Minimalism: More of less

Minimalism: More of less

by James Latham


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Ever wondered how to truly live more....With less?

The struggle to be happy and live in comfort is real and paramount in the minds of individuals and the society as a whole unit. We have all been programmed to equal happiness with the possession of enough material things to guarantee enough comfort. Except that it never actually does guarantee such total happiness. In contrast, minimalism is the way to true personal success.

Happiness relies more on the state of mind. It isn't a function of your possessions but rather, of the contentment and personal fulfillment you have. Many a "happy" celebrity with all of the material wants society wants you to acquire actually live less than ideal lives in reality. As such, minimalism preaches that you create better space for your mind to thrive and revel in by reducing the amount and number of things you own and consequently worry about. A definitive guide and must-read for why your thoughts about material possessions must change, this book;

• Demystifies minimalism
• Helps you along the path to becoming a minimalist
• Explains why society's definition of happiness is faulty
• Helps you achieve more by owning less
• Makes you understand why less possessions is equal to more satisfaction and true happiness
• Teaches you how to create more time and control by doing less
• Tells you how to create more value for your time
• Become happier by doing only the things you really want to do
• Become a better, happier version of you.

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ISBN-13: 9781984026293
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/20/2018
Pages: 40
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