Mission Possible: Winning the Battle Over Temptation

Mission Possible: Winning the Battle Over Temptation

by Gil Stieglitz

Paperback(Revised with new chapter)

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Overcoming pornography and sexual addiction IS possible!

In this hard-hitting but practical resource, Dr. Gil Stieglitz gives real answers about how to develop and maintain purity in mind and body. It is possible for men and women to take control of their minds, eyes, and bodies to break free from sexual temptation and addiction. When they do, they become the person who God wants them to be with new levels of mental and emotional clarity, and renewed purity again.

Mission Possible: Winning the Battle over Temptation is for those who want to defeat the stronghold of lust in their lives. A great tool for counselors and ministry leaders who work with those who battle sexual addiction. Based on countless hours of counseling and small-group sessions, this book is perfect for individuals, pastors, ministry leaders, youth groups, and parents who need the sound advice and spiritual workouts designed to help people battle and overcome temptation. Small groups can work together to break free; teenagers and college students can maintain purity; and counselors can help a client break through to freedom from sexual addiction.

This book is powerful and allows people to believe in the possible—winning against temptation. Take charge of your life now!

Also available! An online video course based on the book at www.ptlb.com/mission-possible. Try a FREE class sample today.

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ISBN-13: 9780996885546
Publisher: Principles to Live by
Publication date: 03/15/2017
Edition description: Revised with new chapter
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Gil Stieglitz in an internationally recognized author, speaker, and leadership consultant. He excites, educates, and motivates audiences all of through world using humor, passion, leadership, and wisdom. He teaches practical theology at Biola University, William Jessup University, and Western Seminary. Dr. Gil founded Principles to Live By (ptlb.com), a non-profit organization committed to teaching God's principles in a life-giving way. He sits on the board for Courage Worldwide (www.courageworldwide.org), an organization that builds homes to rescue children forced into sexual slavery. He has been a denominational leader for fifteen years with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) and served as the senior pastor of a vibrant church in southern California for seventeen years. Currently, Gil serves as the Discipleship Pastor of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California.

Table of Contents



How to Use This Book

Section 1: Cleanse Your Life from Past Sexual Sins

Chapter 1—Cleanse Your Life through Confession

Section 2: Prepare to Resist Sexual Temptation

Chapter 2 —Winning a War Means Many Battles

Chapter 3 —Understand the Difference between Temptation and Sin

Chapter 4 —Look for the Lord’s Way of Escape

Chapter 5 —Prepare to Stand Firm in the Evil Day

Chapter 6 —Put on the Full Armor of God

Chapter 7 —Love Not Lust

Chapter 8 —Ask for a New Level of the Holy Spirit Filling

Chapter 9 —Fight Temptation on the Right Battlefield

Chapter 10 —Take an Honest Assessment of Your Involvement in Pornography

Chapter 11 —Build a Catalog of Positive Mental “Movies”

Chapter 12 —Remove Hidden Provisions for Defeat

Chapter 13 —Personalize Romans 6:1-23

Chapter 14 —Confess Your Sins When You Commit Them

Chapter 15 —Cover-up the Sinful Images in Your Mind

Chapter 16 —Remove Sensual Friends and Sensual Activities

Chapter 17 —Die to Lust: Play Dead against Any Sexual Fantasy

Chapter 18 —Make a Covenant with Your Eyes

Chapter 19 —Meditate on Key Scriptures

Chapter 20 —Treat Temptation like a Set of Waves

Chapter 21 —Get Serious about Resisting Sin

Chapter 22 —Celebrate Your Victories

Chapter 23 —Prepare for Weak Times

Chapter 24—Join an Accountability Group

Chapter 25 —Transfer the Battle to an Arena You Can Win

Chapter 26 —Be on Your Guard against Temptation's Helpers

Chapter 27 —You Cannot Do Two Things at the Same Time

Chapter 28 —Get Physical Distance between You and the Lustful Object

Chapter 29 —Learn to Live in the Fear of God

Chapter 30 —Treat Internet Pornography as Radioactive Substance

Chapter 31 —Increase Exercise and Personal Discipline

Chapter 32 —Get Married

Chapter 33 —Regular Sexual Encounters with Your Spouse

Chapter 34—No Opposite Sex Friendships

Chapter 35 —Understand the Three Enemies of the Christian

Section 3: Close Spiritual Doorways

Chapter 36 —Closing Spiritual Doorways by Confessing Family Sins

Chapter 37 —Picture the Effects of Your Sin on Your Loved Ones

Chapter 38 —Close Emotional Doorways

Chapter 39 —Close Psychological Doorways

Chapter 40 —Close Relational Doorways

Chapter 41 —Close Spiritual Doorways by Confessing National Sins

Chapter 42 —Deal with Hidden Wounds

Chapter 43 —Keep Me from Evil


Appendix #1 — List of Sexual Sins

Appendix #2 —Prayer of Confession for Zone 3 Sexual Sins

Appendix #3 —The Armor of God: Breastplate of Truth

Appendix #4 —The Armor of God

Appendix #5 —Five Aspects of the Fear of the Lord


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