Modern Chess Opening Traps

Modern Chess Opening Traps


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This is a collection of opening traps by Grandmaster William Lombardy. The traps are great and cover every opening system. They need to be studied.

A chess trap succeeds not because one player is a dumbbell and the other is a clever fox, but rather because the former has violated some basic principle of which the latter takes some advantage. Modern Chess Opening Traps with 200 of the finest examples of chess skullduggery culled from current master practice will appraise beginner and master alike of a fascinating variety of trap themes. Copious instructive notes guide the reader's every step to an even deeper knowledge of elementary principles and their sound application. Thus equipped, a player will be amply able to weave the inescapable web of destruction, surrounding the unwary opponent whose slightest error, most subtle violation of sacred principle, will now spell sudden and compete defeat.

Although the entire gamut of chess openings is surveyed, a deliberate effort has been made to emphasize the presently accepted openings, those in greatest use in modern tournament practice. There are 48 sensational specimens of the Sicilian Defense, Bobby Fischer's favorite retort to the King Pawn Opening, 18 of the Ruy Lopez, 15 of the King's dian Defense, and two other potent weapons of the Fischer arsenal!

While Modern Chess Opening Traps may not actually transform a player into a Grandmaster, it will surely send a player well on his way to becoming the titan of his own bailiwick!

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