Mirror Exercises: Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series

Mirror Exercises: Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series

by Claude Needham


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Like a laboratory manual, this book collects a series of awareness and self-exploration exercises with simple instructions for carrying out each one. Each recipe contained within the book may be taken as an experiment, an exercise, an activity, or a meditation depending upon where the reader is in the process of mindfulness and self-exploration.

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ISBN-13: 9780895561817
Publisher: Gateways Books & Tapes
Publication date: 05/01/2018
Series: Consciousness Classics Series
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Claude Needham is the author of Any Game Cookbook, Candle Exercises, Everything Other Than Chess, Just Because Club, and Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased. He lives in Nevada City, California.

Table of Contents

Dedication 1

Introduction 3

Organization of This Book 5

Spider Push-Ups On A Mirror 7

Two Spiders Doing Push-Ups 9

Spider Push-Ups On A Mirror #2 11

Gazing In A Mirror 13

Two Hands Clapping 14

One Hand Clapping 16

Mirror Writing 18

Masks In The Mirror 19

Touch A Spot 20

Front And Back 21

Portal 22

Avoid 23

Mine Eyes 24

Hold Attention 26

Let The Space Build 27

Melting 28

Zen Basics In Mirror 29

Snap Shot/Screen Shot 30

Back To Back 31

Mirror Practice 32

Circus Parade 34

Waiting 35

Look Out Window 36

Outside Looking Back 37

Many Windows 38

Confess 39

I Am Being Reflected In A Mirror 41

I Am The Reflection 43

I Am Definitely Not The Reflection 46

Place, Put, Plop 48

Place, Put, Plop, Thesaurus 50

Spot A Spot 51

Glad To Be Of Service 53

Where Is The Reflection? 54

Be A Minor 55

Mirror In A Mirror 58

I Am Loved 59

Love The One In The Mirror 61

I Am Not This 62

Candle in the Mirror 63

Time Delay 64

Living Hand 65

Two Hands Time Delay 66

Mirror As Center Of Universe 67

Mirror In The Dark 69

Speak To The Mirror 70

Mirage 71

Clean The Mirror 72

Follow & Contribute 73

Ebb & Flow 75

Sharing the Same Atmosphere 77

Buoyant 78

Looking Up 80

Hanging Down 81

True Face 82

The Gallery 83

Magic In The Mirror 84

Infinity Cube 85

Crystal Cave 87

Partner Work 89

Gazing At A Partner 90

Partner As My Reflection 91

Glad To Be Of Service, Partner 92

Be A Mirror - Partner 93

Two Mirrors 95

Partner In The Dark 96

Partner In The Mirror 97

Speak To The Mirror - Partner 98

Afterword 99

Notes: Experiment, Exercise, Activity, Recipe, Meditation, and Practice 100

Notes: Mirrors And Other Equipment 102

Notes: Mirrors Are Glass 104

Notes: Experiment Prerequisites 105

Notes: Relatively Safe Environment 107

Notes: Diffused Vision 109

Notes: Journaling 112

Introduction To The MDL Series 114

The Macro-Dimension Laboratory 115

What is the Macro-Dimensions Anyway? 117

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