Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processes: From the 10th International Conference on Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processing in Destin, Florida, May 25-30 2003

Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processes: From the 10th International Conference on Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processing in Destin, Florida, May 25-30 2003


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From the May 2003 conference come 90 papers on modeling techniques in this subfield of engineering. The main emphasis of the conference was on tools for simulation of microstructure evolution (phase field, cellular automaton, and deterministic), database and critical experiments, and shaped casting simulation. Annotation ©2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9780873395557
Publisher: TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Pages: 750
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Table of Contents

Organizing Committeexvii
International Scientific and Review Committeexvii
Phase Field Modeling
Quantitative Phase-Field Modeling of Solidification Microstructures (Keynote - abstract only)3
Three Dimensional Phase Field Modeling of Binary Eutectics5
Dendritic Growth with Fluid Flow in Pure Materials13
Multiphase-Field Model for Multicomponent Alloys Coupled to Thermodynamic Databases21
The Effect of Thermodynamics and Kinetics on the Dendritic Structure in Ternary Fe-C-Mn29
Phase-Field Simulation of Microstructure Formation During Directional Solidification of a Ternary Eutectic Alloy37
Phase Field Modeling of Alloy Polycrystals45
Hot Tearing And Coalescence: Two Deeply-Connected Phenomena53
Cellular Automaton Modeling
A Modified Cellular Automaton Model for the Prediction of Microstructure Evolution in Solidification of Alloys (Keynote)63
A Fully Quantitative Mesh-Independent Cellular Automaton Model for Dendrite Growth75
Simulation of the History Dependence of Primary Dendrite Spacing in Directional Solidification83
Modeling of Microstructure Evolution in Eutectic and Peritectic Solidification91
A Micro-Model to Account for Hot Tearing Susceptibility in Al-Cu Alloys99
Different Rule Sets for Cellular Automata Modeling of Peritectic Dendritic Growth107
Deterministic Modeling of Microstructure
Multiscale Modelling of Equiaxed Alloy Solidification117
Numerical Calculation of the Morphology of a Solid/Liquid Interface Near an Insoluble Particle125
Modeling of the Liquid-Liquid Decomposition in Rapidly Unidirectionally Solidified Al-Pb Alloys133
Modeling the Decomposition and Microstructure Evolution During Solidification of Hypermonotectic Alloys141
A Coupled Macro-Micro Simulation for the Prediction of Microstructure of Al Alloy Castings149
Numerical Simulation of Phase Transformation and Microstructure of ZG0Cr13Ni4Mo Stainless Steel Casting157
Modeling of Microstructure - Mechanical Property Relations in Cast Mg-Al Alloys165
Mushy Zone Rheology
Permeability Calculations on Real Al-Cu Microstructures Assessed by 3D Microtomography175
Rheological Behavior of Partially Solidified Al-Cu Alloys: Experimental and Numerical Study183
Study of the Rheology of Semisolid Alloys within a Capillary Viscometer191
Mushy Zone Rheology and Hot Tearing in Aluminium DC Casting199
Segregation Simulation
Review: Defect Structure of Liquid Metals (Keynote)209
Modelling of the Settling of Equiaxed Crystals During the Solidification of Large Steel Ingots221
A 2-Dimensional Microsegregation Model Coupled to a Thermodynamic Database for the Prediction of Solidification Microstructures in Multi-Component Alloys229
Computer Simulation of Microsegregation in the Case of Columnar Growth Involving a Peritectic Transformation for Multicomponent Steels237
Micro-/Macrosegregation Modeling in Casting: A Fully Coupled 3D Model245
Modeling of the Meso-Segregations in a Binary Alloy Under the Influence of a Forced Convection253
Grain Evolution and Macrosegregation in an Al-4.0%Cu Casting: Simulation and Experimental Evaluation261
Modeling the Effect of Natural Convection on Macrosegregation of Steel Ingot by Using a Novel Method269
Macrosegregation of Multi-Component Alloys in Shape Casting Simulation277
Split-Solid-Model to Simulate the Formation of Shrinkage Cavities and Macrosegregations in Steel Casting285
Microporosity Simulation
Modeling of Porosity Formation and Feeding Flow in Steel Casting295
Microporosity Simulations in Multicomponent Alloy Castings303
Modeling of Microporosity Formation during Directional Solidification of an Al-7%Si Alloy311
A Modeling Approach in Studying Porosity Formation in Sr-Modified Al-Si Alloys319
Modeling of Microporosity Evolution and Fatigue Life of Aluminum Alloy Castings327
Mold Filling Simulation of High Pressure Die Casting for Predicting Gas Porosity335
Thermo-Mechanical Simulation
Two-Phase Approach For Solidification Problems: Modeling The Mushy Zone Deformation345
Thermo-Elasto-Plasticity in Solidification Processes Using the Control Volume Method Applied on Staggered Grid353
Application of the Arbitrary Eulerian Lagrangian Finite Element Formulation to the Thermomechanical Simulation of Casting Processes, with Focus on Pipe Shrinkage Prediction361
Solidification and Thermal Stress Simulation Using Medial Objects369
Numerical Simulation of Aluminum Foundry Processes377
Thermo-Mechanical Finite Element Model of Shell Behavior in Continuous Casting of Steel385
3D Thermomechanical Simulation of the Secondary Cooling Zone of Steel Continuous Casting393
Shaped Castings Simulation
Recent Development of Numerical Modeling of Casting and Solidification (Keynote)403
Modelling of the Potential for Oxide Film Entrainment in Light Metal Alloy Castings415
A Numerical Model for Mold Filling Based on a Body-Fitted Coordinate System423
Numerical Modeling of Metal Flow Through Filters431
A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach for the Design of Mold Surface Topography that Leads to Desired Ingot Surface and Microstructure in Aluminum Casting439
Solidification Simulation with Consideration of Thermal Radiation by Using a New Regular-Irregular-Mixed Mesh System447
Mold Filling Analysis in Expendable Pattern Casting Process for Aluminum Alloys and Its Experimental Validation455
Modeling of the Mold Filling for the Lost Foam Processing of Castings463
Capillarity Modeling and Experiments on Investment Casting Mold Filling471
How to Improve the High-Pressure Die Casting Process by State-of-the-Art Modelling479
Integration and Application of Optimization Algorithms with Casting Process Simulation487
Continuous Casting Simulation
Numerical Modeling of Solidification Structure Formation Under the Molten Steel Flow497
Experimental and Numerical Study of Surface Macrosegregation in DC Casting of Aluminium Sheet Ingots505
Three-Phase Dynamic Modelling of the Continuous Casting Process513
Welding Simulation
Modelling the Metal Arc Weldpool523
A Realistic Model for Numerical Simulation of GTA Welding Operations531
Modeling and Validation of an Electric Conductor Welding Process539
Other Solidification Processes
Heat Flow Modeling of Equiaxed Solidification549
An Integrated Approach for the Numerical Modelling of the Spray Forming Process557
Magnetohydrodynamics in PAM Processed Ti-6Al-4V Ingots565
Modeling the Direct Powder Semi-Solid Molding (DPSM) of a Particle Metal Matrix Composite573
Numerical Simulation of the Process of Laser Cladding In-Situ Synthesis TiCp/Al Composite on the Surface of Aluminum Alloy581
Simulation of Melting and Solid Separation in the Melt
Induction Skull-Melting Dynamics for Different Materials: Numerical Modeling and Comparisons with Experiments591
Inclusion Removal from Molten Metal by Particle Flotation: A Mathematical Model and Computer Simulations599
Cyclone Separation of Particles in Aluminium DC Casting607
Modeling of Melting Process of Ferrosilicon Block Used for In-Mold Inoculation615
Aggregate and Porous Materials
Numerical Mold and Core Sand Simulation625
Development of a Numerical Approach for Simulation of Sand Blowing and Core Formation633
On Numerical Simulation of a Cold Box Process641
Modeling Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer in Drying Capillary Hygroscopic and Non-Hygroscopic Porous Materials649
Database and Critical Experiments
Computing Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of Solid-Liquid Interfaces from Atomistic Simulations (Keynote--abstract only)659
Thermomechanical Benchmark: From Numerical Simulation to Real Gravity Die-Casting Geometry661
Modeling of the Thermo-Physical and Physical Properties Relevant to Solidification669
In-Situ Experimental Observations of Dendritic Growth in AlCu-Alloys677
Influence of Natural Convection on Columnar to Equiaxed Transition During Directional Solidification of Refined Al Based Alloys--Relevance of MicrogravityExperiments685
Measurements of Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficients During the Casting of High Temperature Alloys in Sand Mold and Ceramics Mold693
Inverse Analysis for Determination of Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient in Complex Three-Dimensional Sand Casting Processes701
Specifying Interfacial Heat Transfer Conditions in Permanent Mold Castings: A Comparison of Two Promising Techniques709
Heat Transfer Coefficients for Pressure Diecasting and Semi-Solid-Forming717
Identification of the Thermal Resistance of the Gas-Gap Between the Ingot and Mould in Continuous Casting of Metals725
Effect of Thermophysical Material Data on Heat Transfer in Continuous Casting733
Obtaining Data to Validate a Model of an Induction Skull Melting Furnace741
Author Index749

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