Misfit Toymakers: Author's Edition

Misfit Toymakers: Author's Edition

by Keith T Jenkins, April Love

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It is an intrigue of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Loves of his life, as Joshua Danz discovers, then navigates the waters of international commerce to make a place in the world for a life where terrorists, politicians, millionaires and thugs aren't trying to kill him. Through it all there is the story of Love, leadership, personal responsibility and redemption.

Misfit Toymakers is a Genuine Historical Fiction set in the future. It tells the story of Joshua Danz, who wakes up in an intensive care facility and a state of amnesia. He is told the story of his arrival in this condition and his memories begin to reappear, but with an additional lifetime attached. All is a jumble as he learns, for certain, who he is and what has happened. The story is back dropped by the secession of Texas from the Union and the states that follow, the politics of the fifty years between then and now, the rise and fall of corporations, mostly fall, and the loves of a man trying to find and carve his own place in the world, where someone isn't trying to kill him.

Joshua is the man who has literally been rebuilt to keep him alive. The surgeries could only have been performed sometime in the future, and they were. He is one of the most wealthy, nearly unknown men in the world, master of all he surveys, but he is a man of strong conflicts inside.

Ethyl is the woman he first came to love, after his recovery, and she is a real piece of work. She is smart, capable, beautiful, sexy and wise. She works for him, as his administrative assistant, and she makes certain that his every command is carried out, and she protects him with her life – a life that is not nearly as long as it looks.

Doctor Ilyssa Marquez – Doc – was born in Mexico and is a genuine genius, medical doctor that had her Bachelors at sixteen, Masters at eighteen and before she was thirty had perfected the hardware and surgeries that would rebuild Joshua, almost from scratch.

Hugo Gerhardt is the mentor who teaches Joshua who he was and is and where he comes from; his past before the reconstruction was needed and he is the manager of the Enterprise; a global consortium of corporations that had been built based on the road map left behind by Joshua nearly four decades ago. Hugo's prime interest is the Enterprise and him running it becomes of greater import as Joshua begins running his own life, and the life of the business.

Mike Rollins is Joshua's friend, pilot, drinking buddy and manager of all his flying stock. They met in Belize where Mike saved his life – and that goes a long way with Joshua. Mike really is a great guy, who will later fall for Ethyl.

Along the way we meet international assassins, political plots from afar, US intervention in the operations of the Enterprise, a waitress in New Jersey who belongs in the Carolinas, a chemist, a Swiss commodities broker who wants to retire, a reporter who gets shot right before Joshua's eyes, right in front of everyone, and a Kickapoo princess that should be queen one day. And we meet Russell Anders, the son-of-a-bitch, rat-bastard that later became Joshua Danz . . . or did he? And interwoven throughout is a story of redemption.

It is a Sci-Fi Romance, Political Intrigue, Historical Fiction, Set in the Future, Story of Redemption and Failures, it is a Warning of Cultural Failures and a Road Map of Success.

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BN ID: 2940148303114
Publisher: Cross & Hammer Publishing
Publication date: 02/03/2014
Series: MisFits Made , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 468 KB

About the Author

Keith Jenkins is the father of five wonderful children, grandfather of four.

Keith was an Army Brat who grew up Lutheran but also attended several other denominations before going to International Bible College and entering ministry. He was commissioned as a minister by Conrad (Connie) Walker to serve at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Antonio while in school at IBC. He has served as Parish Education leader, worship minister and counselor to many for the past fifteen years. Keith has worked as a McDonalds employee, barbecue helper, pizza chef, carpenter, painter’s and plumber’s helper, cowboy and soldier, just to mention a few. He started a computer business as a hobby over a dozen years ago and it turned into his livelihood; Computer Genius in San Antonio. With the ongoing development of his skills in finding problems and the application of information in a logical manner he has become an excellent computer and network diagnostician, but more importantly, a very reasonable, applicable and logical Christian theologian whose motto in theology is “Don’t buy the can.” His actually certified genius IQ, an overall good natured sense of humor and a voracious attachment to the Word, Keith is an excellent theologian.

Keith’s wife, Pat, is the mother of his children, has her BS in Mathematics (with a concentration in Mathematics) and MA in Multi-Disciplinary Sciences and has been a Middle School and High School teacher at the Winston School San Antonio for over a decade as of this writing. She has been a Sonday School teacher and avid student of the Word, and an excellent testimony of the patience of God in every way, especially with Keith. She is his encouragement.

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