleasures above the waist. Think about it, 'Old School Necking.' The CD stopped, the candles were half melted and the incense smell was faint. We were deeply embraced, lost in each other's connected skin. Her nipples were so erect and so were mine too for that matter. Her panties were soaked, as were her pants and the rug. My dick was so hard that the bitch hurt. We stood up, she zipped up her pants and I put my shirt on and adjusted my dick. We hugged deeply and she thanked me for taking her back to a time where sex wasn't the goal but foreplay was. A back in the day MOMENT.


Ladies ..., it's not that I'm not interested in having sex. It's just that I believe there's more to it. I want you to not only be satisfied sexually but mentally as well. A mental orgasm! Think of me as you read as I of you. How the contours of your body would feel with my fingers and hands. The clothes that you wore, how the fabric felt. Your lips, how they felt and tasted. Your neck, how it smelled, felt and tasted. Your hair, its texture, style, and smell. Your ears, to whisper how sexy you are and other nasty things to you. To do what you like to make you hot. Now if you didn't take a deep breathe a few times reading this then wait till you read some more. If you did then you have had a few mental orgasms. Good for you. Now just imagine what the possibilities that could be if I was really there with you lady?!


After I lick the kitty it's on over to fill the hole. Now a seven pound baby dropped out of there. And let's just be clear my thing doesn't weigh seven pounds or even one. I'm not here to fill the hole; I'm


I've seen you many times in porn movies; the things that you did some would consider unpleasant, but who are they to judge? In my eyes you're still a very sexy lady. Seeing you in those movies always gets me to wondering have you ever felt a passion unlike nothing that you've ever had before. Imagine after a scene with you and some dudes, you wash up and still feel like there is something missing. That need that wasn't fulfilled and that want that you need fulfilled. Yes, the focus of you, your pleasure alone. That moment when your body melts with touches of passion, the stimulation of the skin where the pores of the skin are examined by hands, fingers, fingertips, lips, teeth and tongue. Sensitive spots will be exploited for future purposes. Warm oil shall be applied for a massage from head to toe. The reason for this is to say thank you. Thank you for entertaining me on those lonely nights. I would drown myself in you, the woman who I fantasize about, like melted chocolate all over your body. Are you touching yourself thinking about it? The chocolate is poured slowly so that you can caress it into your beautiful tattooed skin. My tongue will feel like a million tongues touching you at once; slowly cleansing your skin purposely and leaving chocolate causing several return trips. Imagine with all that heavy fucking I figured that maybe if you felt like some passion focused on just you!


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