Mis Boleros Favoritos

Mis Boleros Favoritos

by Luis Miguel


This compilation album reunites on one CD all the greatest boleros from the "Romances" series (six albums, starting with 1989's Romance and ending with 2001's Mis Romances). After four albums in which Luis Miguel recreated the classic tunes from the genre, this album is supposed to close this era. Some of the greatest hits in Spanish, in any genre, are included here, like "No Sé Tú," "Somos Novios," "El Día Que me Quieras," and "Solamente una Vez." There's only one new song: the bonus track "Hasta Que Vuelvas." The first edition included a bonus DVD with seven videos. For any die-hard fan, this is the only reason to buy this album. If you don't have any of the "Romances" series' boleros, and you are looking for classic songs and good vocal performances, then this is the right album for you.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/25/2005
Label: Warner Music Latina
UPC: 0825646190522
catalogNumber: 61905

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Luis Miguel   Primary Artist
Paul McKenna   Mezcla
Bebu Silvetti   Musical Direction
Benny Faccone   Mezcla

Technical Credits

Roberto Cantoral   Composer
Alvaro Carrillo   Composer
Armando Manzanero   Composer,Producer,Art Direction
José Antonio Mendez   Composer
Agustín Lara   Composer
Luis Miguel   Producer
Carlos Gardel   Composer
Paul McKenna   Engineer
Bebu Silvetti   Arranger,Producer
Juan Carlos Calderón   Producer
Geoff Foster   Engineering
Benny Faccone   Engineer
Jeri Heiden   Graphic Design
Vicente Garrido   Composer
Kiko Cibrian   Producer
Alberto Dominguez   Composer
Rafa Sardina   Engineer
Carlos Eleta Almarán   Composer
Carlos Arturo Briz   Composer
Alejandro Asensi   Executive Producer
Glen Nakasako   Graphic Design
Alfredo Le Pera   Composer

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Mis Boleros Favoritos 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a good collection, and from what much cannot be detracted for the sheer power of the chosen play list, the bonus track, "Hasta Que Vuelvas," and the DVD that is included. The list of videos is too short, but any collector of Luis Miguel's music will be glad to have it. We hope that this will not signal LM's leaving the "Bolero" genre, as is usually the case with these kinds of issues. However, WEA Latin and LM's finally drawing his ROMANCE business to a close will be a welcome change; it has been a profitable franchise for them both (TODOS LOS ROMANCES was issued just under three years ago, and is very similar to this release which showcases only a few "new" songs). The continued frustration one experiences as a fan of Luis Miguel's music is that he has never produced an album, whether of the Latin Pop genre, and even the Bolero genre, in which he includes in the liner notes something of his personal reflection of the making of his music. The title of this particular CD is translated as: "My Favourite Boleros--Special Edicion." It is not explained, however, by the artist, nor any of the worthy producers, WHY these are his favourites, and HOW they are special. For this very reason, the fan is the infinite loser in all of this, for he or she will never know to what degree, nor just how intimately important LM's work is to him personally. The result shall be that while the music of the ROMANCE series, of which this CD is one, will outlive LM and us all (these songs are timeless classics which will never grow pale and fade away), LM, the artist, will have slipped from our interest because no one ever really knew him, no one will have ever known truly what his music and his adoring public meant to him. Nevertheless, this is a great addition to any serious collection. The music, the lyrics are the true STARS here, and time will never whither the rose of their bloom.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just bought this CD for me and girlfriend, and came over to BN to see what the reaction was so far...Wow, finally, someone who tells it like it is. Guys, Luis Miguel is a great artist, a great performer, and given all the albums of the ROMANCE series, even a great producer. But LBCARLYSLE is so right when he mentions that Luis Miguel NEVER has anything to say about the very music he records. Everybody knows how media "shy" he is. Personally I have never trusted that aspect of his celebrity. It's high time that Luis Miguel should just chill out, trust that his talent is what counts, and most of all, trust his fans to welcome him into a more meaningful and personal kind of relationship. We are interested to know why these are his favorite BOLEROS, and, like LBC nailed it, how these came to be the collection of a special edition. Until then, this is simply a Record Contract issue, totally a company decision, and if there is truly something meaningful that we, the fans, are supposed to infer from this new collection, is that these are OUR favorite boleros. What Luis Miguel's favorite anything is--who really knows? The guy never tells anyone. Get this CD for the benefit of your own pleasure, and for the assurance that your great taste in Latin romantic music is tight, and needs no words from Luis Miguel to make you feel good about it. Peace, Ya'll--Matt